Getting Behind Sexy Mex Sportscaster Ines Sainz

With a new NFL season approaching, we’re looking forward to another year of exciting & titillating coverage. And we know just the lady to provide it: Ines Sainz.

Ines Sainz

As you may or may not recall (but will be happy to be reminded), Ms. Sainz is a sports reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca. She made quite an impression at Super Bowl Media Day a few years back, and last season even got a camera-shy Terrell Owens to come out of his shell. (TV tip to T.O.: Get Ines on your reality show, and folks might actually tune in.)

Let’s hope that CBS or Fox or NBC or ESPN can broker some kind of talent exchange deal with TV Azteca, so we can see Ines strut her stuff on the sidelines from San Diego to Cincinnati, move her money maker from Miami to Minnesota, bounce that butt from Baltimore to the Bay Area … well, you get the idea.

(More pics of Ines after the jump.)

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