Martini Billboard Proves Too Distracting To Racers

You would think Formula One racers would be used to images of beautiful women. I mean, a bunch of drivers are already dating some very delectable dames, such as Lewis Hamilton & Nicole Scherzinger and Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata.

Jessiqa Pace

But I guess it’s one thing to witness such beauty in person, and another thing to spot it on a billboard when you’re trying to concentrate on the track. A collection of trackside ads for Martini featuring the lovely lady pictured above had become too much for F1 racers preparing for the Grand Prix in Monaco. So the distracted drivers asked for the bothersome billboards to be taken down.

What kind of an advertisement could be so aggravating to the auto racers? See for yourself (along with more pics of the marvelous mischief-making Martini model) after the jump.

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