DeShawn Stevenson Shows Off His Frankentattoo

A few months back, during a Bill Simmons podcast, Marc Stein pointed out that NBA players are the single most auspicious group of consumers in professional sports, and that everything they purchase is judged as a sign of status. Stein cited cars, jewelry, and even suits; we’re pretty sure it’s safe to include tattoos on this list.

DeShawn Stevenson Tattoos
(Incidentally, every reporter there was asking him what the hell he was thinking.)

For proof, look no further than Washington Wizard DeShawn Stevenson. The sharp-shooting guard has always had a demonstrative streak about him, but he’s reached absurd new heights with the tattoos he unveiled today. Put it this way: Stevenson turned his neck into a 5-dollar bill, and that might not be the weirdest ink above his shoulders.

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Wolves’ McHale Makes A Marvelous Frankenstein

A frightening find by THE BLOWTORCH:

Kevin McHale

That would be Minnesota Timberwolves coach Kevin McHale, who tries to spook the opposition by doing his dead-on Frankenstein impression.

Kevin McHale Frankenstein

As if being a T-Wolves fan wasn’t already scary enough.