Video: Collins “Chucks” Mouthguard At Bears Fan

As noted earlier today, FOX 6 in Milwaukee has been airing video of a fan at Soldier Field in Chicago last night allegedly directing racial slurs at Green Bay Packers player Nick Collins.

Nick Collins Video Posted

It was inevitable that the video would surface on the web with FOX 6 liberally re-airing it throughout the day to such a large audience. And it has, for now at least.
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TV Station Asks For Collins Slur Video ‘Witnesses’

Last night FOX 6 in Milwaukee reported on one of the station’s official Twitter accounts that it had video of a fan at the Packers-Bears game last night lobbing a racial slur at Packers player Nick Collins as Collins was leaving the field after the game.

Nick Collins slur episode

The FOX 6 Sports Twitter feed reported at the time:

Fox 6 Sports Nick Collins Tweet

Today, the same Twitter feed included this entry:

Fox 6 Sports Nick Collins Tweet

FOX 6 did air the video live this morning on multiple occasions, and Packers reporter Brian Carriveau reported what he saw on Twitter: on Nick Collins slur video

Of the incident, FOX 6 reported on its site today: Read more…

Photo: ‘The world’s most dangerous license plate’

Drew Olson of and ESPN 540’s D-List in Milwaukee has this piece of magnificently manipulated metal today:

Green Bay Packers License Plate: Go Bears

Thanks to Wisconsin’s Packers-branded license plates, a Chicago Bears fan was able to use the Green Bay Packers “G” logo to spell out “GOBEARS” on the plate.

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Favre’s Former Coach: “I could not sober him up”

Brett Favre originally started his NFL career in Atlanta with the Falcons, and was coached by Jerry Glanville.

Via Mike Florio at, Glanville guested on Thom Abraham’s WNSR radio show in Nashville recently and said that one of the reasons the legendary quarterback was traded to Green Bay was his affinity for late night inebriants:
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Packer Backer Sacked; McCarthyism Lives Again!

Okay, we have Mike Wood, a janitor in Green Bay who was fired after his superior apparently heard him say an untoward remark to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Without hearing another detail, we already have a pit rising in our stomachs, because well… here we go again.

Senator Mike McCarthy Packers Coach
(”I hold in my hand a list of 55 service workers right here at Lambeau who are avowed anti-Lombardists…”)

After all, it does seem a little unnerving that there’s a guy in Wisconsin… named McCarthy… calling for the heads of people who don’t support his cause enough. It didn’t end well at all. So let’s see just how bad this janitor’s behavior was, shall we?

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Subtlety Can Sometimes Escape Packer Backers

Someone once said to me, your life is your resume.

Green Bay Fan Wearing Bunchaqueers TShirt In Tampa

(Surprised to find out this came from the MJ Morning Show)

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Packers Fans Haven’t Lost Their Sense Of Humor

Too much.

Brent Favre’s Kevin Seifert has this from the Lambeau crowd as Brent took the field today for warmups: “Brett Favre jogged onto the field here at precisely 3:29 p.m. ET Sunday. Lambeau Field was about half full at the time, and the boos certainly outnumbered the cheers. But I would hardly call the reaction thunderous in either event.”

Florio calls them “loud boos.”

If Anyone Is To Fart On Favre, It Will Be Brown

Lunar space landing. Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Final episode of M*A*S*H. Johnny Carson’s last show. All seminal moments in the history of television. I’m pleased to report today that you can now, offcially add another eminent epoch in small screen time to that distinguished list:

Gilbert Brown wants to fart on Brett Favre

(Brown’s eye-watering account invoked visions of Bojangle’s Chili Bar)

Gilbert Brown’s Friday guest appearance with Jay Crawford on ESPN’s First Take. (Thank you YBB)

Scene-setter: To no one’s surprise, former Favre teammate Brown’s sentimentality most likely made eyes water in the audience.

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Live TV, Profane NFL T-Shirt Messages, And You

Lou Grant would never have tolerated this.

KSTP-TV in St. Paul was quite excited when it won the rights to all three Vikings games on Monday Night Football this season. If only the director of their “Hot Seat” segment was as sharp-eyed as Brett Favre seemed to be during the game. In case you’re not sure what the first word is on that guy’s shirt in the background, a NSFW closeup without the censor strip — plus the video link — follows the jump. Read more…

Ochocinco Does Lambeau Leap, Fans Unamused

Earlier this week, Cincinnati WR Chad Ochocinco promised to perform the famous Lambeau Leap if he scored a touchdown against the Packers. The game’s at Green Bay, so you can only imagine how thrilled the fans would be if the Ocho came flying into their front row seats and looking for a hug.

Chad Ochocinco Lambeau Leap

(Hey, he found some Bengals fans! Wait, how did they get those seats?)

Well, the touchdown did indeed happen in the third quarter today. It was to give the Bengals the lead, as a matter of fact, something the Packer faithful probably didn’t expect at this point in the game. All of which is to say that if you taunt some extra salty Green Bay fans like that, don’t be surprised when you get a fat middle finger waved at you on national television.

Picture & video, for Puritans’ sake, is below the fold.

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