Video: Del Rio Refuses To Explain Late Timeouts

After the Tennessee Titans drubbed the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-3 on Monday night in Jacksonville, Titans coach Jeff Fisher indicated during his postgame press conference that he had been encouraged by a representative from ESPN or the NFL to take some of his remaining timeouts in the waning moments of the game because the necessary commercials had not aired during the game telecast.

Jack Del Rio refuses to explain late timeouts in blowout against Titans

(Even when pressed by reporters, Del Rio wouldn’t budge)

Fisher also strongly implied that Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio took two such courtesy timeouts in the final two minutes of the game, despite being down 23-3 at the time, in order to fulfill the NFL’s TV commercial obligation to ESPN.

Fisher later backed off the statement, claiming that he was joking. ESPN also subsequently denied exercising influence on the coaches.

But late Tuesday Fisher told Terry McCormick of that he was indeed approached by an NFL official during the Monday night game about the television timeout situation.


“At the two-minute warning in every game in the fourth quarter, there are conversations that go by. There’s conversations that take place at the two-minute warning before the first half. But there’s conversations that take place, and it’s the official’s responsibility to give the head coach a status of commercials and TV timeouts.

“Yesterday, I was told that they were two short. And they looked at me and smiled, and I said, ‘Sorry, I can’t help you.’ (NFL official) Mike Carey came across and said, ‘Here’s the deal. We’re two short.’ And I said, ‘Mike, I can’t help you. I’m trying to get a first down and I’m gonna kneel on it.’”

Fisher on Del Rio:

“Jack used his timeouts. Whether Jack used his timeouts because the official said we’re two commercials short, or he used them to stop the clock to get his quarterback Trent Edwards some reps remains to be seen.”

Meanwhile Paul Bond of the THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER noted of the NFL’s reaction to Fisher’s comment and the league policy on refunding TV broadcast partners for commercials that do not air in-game:

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league and all of its broadcast partners leave it up to coaches to determine when to use their timeouts.

Del Rio has not commented on why he called the late timeouts.

There are supposed to be 20 commercial breaks during a football telecast, and if ESPN sold commercials that did not air, refunds could be owed to the advertisers. Neither ESPN nor the NFL would say Tuesday who might be responsible for paying such refunds, nor did they say whether all of the ads planned for Monday’s game aired.

“We’re looking into it,” McCarthy said.

Finally Del Rio addressed the subject on the record late Wednesday, though he was in no mood to divulge exactly why in the dying moments of Monday’s game he took two timeouts while on the business end of a Titan blowout. Read more…

ESPN Denies Asking Fisher, Del Rio For Timeouts

After his Tennessee Titans shredded the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-3 last night in Jacksonville, Titans Coach Jeff Fisher was asked during a postgame press conference why he wasn’t more proactive in running out the clock at the end of the game.

Jeff Fisher

(Video of Fisher comments: Joking?)

In his response Fisher claimed, with what appeared to be a straight face, that ESPN had asked both teams at the end of the game to take their timeouts in order to allow the network to air more commercial spots.


“(Jaguars Coach) Jack (Del Rio) used his timeouts. My understanding is they (ESPN) needed network timeouts, and that’s why Jack used his timeouts. They came over and asked me to do it, but I said, ‘I was hoping to get a first down and kneel on it.’

“You can check with Jack. I believe that they asked them to use them. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. I just said I would have a hard time using them, because I’m ahead. Honestly, I have no issues with Jack or how he managed the end of that game.”

Del Rio took back-to-back timeouts after the two-minute warning with his Jags down 23-3. Del Rio has yet to comment why he took the timeouts but is scheduled to meet the media again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Fisher has reportedly backtracked on his seemingly serious stance. Read more…

Jax Reporter On Monday: Mariucci On SC Campus

Michael C. Wright of the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION was first to report last night that Jack Del Rio was going to turn down an offer to coach USC. He was also first today to confirm that fact.

