Cubs Owner Asking Famous Chicagoans For Help

In a sales process that should wrap up right around the time baseball has evolved into Blernsball, TD Ameritrade scion Tom Ricketts continues to drag out the purchase of the Chicago Cubs to extract more concessions from Sam Zell and WGN on advertising cash and to look for more $25-50 million loans from the local rich.

Jeremy Piven Chicago Cubs

(Guess who feels left out?)

Of course, as we mentioned last month, those loans have been gussied up in the form of stakes in the Chicago Cubs that you have to give back in 15 years when Ricketts pays back the loan with slim interest.  It’s now known that he’s schmoozed famous Chicagoans Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, and John Cusack to buy in. Frankly, it’s difficult to understand a world where Jim Belushi has over $25 million in net worth.

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Jim McMahon Is Back … And Selling Penis Pills

He’s failed with two different restaurant ventures, so I suppose it’s good that Jim McMahon’s newest foray into the business world has nothing to do with food. No, this time around, McMahon’s focus is on something much different: your wang.

Jim McMahon

McMahon, who hasn’t really been the MVP of anything since he was at BYU almost 30 years ago, is marketing a new “male enhancement” product called MVP. He’s on the sports talk circuit, and he spent some time on Dan Patrick’s radio show today talking about the revolutionary new scam product. I don’t know if this is what I envisioned his life would become when I dressed up as him for Halloween when I was 9.

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BYU Expelled Non-Mormon McMahon, Spiked HOF

Jim McMahon guested on Dan Patrick’s radio show today to talk about McMahon’s father’s recently-failed bid to get the former Bears QB into the BYU Sports Hall of Fame. Astonishly, McMahon has never been inducted, and BYU states that he will not be allowed in until he graduates. But McMahon had a whole ‘nother story for Patrick on the subject.

Jim McMahon

First, McMahon intimated that the reason he hasn’t been honored by the school was because he never converted to Mormonism. When it came to religion, he said that BYU football representatives lied to him repeatedly during his recruitment.

McMahon: “They mentioned the rules, this is what goes on here. If you don’t want to be part of the lifestyle there, that’s no problem. They’re (BYU officials) not going to bother you. That was a lie they bothered you pretty much every day. … The religion part.

Patrick: “Did they want you to convert (to Mormonism)?”

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Rascal-ly Jim McMahon Really Knows How To Roll

It’s been a big day for the ‘85 Chicago Bears. First, you have Mike Ditka opening up his new restaurant in Pittsburgh. And now we have the following priceless image of Drunky QB Jim McMahon partying it up on an old man scooter with ladies half his age, courtesy THE SPORTING BLOG:

Jim McMahon, partying hard

The photo of McMahon rolling on a Rascal was taken at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, and, well, there’s really not much else to say.

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