AOL-Suspended Mariotti Now Also Off-Air At ESPN

AOL Fanhouse lead columnist and ESPN Around The Horn panelist Jay Mariotti was disconnected from the media grid by his current employers today.

Jay Mariotti

An AOL spokesperson told SI’s Richard Deitsch Thursday morning that Mariotti was suspended indefinitely from his Fanhouse duties:

We are continuing to gather all the facts. In the meantime, we have suspended Jay Mariotti and are not featuring any new work from him.

After the AOL statement, I asked ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz about the status of Mariotti at the network. Krulewitz replied, “he (Mariotti) is not scheduled to be on (Around The Horn) next week.”When I asked Krulewitz if Mariotti’s absence was related to his arrest in Los Angeles last week, he declined comment.

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Mariotti was arrested and charged with felony domestic assault in L.A. on Saturday morning after an alleged altercation with his girlfriend. The police report from the incident has not yet been made public by the Los Angeles Police Dept. Read more…