Steve Mariucci Spotted On USC Campus Yesterday

(Wright had Mariucci in USC mix on Monday)

Additionally, Wright was first to connect Steve Mariucci to the USC job, reporting on Monday: “I’m hearing a report about a Steve Mariucci sighting on USC’s campus. Interesting.Read more…

Del Rio Talks To Media, Doesn’t Deny SC Interest

UPDATE: (11:04am ET): Michael C. Wright of the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION reports that Del Rio and Weaver are meeting in Jacksonville at this hour, with reporters camped out outside.

Jack Del Rio was confronted by Jax media outlets this morning about a contract offer he reportedly was sent to become the football coach at USC.

The five words not spoken: “I’m not going to USC.” Del Rio was given plenty of opportunity to say that, while being pressed, and he didn’t.This morning on ESPN-TV, Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reported that Del Rio was sent a contract last night by USC and will receive it today.

Del Rio has a meeting with Jags Owner Wayne Weaver today.

Report: USC Sends Del Rio Head Coach Contract

UPDATE: (2:40am ET): Wolf’s full story on the Del Rio contract offer. He also throws this in:

Sources said Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin was under consideration Monday.

I haven’t heard Kiffin’s name previously but nothing would surprise me.

Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS, the reporter who first broke Pete Carroll’s resignation and the news of Carroll accepting the Seahawks job, reports on his blog early Tuesday:

Scott Wolf reports USC has sent Jack Del Rio a contract

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio was sent a contract by USC tonight to become the next football coach.

Now comes the tricky part: If Del Rio takes the job, he forfeits more than $15 million in salary from the Jaguars. If Jacksonville fires him, they must pay him the money. Why would Jacksonville fire him if they know USC wants him? Should make Tuesday interesting.

Indeed, especially considering  Jacksonville Jaguars beat writer Michael C. Wright of the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION reported just before Wolf’s blog post that he’s “99 percent sure” that Del Rio will not go to USC.

Read more…

Del Rio Burns Late Night Oil At Jaguars Stadium

First Coast News in Jacksonville has video of Jack Del Rio leaving Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Monday night while reporting:

Amidst rumors that he’s a candidate for the vacant head coaching job at the University of Southern California, Jack Del Rio put in a few extra hours at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on Monday night.

Jack Del Rio last one to leave at Jacksonville Municpal Stadium on Monday Night

(Vid link)

Del Rio was one of the last people to leave the stadium on Monday night. He walked to his car at 9:30 p.m., and as you’ll see in the video clip attached to this story, he didn’t exactly answer a question regarding his interest level in the USC job.

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver was not at the stadium on Monday. He is expected to meet with Del Rio on Tuesday. This meeting has been planned since last week before Pete Carroll left USC to become the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

In the vid clip, Jax camera guy asked Del Rio, “any interest in the USC job?

Read more…

LA Daily News: Pete Carroll Resigns As USC Coach

Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS, who Friday was the first to report that Pete Carroll had accepted the head coaching job with the Seahawks, is first with the news Sunday that Carroll has resigned his position as USC coach. follows up by reporting that Carroll handed in his resignation tonight.

LA Daily News breaks that Pete Carroll has resigned


Two USC administration sources told me today that Carroll actually resigned last night over concerns that a delay in finalizing his new job in Seattle was wrecking USC’s recruiting class. (Which it was.)

So now what is USC looking at? Don’t ask.
Read more…

Speed Read: Cosby Show Gives Texas Title Claim

We all know how this story is supposed to go. Texas blows Ohio State out of the water, Oklahoma scrapes by Florida and the Longhorns join the slew of teams through history that have a huge beef about how they deserved to win a national championship.

quan cosby dive
(Theo! Give this man a sweater vest already!)

Only it didn’t turn out that way. OK, the second half of that equation may still come true, but Texas did anything but blow Ohio State out of the water. Instead, it took a 26-yard touchdown pass from late-game maestro and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy to 26-year-old going on 35-year-old Quan Cosby with 0:16 left, giving the ‘Horns a miraculous come-from-behind, 24-21 win in the Fiesta Bowl.

