Joe, Is There Something You Want To Tell Us All?

Jeremy Sandler of Canada’s NATIONAL POST documents the unprofessional and increasingly bizarre behavior of CHICAGO SUN-TIMES White Sox reporter Joe Cowley, who for the last six years has embarrassed himself and his employers with nonsensical swipes at the city of Toronto and the country of Canada.

Joe Cowley Has a Secret

(Jonah, On Behalf Of All Americans, I Second Your Sentiment)

Today was yet another example of Cowley’s crusade, as the reporter published a opinion piece suggesting that MLB should consider moving the Blue Jays to Caracas, Venezuela - replete with (somehow) straight-faced quotes on the prospect by White Sox manager and noted Venezuelan Ozzie Guillen. (The Sun-Times piece.)

Think I’m overreacting? You don’t know the whole story.

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Carlos Quentin Breaks Wrist, ChiSox Fans’ Hearts

Dustin Pedroia might win this thing after all. News just came out that MVP candidate/all-around stud Carlos Quentin will have surgery on Monday to insert a screw into his messed up wrist, most likely ending his season.

Carlos Quentin

It’s still a mystery as to how exactly he sustained the injury.
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