O (Say Can) U (See): Sooner Anthem Controversy

So the big controversy with the Oklahoma football program right now concerns the lyrics to the National Anthem, the song that commemorates our freedom by reminding us of the musical notes we can never hope to achieve. Ironic that when the typical person hits the most inspiring portion of the song –“and the rockets’ red glare …” — it’s at a pitch that only dogs can hear. Man’s best friend must be very patriotic by now.

OU President David Boren has asked fans to discontinue yelling “home of the Sooners” at the end of the anthem, in place of “home of the brave.” Because it’s unpatriotic, or whatever. It’s been a long-standing tradition at Oklahoma for fans to change the last four words of the anthem, and that’s not sitting well with some people. I would think that folks in Stoopsville would have other things to worry about, but this is evidently a big deal.

Mangling the last four words of the National Anthem: Acceptable?

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