Armstrong: Charity As Shield Against Investigation

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the walls are finally closing in on Lance Armstrong. The bloodhound Federal investigator who forever tainted Barry Bonds, Jeff Novitzky, is now on Armstrong’s trail and by all indications, it isn’t going to end well for the cyclist.

Lance Armstrong rips Tony Kornheiser on Twitter

(Armstrong’s Barry Bonds-esque prickly personality fueling investigation?)

In order to nail Armstrong to the floorboards as a PEDs user, Novitzky is following the money trail to Armstrong’s alleged PED operations over the years. Novitzky’s case against the cyclist centers on two key accusations:

1) Armstrong assisted in secretly diverting money from former cycling team sponsor U.S. Postal Service to fund a PEDs operation for himself and teammates.
2) Armstrong assisted in secretly selling professional cycles made by the Trek company that were intended for his teammates to fund a PEDs operation for himself and teammates. (Floyd Landis accusation.)

Armstrong has already repeatedly denied involvement of such activity, but recently was caught in a lie about his role on the U.S. Postal Service team by the NEW YORK TIMES.

Armstrong claimed last week that he had zero role in the management of the U.S.P.S. team, that he was a mere employee who only followed orders. But the NYT turned up evidence to the contrary, revealing that Armstrong had been given a significant equity stake in the company that owned the U.S.P.S. team and that the cyclist was also partners with a company called Capital Sports Management.

Capital Sports & Entertainment’s Web site says it had direct dealings with the Postal Service when it sponsored the team. “In its role as manager, C.S.E. handled all aspects of this legendary professional cycling team,” including an $18 million annual budget, the Web site said.

If Armstrong has nothing to hide, why did he misrepresent his business interest in the U.S.P.S. team? The U.S.P.S. contradiction looks very bad for Armstrong, and that wasn’t what Floyd Landis recently accused him of!

Worse yet is another defense Armstrong rolled out against the investigation last week to reporters in France.

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Gruesome Photo: Armstrong Unable To Save Face

Lance Armstrong Tweeted this photo after his crash at the Tour of California:

Lance Armstrong Photo Of His Face Injury After Crash

Think that’s bad? You haven’t seen Floyd.

Speed Read: Hero Vandy Coach Turns Down Raise

It’s hard to get too misty-eyed about the integrity of college sports when coaches are dealing with sex scandals, players are getting arrested on a daily basis and Yahoo! Sports is ready to let loose with the blockbuster news that a USC football player might have received an extra large slice of apple pie at the cafeteria because he’s on the team. But then you hear about things like the following story and you remember why you cry like a girl every time “Rudy” is on.

Kevin Stallings, hero

Vanderbilt head basketball coach Kevin Stallings had been planning a 10-day trip for his basketball team to Australia for well over a year when he learned that school wide budget cuts threatened to nix the trip. So what did Stallings do? He decided to decline the $100,000 raise he was owed by the school in order to pay for the journey. The team played OK - going 3-2 in five games - but I would imagine that the benefits go much further than that. Plus, how do you not play hard for a guy who gave up $100,000 so you could go to Australia?

“Jermaine, remember when you got to feed that kangaroo straight from your hand? Then how about screening out your man?”

Jarvis Varnado

This comes on the heels of Mississippi State’s star basketball player Jarvis Varnado giving up his scholarship so the team could sign more players. That’s two totally selfless acts involving SEC basketball in the space of less than a week, which is probably more than we saw all of last season. Sometimes its good to be reminded that sports are supposed to be, you know, uplifting.

West Ham hooligan

Meanwhile, just to cut the legs out from under you as you’re actually starting to feel good about sports again: look, British football hooligans are back! I guess if The Specials are touring again, then it really is like 1982 in London, which apparently means it’s time for pitch invasions, fights in the stands and undoing 25 years of progress toward making soccer in England respectable again.

The trouble came in a Carling Cup match between rivals West Ham and Millwall. West Ham won the game in extra time, 3-1, but the story was the “fans” of the two teams. One man was stabbed and at least 10 people were arrested in what appeared to be planned brawls outside of the stadium before and after the game. Plus, West Ham fans staged a “pitch invasion,” storming the field after West Ham scored the go-ahead goal early in extra time, forcing the match to be delayed for several minutes and riot squads to escort the visiting Millwall players off the field for their own safety.

I’m guessing this isn’t exactly what ESPN was hoping for when they paid for the partial rights to cover EPL games this season. Although I’d like to see the “ESPN Axis” technology be used to highlight some hooligan taking a dart to the eye - let’s see Tommy Smyth put that one in the old onion bag. (Also, it should be noted that the Carling Cup is about as important as winning the Cactus League title - I shudder to think what things will be like by the end of the season.)

Floyd Landis

Speaking of awful people, we have a Floyd Landis sighting. Even though he’s was stripped of his Tour de France title for doping offenses, he’s got at least one cycling team who would consider hiring him. And of course it’s with Lance Armstrong’s new team. Really, were you expecting anything else? Armstrong had been out of the headlines for a whole three or four weeks, and we can’t have that. P.S.: Have fun with that sponsorship, Radio Shack.

Sen. Ted Kennedy will be remembered for…

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Erin Andrews Won’t Fawn Over UF While Working

• Chill out, ‘Canes fans - Gator alum Erin Andrews knows better than to fawn over Florida while she’s working for the Worldwide Leader.

Erin Andrews fullbody

• It’s bad enough LeBron James wore a Yankees cap at an Indians playoff game last season, but to go to a Browns game and pal around with the Cowboys instead?

Rudy Giuliani’s kid can throw all the apples he wants, he’s still not getting back on the Duke golf team.

• Maybe NASCAR Craftsman Truck racer Roy Hornaday mistook HGH for Preparation H. After all, he does do an awful lot of sitting.

• If Lance Armstrong can return to the Tour de France, why not Floyd Landis?

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Like Lance, Landis Eyes Return To Tour de France

When Lance Armstrong finally retired from bicycling after winning his seventh straight Tour de France in 2005, it opened the door for his former teammate and fellow American Floyd Landis. Landis went on to win the 2006 Tour de France, but shortly afterward it was discovered that Floyd had been taking testosterone to boost his performance.

Floyd Landis

Landis denied the charges repeatedly, but to no avail, so he quickly left the sport and hasn’t been heard of since. Well, he’s about to be heard from again. Apparently following in Lance’s footsteps pedals is what Floyd was born to do, because after hearing the news that Armstrong plans to return in 2009, Landis has some comeback ideas of his own.

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