Mets’ Citi Field Throws Out Its First Phillies Fan

In case you were running a pool at the office about how many games would be played in Citi Field before a Phillies fan was thrown out of the park — and, really, why wouldn’t you be — I hope you chose zero. The first game in the Mets’ new digs was played this past Sunday between St. John’s and Georgetown, and before it even started, a Phillies fan had been asked to leave the stadium.

Reed Frazier

Reed Frazier is a 22-year old student at St. John’s who is a Television and Film Production major. He was at the game on Sunday to help broadcast the game over his university’s website, having a press pass and everything. Reed also had on a Phillies jacket because he’s a Phillies fan, and as it turns out, that’s unacceptable at Citi Field.

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Speed Read: Cosby Show Gives Texas Title Claim

We all know how this story is supposed to go. Texas blows Ohio State out of the water, Oklahoma scrapes by Florida and the Longhorns join the slew of teams through history that have a huge beef about how they deserved to win a national championship.

quan cosby dive
(Theo! Give this man a sweater vest already!)

Only it didn’t turn out that way. OK, the second half of that equation may still come true, but Texas did anything but blow Ohio State out of the water. Instead, it took a 26-yard touchdown pass from late-game maestro and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy to 26-year-old going on 35-year-old Quan Cosby with 0:16 left, giving the ‘Horns a miraculous come-from-behind, 24-21 win in the Fiesta Bowl.

This year, that still might be enough to earn Texas a small share of the national title, if not in trophy, at least in respect. Both Utah and USC own a claim on the crown, too, so an Oklahoma win on Thursday would officially make the title scenario a quartet-a-mess.

So what now for the BCS? The OU-Florida winner will officially hoist the crystal trophy that allegedly signifies the national champ on Thursday night, but that only guarantees the champion of the Harris and Coaches polls. The Associated Press, meanwhile, can name its own champ, so its plausible — if still extremely unlikely — that Texas, Utah or USC could steal some share of the crown.

And one thing was confirmed after last night’s game: This time Texas will get at least one vote for No. 1 in the Coaches’ poll. From Mack Brown (he confirmed it after the game). Guess he’s learning something from us here at SbB, no?

Of course, the Fiesta Bowl wasn’t the only thing going on; the Big East hosted the latest in what is sure to be a season-long string of all top-15 tussles, with Notre Dame taking control of a matchup with fellow Catholic crew Georgetown. Luke Harangody outdueled super freshman Greg Monroe, and probably took a strong early lead in the race for Big East player of the year in the process. It sent the Hoyas to a second loss against a Top-15 team, which just might have some in the nation’s capital worrying. Oh, wait, they’re preoccupied with some inauguration thing? Never mind.

Who knew that Jack Del Rio and Mike Tice were boys? Well, not only do the two coaches “hang”, they do so with copious amounts of alcohol … in very public places. This video comes via Boston site BARSTOOL SPORTS, documenting the pairs successful run and Tice’s rendition of God Bless America while he’s completely wasted. Weird, funny, quirky and a little disturbing, all rolled into one. Then again, should we really be surprised? After all, Tice is the man who practically invented the Super Bowl ticket scalping scandal. Still, if there was ever any chance for a second head coaching go-round for Tice, it seems hard to assume that’s still in play after that video.

And then there’s the Jeff Jagozinski scenario. Where to begin on that. Boston College — at least officially — is still claiming that “Jagz” is out of a job as soon as he goes for an interview with the Jets. The Jets say they plan to speak to him and Jagodzinski says he’ll go for the interview. So BC is about to look for a new coach, right? Well, maybe not. Eagles athletic director Gene DeFillipio softened his stance some today and seemed to leave the door slightly ajar for a Jagodzinski return, assuming that the two-year head coach with 20 wins at the ACC school doesn’t land the New York job. Still, it seems likely that Jagz will be out of a job if he did interview Monday night … or if he’s talking with Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum as you read this. The one thing that seems certain is that the entire situation has become completely surreal, especially for a mid-pedigree college football school like Boston College.

If Oklahoma beats Florida, which team should be college football’s national champion?

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Yes! Amateur SI Swimsuit Shoot Photos Surface

… Next up, someone sues Bill Belichick for pain and suffering over his offensive sideline ensembles.

Sports Illustrated Lost Amateur Photos

Amateur photos from SI swimsuit shoots uncover more evidence that the mag’s models are getting back to what readers really want.

Kobe Bryant has decided to has decided to play through his pinkie pain.

• Can’t wait for the cross(dressing)-examinations: Oscar De La Hoya meets his pantyhose photographer in court.

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Bad Seat: Behind Georgetown Hoops Announcer

Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG has an audio-video sync’d up look at Georgetown radio announcer Rich Chvotkin as he straps on the pom-poms in a Hoya victory over Villanova.

Some of you may know that we were a longtime radio PBP guy for baseball, hockey and basketball, so seeing an announcer so blatantly cheer for the team he broadcasts pains us. But since virtually every play-by-play man in the business is now nothing more than a bought-off mouthpiece for the home team, we’re becoming more and more immune to the behavior.

Be aware that cheerleading is now a prerequisite if you plan to try to brave the industry’s climes.