Sterger Show On Versus ‘Axed’: ‘Anemic Ratings’

John Ourand of SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY and SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL breaks the news today that the Versus TV show Jenn Sterger appears on, The Daily Line, has been canceled.

Jenn Sterger Show On Versus Axed

Ourand via Twitter:

“Versus has axed @jennifersterger’s show “The Daily Line” because of anemic ratings.”

Ah, the irony. Thanks to her reportedly reciprocal texting relationship with Brett Favre, Sterger has had her public profile explode in recent weeks. But that obviously didn’t translate to ratings.

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Why Are Favre Jeans Ads Still In Heavy Rotation?

If you’ve watched television the past 48 hours, it’s virtually physically impossible not to have seen a Wrangler commercial featuring Brett Favre.

Brett Favre Wrangler Ad

(Must not be current with their New York periodicals)

With coverage coming from main media outlets and NFL reporters on the NFL’s investigation into alleged inappropriate text messages and voicemails sent by Favre to New York Jets employees, media junkies are seemingly perplexed that Wrangler may actually be increasing the number of Favre ads airing.

Today USA TODAY ran a poll on the subject accompanied with the following copy:

Kind of odd, isn’t it, that Brett Favre’s Wrangler commercial is still running?

… He also still has a presence on the home page of the jeans-maker’s website, despite the questions being asked about whether he crossed the line on sexual harassment.

If you were Wrangler, would you still be running the ad?

On the contrary, USA Today readers who voted in the poll haven’t found it odd that Favre’s Wrangler spot is still in heavy rotation, as 71% agreed with jeans maker’s call not to pull the ad.

A similar situation played out on sports business expert Darren Rovell’s CNBC blog today. Read more…

Think You Had Crappy Weekend? No, You Didn’t

Unless you’re Dan Hawkins or Rick Neuheisel.

Florida State Busted Oklahoma Bet

We might’ve capped Brent Musburger discoveries for now, ‘Noles fan. Read more…

Dad Gummitt! 15,000 Tix Unsold For FSU Opener

While hawking a book the past couple weeks, Bobby Bowden has been lamenting how he was pushed out at Florida State after he’d repeatedly asked for “just one more year.”

Florida State Fans Jenn Sterger Florida State cowgirl

(Post-Bowden crowds: It’s all about quality over quantity)

That was actually the thinking when Florida State originally scheduled Bowden alma mater Samford for its home opener this Saturday. But with no Bowden, FSU fans apparently aren’t too keen on the matchup.

Sales have been so slow that FSU is partnering with local motels in a ticket discount promotion to lure fans to the game.

Motel 6, Best Western and Red Roof Inn along with other local establishments are offering cut-rate FSU tickets to non-conference home games in exchange for an overnight stay.

Andrew Carter of the ORLANDO SENTINEL reports of new Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher’s obligatory reax to the news: Read more…

Jenn Sterger: Full Coverage On Danica ESPY Look

Jenn Sterger of Versus had this analysis of Danica Patrick’s appearance on the red carpet at the ESPYs on Thursday:

Jenn Sterger On Danica Patrick On ESPYs Red Carpet

After viewing a certain woman’s red carpet pics, I know what happens next @ It’s called a bukkake. Jeebus. Her stylist is fired

Is a stray shot or six of Aquanet reason to shower someone with such an insult?

Soccer WAG Danielle Lloyd Bloodied In Bar Fight

• Sexy soccer WAG Danielle Lloyd gets laid out in a bloody nightclub brawl.

Danielle Lloyd bar fight

• The real big racing news from this weekend: Danica Patrick’s new GoDaddy commercial, complete with a cop who keeps losing her clothes.

• Quite a memorable Memorial Day - Jose Canseco gets mauled in his MMA debut, while Mr. T mauls “Take Me Out To The Ballgame“.

Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter is in “extremely critical condition” after accidentally strangling herself on a treadmill cable.

• Maybe new Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor can clean up baseball’s current mess. She has taken on MLB before.

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Jenn Sterger Very Obsessed With Twitter, Herself

Jenn Sterger’s plans for world domination are proceeding smoothly, according to her. Over the weekend she attended an Indianapolis 500 party where she promoted a new sports drink, before that taking time to brag on an Indianapolis radio show about her proficiency with Twitter.

Jenn Sterger can write her name

Sterger, of course, is the former USF bandwagon hopper Florida State Cowgirl, former SPORTS ILLUSTRATED columnist, current New York Jets “Gameday” host, and future celebrity reality show contestant who rose to prominence after making several cameo appearances in Brent Musberger’s sexual fantasies in 2005. You may think that she’s dropped from the radar but you’d be wrong; the threat of a Sterger-dominated world is very real.

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Week In Review: Granny Going After David Stern

Joel Przybilla got a $7,500 fine for his part in an NBA brawl. But Joel’s grandma doesn’t like that one bit - and she’s letting David Stern know it.

Joel Przybilla grandmother

Ana Ivanovic frolicking in the surf with Maria Sharapova’s dream date?

Jenn Sterger is still riding a Jet stream of attention from the media.

• We’ve discovered the best seats in tennis - and they are the property of Vitkoriya Kutuzova & Nicole Vaidisova.

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Jenn Sterger’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Are Not Up Yet

We’re in the middle of a compelling NFL playoffs. The Jets just fired their head coach, and the Giants are about to host a divisional rival with whom they split two regular season games in a fascinating matchup. So what does the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS commit a significant amount of time and ink to on the first Monday back from the holidays? Former MAXIM and PLAYBOY pinup turned Jets Gameday host Jenn Sterger, of course!

jenn sterger under armour
(This is from the DAILY NEWS photo gallery, we swear to God.)

And making matters even more striking, they pull a botched Photoshop job on the “online sensation’s” face.

daily news jenn sterger screen grab 2
(Someone go fire the photo intern.)

Sure, Sterger is the kind of personality who might warrant an offseason story in April, when nothing is going on. But in the middle of the playoffs, with the Jets embroiled in a coaching search that may cost a popular college coach his job, Brett Favre hanging on a retirement decision by a thread and the NFL Draft just months away? Come on.

That’s before you consider all the time off many workers are returning from, with the public finally attacking the news full bore again now that everyone’s back at work. Don’t worry, we’ve got more photos of “The best of Jenn Sterger” from THE DAILY NEWS after the break.

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Evan Longoria Busts Out; Hits 2 Home Runs Too

Yesterday Evan Longoria busted out of a season-long slump against the White Sox by cracking two home runs in Tampa Bay’s Game 1 ALDS victory over Chicago.

Evan Longoria Busty Friend At USF Game Video

(Video Link)

Coincidentally, Longoria got to watch someone else bust out later that night, as DEADSPIN’s Brian Powell has video from ESPN showing Longoria at the USF-Pitt game in TampaRead more…