Elderly Boxing Champ Beats Up Would-Be Burglar

Making a living through crime is most assuredly not as exciting in reality as it is on TV and in movies. On film, career criminals live a high life of international intrigue as they fence rare antiquities or cut a debonair image as an international cat burglar. In reality, career criminals are often stupid junkies with no education, work ethic, or morals. They prey on the weakest and most vulnerable, not out of cunning but out of cowardice and laziness.

Frank Corti Gregory McCalium

23-year-old Brit Gregory McCalium probably thought he hit some sort of criminal jackpot when he broke into his elderly neighbors’ house as they slept. What he didn’t know was that one of his 71-year-old neighbors just so happened to be a championship boxer back in the day. Hilarity, as they say, ensued.

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Today’s the 5th Anniversary of Pat Tillman’s Death

We talk a lot about heroes. Whether it’s in a movie, TV show, or novel, heroes abound. We like heroes; nay, we want to be heroes, and that’s why we watch those movies. We then take our love of heroes and ascribe heroic properties to athletes, politicians, and a host of other people who generally don’t deserve it.

Pat Tillman

You know what, though? Some people do deserve it. While many people end up in the military for the college cash or job training despite the sacrifice and occupational hazards, Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman turned his back on a lucrative NFL career for the chance to serve his country; nothing more, nothing less. And now on April 21, 2009, as COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK points out, it has been five years since Tillman was killed by friendly fire and the circumstances of his death covered up by the United States Army. Read more…

Quadruple Amputee Now Championship Wrestler

Michael David Smith of FANHOUSE has the find of the day, pointing us to 16-year-old Ohio high school wrestler Dustin Carter. Carter is 41-2 and getting set to compete in the Ohio state quarterfinals this year.

He also had both arms and legs amputated when he was five.