This year, that still might be enough to earn Texas a small share of the national title, if not in trophy, at least in respect. Both Utah and USC own a claim on the crown, too, so an Oklahoma win on Thursday would officially make the title scenario a quartet-a-mess.

So what now for the BCS? The OU-Florida winner will officially hoist the crystal trophy that allegedly signifies the national champ on Thursday night, but that only guarantees the champion of the Harris and Coaches polls. The Associated Press, meanwhile, can name its own champ, so its plausible — if still extremely unlikely — that Texas, Utah or USC could steal some share of the crown.

And one thing was confirmed after last night’s game: This time Texas will get at least one vote for No. 1 in the Coaches’ poll. From Mack Brown (he confirmed it after the game). Guess he’s learning something from us here at SbB, no?

Of course, the Fiesta Bowl wasn’t the only thing going on; the Big East hosted the latest in what is sure to be a season-long string of all top-15 tussles, with Notre Dame taking control of a matchup with fellow Catholic crew Georgetown. Luke Harangody outdueled super freshman Greg Monroe, and probably took a strong early lead in the race for Big East player of the year in the process. It sent the Hoyas to a second loss against a Top-15 team, which just might have some in the nation’s capital worrying. Oh, wait, they’re preoccupied with some inauguration thing? Never mind.

Who knew that Jack Del Rio and Mike Tice were boys? Well, not only do the two coaches “hang”, they do so with copious amounts of alcohol … in very public places. This video comes via Boston site BARSTOOL SPORTS, documenting the pairs successful run and Tice’s rendition of God Bless America while he’s completely wasted. Weird, funny, quirky and a little disturbing, all rolled into one. Then again, should we really be surprised? After all, Tice is the man who practically invented the Super Bowl ticket scalping scandal. Still, if there was ever any chance for a second head coaching go-round for Tice, it seems hard to assume that’s still in play after that video.

And then there’s the Jeff Jagozinski scenario. Where to begin on that. Boston College — at least officially — is still claiming that “Jagz” is out of a job as soon as he goes for an interview with the Jets. The Jets say they plan to speak to him and Jagodzinski says he’ll go for the interview. So BC is about to look for a new coach, right? Well, maybe not. Eagles athletic director Gene DeFillipio softened his stance some today and seemed to leave the door slightly ajar for a Jagodzinski return, assuming that the two-year head coach with 20 wins at the ACC school doesn’t land the New York job. Still, it seems likely that Jagz will be out of a job if he did interview Monday night … or if he’s talking with Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum as you read this. The one thing that seems certain is that the entire situation has become completely surreal, especially for a mid-pedigree college football school like Boston College.

If Oklahoma beats Florida, which team should be college football’s national champion?

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Jags Mascot Catches Fire As Team Flames Out

Team introductions are a chance for the home team to get fired up. However, the ORLANDO SENTINEL says that the Jacksonville Jaguars took a different approach yesterday when coming out for their game against the Tennessee Titans, actually setting their mascot on fire. Apparently Jaxson de Ville got a little too close to the pyrotechnics as the team charged out of the locker room, causing his stuffed ears to go up in flames.

Michael Jackson and Jags mascot

Luckily, he was able to rush off the field and get put out before he did his full impersonation of Michael Jackson shooting a Pepsi commercial. (I guess that makes him the Jackson-Ville Jaguar. Get it?) But I think it’s safe to consider your mascot bursting into flames as a bad omen, and perhaps it was as the Jags blew a 14-3 halftime lead and fell to the Titans, 24-14.

Read more…

Jones’ Dad Says Drugs Did Not Belong to Matt

This morning we learn from PRO FOOTBALL TALK that Steve Jones, the father of Jacksonville Jaguar wide receiver Matt Jones has issued a statement to an Arkansas TV station regarding his son’s arrest for felony possession of cocaine on Thursday.

Matt Jones Jaguars mugshot

In his statement, Steve offers up the always effective “he was holding it for a friend” defense. Jones tells KNWA-TV, “We want to make it clear that Matt was not in possession of any drugs, but that there were drugs in the vehicle and were located in the closest proximity to Matt. He does not claim any responsibility for the drugs.”

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