Cringe Cities: Plan For 50 Mauer Statues Panned

Paul Walsh of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that 15 statues of Joe Mauerwill soon be scattered around downtown Minneapolis as part of a fundraising effort for the Minnesota Twins Community Fund and to celebrate the team’s 50 seasons.

Joe Mauer Statue

(Finally a handy use for newsprint!)

The first statue will be unveiled on Friday, outside a Target store. (Naturally.)

The Mauer statues will stay downtown all baseball season, then the sponsors are free to move them inside or donate them, said Twins spokesman Kevin Smith. The cost for each statue is about $13,000, Smith said.

If you think 15 statues of Joe Mauer in downtown Minneapolis isn’t enough, you’re in luck.

While there potentially will be 50 statues placed, Smith said, they will only be made as sponsoring agreements are reached.

50 statues of Joe Mauer in downtown Minneapolis?

Let’s see what some of the commenters to Walsh’s story in Minneapolis have to say about that: Read more…

New Twins Ad Features Joe Mauer In Bubble Wrap

The Minnesota Twins are leaving the Metrodome and relocating to the brand-new state-of-the-art Target Field. To remind fans of this fact, the Twins have put together a TV commercial showing movers at the new digs delivering the goods - such as boxes, championship trophies, and Joe Mauer encased in bubble wrap.

Joe Mauer bubble wrap

Video of the full ad after the jump.

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Phil Cuzzi Was Once Fired As Minor League Ump!

Ed Price at AOL Fanhouse reports this weekend that Phil Cuzzi, the umpire who botched the Joe Mauer fly ball call that may have cost the Twins a win in Game 2 of the ALDS, was previously fired from professional umpiring after he failed to impress supervisors during call-ups from the minor leagues.

Phil Cuzzi Once Fired As Minor League Umpire

(And you thought you had a good union!)

Cuzzi was “released” from his umpiring duties as a AAA umpire in ‘93, but while working as a bartender in a hotel in ‘96, he prevailed up former National League President Len Coleman to give him another chance at the job.

Video of Joe Maurer fly ball called foul instead of fair by Umpire Phil Cuzzi in 2009 ALDS at Yankee Stadium

(If only he’d botched fateful martini at the Hackensack Hilton that badly)

Cuzzi was then assigned to the low minors that year, eventually working his way back to a permanent major league job in ‘99. Read more…

Video: Umpire Cuzzi Fouls Up Joe Mauer Fly Ball

Here’s the posted video of umpire Phil Cuzzi inexplicably ruling Joe Mauer’s fly ball foul last night in the 11th inning of the 4-3 Yankees win in Game 2 of the ALDS series.

Video of Joe Maurer fly ball called foul instead of fair by Umpire Phil Cuzzi in 2009 ALDS at Yankee Stadium

(No instant replay has fans, Maurer feelin’ Minnesota)

Replays show the ball clearly landed in fair territory, bouncing into the stands for what should’ve been a ground-rule double. Instead, Mauer later singled, and the Twins eventually failed to score despite two subsequent hits that would’ve otherwise plated Mauer.

Video and more background on the errant ump after the jump. Read more…

Sir Elton John Has His Eyes On A Pair Of Twins

If we told you Sir Elton John was a baseball fan, how would you respond? Is it really that surprising? After all, there’s nothing in The Gay Manifesto: How All Gay People Act All The Time (this book, by the way, doesn’t exist - for many, many reasons) that says gay people can’t like sports or anything. Still, that’s the sort of thing to which about all you can say is, “Well… I guess I never knew that.”

Elton John Duck Suit
(Evidently, when it comes to hockey, he’s a big Anaheim fan.)

Sure enough, Elton’s a fan of the game, to the point where according to the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, he recently got a hold of the Twins’ Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau to exchange autographed pictures with the pair. Why Morneau, it wasn’t exactly clear, but John had some high words of praise for Mauer (H/T: MOUTHPIECE SPORTS):  Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Of Walking Off And Walking Away

  • THE 700 LEVEL has the video of that awesome Pat Burrell walkoff homer from last night.

Pat Burrell walkoff back

  • DEADSPIN covers the “official” Julio Franco retirement announcement, which was originally in Spanish.

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Blog-A-Roni: Amy Police In Trouble With The Law

• BUSTED COVERAGE reports a Police woman getting in trouble for flashing her highbeams at a Spring Break crowd.

Amy Police Ohio State student

That would be Walsh University volleyball player Amy Police.

• A blogger for LAKELAND FLYING TIGERS BLOG takes part in Detroit’s open baseball tryouts, and lives to write about it.

• Speaking of life-changing experiences, ESPN’s Pat Forde pens about his portrayal as the Stanford Tree.

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