Blimey! British Sports Reporters Told To Sex It Up

What hath Erin Andrews wrought?

Erin Andrews Skin-Tight Pants Photos

LOG’S BLOG picks up this tidbit from THE LONDON SUN about efforts in the Isles to attract more sports viewers. And the solution - show more attractive sports reporters. Or as the Sun put it, “The women presenters on Sky Sports News have been told to sex-up their looks to beat off competition from a rival channel.”

Beat off competition“? Knowing the Sun, this quip was likely intentional.

The reason for Sky’s risque request is the appearance of new girls on Setanta Sports Channel. In fact, fans are already falling in love with the ladies. As a Sky Sports insider commented, “Setanta now have good-looking girls of their own, and we want our female hosts to stay ahead of the competition.”

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