SEC’s Slive and Vanderbilt’s Franklin: Ridin’ Dirty

Wednesday I posted video of a vicious, blindside clip by Vanderbilt offensive lineman Logan Stewart on Georgia defensive lineman Kwame Geathers during UGA’s 33-28 win over the Commodores in Nashville last Saturday.

James Franklin Explains Logan Stewart Clip of Kwame Geathers

Despite Stewart’s dirty play, which included a 10-yard run-up, the Vandy player was given the same, subsequent punishment by SEC Commissioner Mike Slive as Geathers. (Geathers reflexively retaliated with a single punch attempt before walking away from Stewart on his own.)

Each player will miss the first half of his next game - Stewart against Army and Geathers against Florida.

Slive’s unwillingness to issue a more severe punishment to Stewart, who engaged in perpetrating a play that could have easily, and seriously, injured Geathers, is nothing new for the SEC Commissioner but no less indefensible.

Unless of course, you’re Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin.

Wednesday Franklin, like Slive, engaged in an opposite day evaluation of Stewart’s blatantly dirty play:

“I think when you watch the tape, Logan, you can see he was running and he was trying to get his hat across (the front of Geathers’ legs). There was a point where, in my opinion watching the tape, he wasn’t going to be able to get his hat across and he should have pulled off and he didn’t. We explained that to him and we explained that to the rest of the team.”

If I, like Franklin and Slive, had a dirty job that nobody wanted maybe I’d feel the same way.

Photo: An SEC Investigation In Progress (Nick Saban, Mike Slive, Cecil Newton, Mark Emmert)

(How Stuff Works®: An SEC Investigation in progress.)


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Raw Video: Richt Calls UGA Behavior “Horse—-”

Last night - via WSMV-TV in Nashville - I posted video from the postgame, on-field exchange between Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin and Georgia Coach Mark Richt.

(Raw Video Source: WSMV-TV Nasvhille)

During the heated, essentially one-way conversation, Franklin slammed UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham in attempting to explain the ensuing altercation between the two teams following Georgia’s 33-28 win over the Commodores in Nashville.

WSMV has since released more of the exchange between Franklin and Richt - and Franklin and another Georgia assistant coach.

The video includes subtitles to identify what Franklin and Richt said in real time. Transcript:

Franklin: ”36 [Shawn Williams] comes up, after a tough game, talking — to me!


Franklin: ”Rubbing our face in it right after the game!

Richt:He’s a dumb—.

Franklin:And then your coach when I tell him about it, then he goes after me and the fight starts.

Richt:That’s what I thought happened, I apologize. It’s horse —- horse —-.”

After complaining to Richt, Franklin then vented his spleen to a Georgia assistant coach:

Franklin: Hey, 36 after a tough game, come over and going to talk —- in my face after the game. That’s not how my guys do it!

While Franklin has a point about the behavior of Williams, if that’s in fact what happened between the Georgia player and Vanderbilt coach, perhaps his enthusiasm for making accusations to the Georgia coaching staff should’ve instead been channeled into avoiding a further altercation by getting his team off the field.

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Did Richt Call UGA Player, Asst Coach ‘Dumbass’?

A postgame scene on the field between Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin and Georgia Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham last Saturday has led to Grantham being reprimanded by UGA AD Greg McGarity - with the SEC mulling possible punishment for the UGA DC.

(WSMV-TV Nashville: Richt-Franklin video source)

Though videotape of the incident between the two coaches suggests Franklin may deserve at least some blame for instigating the altercation.

Before Grantham admittedly went Dusty Rhodes on Vandy’s main man, Franklin can be seen on video pointing at and shouting in the direction of Georgia football player Shawn Williams  - but only after Williams is 10 yards away with his back turned and Grantham is conveniently within earshot.

With that in mind, a case can be made that Franklin waited to get the attention of Grantham, or any member of the Georgia coaching staff, before the Vandy coach loudly complained about Williams while gesturing in the player’s direction.

Video from a WSMV-TV report in Nashville also showed Franklin throwing Grantham under the bus in his explanation of what happened to Georgia head coach Mark Richt, who actually seemed to sympathize with the opposing coach by responding, “that’s what I thought happened. I apologize.”

And as first noted by Clay Travis of, it sounds like Richt may have also referred to either a Georgia player or Grantham as a “dumbass” as Franklin was describing what allegedly led to the altercation.

So what dastardly act by the Georgia players angered Franklin enough to call out UGA player Williams in front of Grantham?

Franklin told Richt that the Bulldogs were, “rubbing our face in it after the game.”

Glad to see Vandy got their man.

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