Website Retracts Dana White Gambling Debt Claim

Yesterday a website accused UFC President Dana White of failing to pay a $1M gambling debt at the Bellagio in Vegas.

Norm Clarke reports Dana White gambling debt story false

In a series of Tweets from his Twitter account, Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reported that White said today he has never gambled at the Bellagio, but that he did once win $1M playing blackjack across the street at the Palazzo.

Clarke added that the reporting website, after receiving a cease & desist order from UFC attorneys (and posting it), has taken down the claim about White.

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Shawn Chacon In Gambling/Bowling-Related Arrest

When last we left pitcher Shawn Chacon, he had “accidentally” choked Houston Astros general manager Ed Wade, and threw him to the ground. As would happen to you or me, that got him released and banished to the Newark Bears, where he played until signing a Single-A contract with the Oakland A’s on June 18.

Shawn Chacon

Well now, more fun! Chacon was arrested on Monday night at a bowling alley in Colorado in connection with $50,000 in unpaid gambling debts in Las Vegas. Let those who have never been arrested in a bowling alley for Vegas gambling debts throw the first stone. Read more…

Antoine Walker Arrested, Still Makes AM Tee Time

Antoine Walker’s desperate, mercurial run from justice ended late last night at a Lake Tahoe casino, where he was placed in handcuffs by Nevada Sheriff’s deputies and hauled to the hoosegow. And really, who among us California residents cannot relate? Sadly, whatever happens in Lake Tahoe never seems to stay in Lake Tahoe. Mr. Walker, you may recall, had an outstanding warrant out for a little matter of over $800,000 owed to three Las Vegas casinos for bad checks. So when he showed up in Tahoe this week for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, they pretty much had a jail cell cleaned and reserved in his name.

Antoine Walker

Walker showed up at Harrah’s Tahoe last night to play a little of the poker and the blackjack, and a “Harrah’s employee” spotted him and made his presence known to a couple of deputies who were there making the rounds. Even though Walker didn’t owe the money to Harrah’s, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in Tahoe for the past 10 years, it’s that Nevada casinos stick together. Anyway, Walker dropped a little more¬†money than he had probably anticipated.

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Antoine Walker Owes Las Vegas Casinos $822,500

When gambling at Las Vegas casinos, I prefer the Homer Simpson method: HOMER (on phone): “Hello, Vegas? Give me a hundred dollars on red. (Pause). D’OH! I’ll write you a check.” Former NBA star and man-about-town Antoine Walker has a slightly different approach — he shows up at the casino in person, and also pays for markers with checks - but the comical rubber kind.

Casinos: NOT AMUSED.

We’re past the days when Robert DeNiro hauled you into the basement of the Sands and had security break your shuffling hand with a mallet. But the Clark County District Attorney’s office can be nearly as brutal, and has charged Walker — who won an NBA championship with the Miami Heat in 2006 — with three felony counts for passing $1¬†million in bad checks at Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and Red Rock Resort.

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