HS Cheerleading More Dangerous Than Sports

Cheerleading is stupid. That’s not to say we don’t like cheerleaders - big fans of ‘em, obviously - but the idea that leading cheers for sports is somehow worthy of sporthood itself is patently ludicrous. Pro cheerleaders get it - they’re there to look purty and smile and show up to PR events. College cheerleaders get it less so, but most of the one’s we’ve known never took themselves too seriously.

Laura Jackson

(High school cheerleading should not end like this.)

Then there’s high school cheerleading, a wholly different category. Despite what its fans would have you believe, it is not a sport…and hell, it’s more ‘Melrose Place’ than extracurricular activity anyway, with all the sex, drugs, and violence. On top of that, a new report says that it is also an incredibly dangerous activity for girls, with a high risk for “catastrophic injury.”And yet, it’s more popular than ever. What gives?

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Cheerleader Rips Off Wheelchair-Bound Moppet?

In a story which surely proves that mankind is pretty much just running out the clock at this point, a high school cheerleader in Marietta, Georgia, has been arrested for stealing a cash box right from the lap of a 9-year-old girl in a wheelchair. Yep. So, we’re closing society for a while until we get this fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Chelsea Steele

Meet Chelsea Steele of Sprayberry High, who on Friday walked up to a group of young girls who were selling Fourth of July t-shirts and hats at a neighborhood pool. Proceeds were to go to the father of two of the girls, who was trying to save his embroidery business. Steele began talking to the dad, then turned and snatched the cash box. Read more…

Novak Can’t Take No More Of Aussie Open’s Heat

Andy Roddick roasts Novak Djokovic in the Aussie Oven Open quarters.

Novak Djokovic Australian Open

(Novak can’t wait to get back to those shivering Serbian winters)

Oscar De La Hoya paid $5 million for MMA event - and he didn’t even have to fight!

• A friendly reminder to Super Bowl attendees looking for adventure - the Tampa area does have a thriving gentlemen’s club industry.

• And if that’s too tame, there’s always prostitution - until you see the kind of Tampa trick-spinners the cops are dragging in.

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LOL! Florida Cheerleader Sends 35K Txts A Month

These are the people who drive up the price of unlimited texting plans. According to the ORLANDO SENTINEL, one Florida high school cheerleader sent more than 35,000 texts in a single month twice in the past year.

Cheerleaders texting

(OMG! Can you believe Emilee?)

For those of you who are more mathematically inclined, you’ll realize that breaks down to approximately 74 messages per hour, more than one coming or going each minute (once sleep is factored in … assuming she does sleep). And the most amazing thing about young Emilee Cox’s texting? No one seems to mind.

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School Janitor Has Nude Cheerleader Phone Pics?

You know the Willie Nelson song, “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”? Well, maybe he should write a sequel, “Mama, Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Cheerleaders”. Almost every day, another scandal surrounding cheerleaders and naked cell phone photos. The more disturbing twist today is that said photos were found on the cell phone of a middle school janitor.

cheerleaders cell phone

(Note to cheerleaders: Stop doing this!)

The man in question is one Steven Decimone, a janitor at Harding Middle School in Jefferson Couty, Ohio, just across the West Virginia border (big shock there, right?). According to the West Virginia paper THE STATE JOURNAL, Decimone is about to get better acquainted with bright orange jumpsuits because his cell phone was found to have naked photos of four topless, middle school cheerleaders.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time that topless cheerleader photos have popped up on cell phones. Far from it. The difference is that this is the first time those cheerleaders have still been in middle school (i.e., 11-13 years old) and this is the first time said pictures have been found on a janitor’s cell phone.

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Cheerleaders Suspended For Naked Cell Photos

A couple of high school cheerleaders up in the Seattle area have decided to take school spirit to a whole new level. Pictures of the pair are circulating through the Bothell High School student body via cell phones, which doesn’t sound so bad.

Bothell cheerleaders

Oh, did I mention the girls were naked in the pictures? Yeah, this kind of thing definitely didn’t happen when I was in high school. Now, there’s lawsuits flying around because the girls have been suspended from the team. The parents say the real punishment should go to those distributing the photos. This is all very sophisticated.

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NHL Panthers On The Prowl For New Cheerleaders

• The Florida Panthers are on the prowl for some new Ice Dancers.

Florida Panthers Ice Dancers cheerleaders

• A minor league hockey player scores a hat trick of rude behavior on a flight, and gets a 527,040-minute penalty.

• If the Rays win the World Series, free pizza for the whole wide world!

• A trio of Cubs fans brutally beat a fan of a rival team. This is not a repeat.

• This is the only way people will pay attention to a Pirates game: West Virginia basketball players in the stands fighting with police.

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Florida HS Cheerleader Dies During Breast Surgery

The PALM BEACH POST has the sad but disturbing news of a Florida high school cheerleader who died while having plastic surgery done on her breasts.

Stephanie Kuleba

18-year-old Stephanie Kuleba, captain of the West Boca High cheerleading squad, suffered complications during breast surgery last Friday, and passed away the following day. Read more…