No Maxim Photo Shoot For Packers Bikini Girls?

MAXIM has photos of the Packers Bikini Girls today on its website. Sorry, there’s nothing new or all that exciting. Apparently the mag bought a few snaps of the girls from the game. Here’s one of the shots:

Packers Bikini Girls

(no, no, at 3am on a Tuesday)

We’re guessing after getting a closeup gander at the gals, the mag passed on a full-blown shoot. Unlike the marginally more attractive F*** Da Eagles Girl.

It is kinda sad though. The girls get all this publicity and the best they could do was a few hundee from Maxim and no appearance in the actual magazine. Maybe Playboy will come forward and make things a little more interesting. On second thought, perhaps that isn’t such a good idea.

Lambeau Bikini Girls: Maxim Mag Sends Out APB

Last night these young ladies appeared in sub-zero temperatures at Lambeau Field during the Giants-Packers Fox Telecast (Joe Buck hasn’t been that excited at Lambeau since Randy Moss bared his behind):

Lambeau Field Bikini Girls Packers Maxim

(No, Yes, Yes)

MAXIM magazine has already sent out an APB for trio. Funny, the mag didn’t do the same for these lovelies:

Packers Fans Wearing Cheese Bras

Maxim has done this before with nubile NFL fans, witness the notorious blonde bombshell/New Orleans Saints’ fan: F*** Da Eagles Girl.

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Jenn Sterger Nude Photos For Playboy Parlays Into Sports Illustrated Column

NO SHAME FOR FOOTBALL GAME GIRLS: MAXIM strikes again as it lenses another random female football fan - this time the Saints fan who wore the “F— Da Eagles” shirt that was initially seen on FOX-TV’s broadcast of the Eagles-Saints playoff game - and legend-ized by YouTube.

F Da Eagles Heather

In related news, by now you’ve forgotten about Jenn if the price is right!” Sterger, the siliconed sorority sister spotted online wearing next-to-nothing at FSU Seminoles games. Maxim also snapped Sterger, before she graduated to getting nekkid for PLAYBOY.

Not surprisingly, the panhandle party girl parlayed her assets into a serious journalism assignment with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Makes sense since SI is expert at using nude women to boost circulation/traffic.

Jenn Sterger Nude Playboy Photos

(No wonder Rick is smiling)

Now the future female porn purveyor is shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Rick Reilly and Frank Deford, writing a regular column about … um … I haven’t gone so far as to read anything that’s been written for her, but if/when I do, I’ll let you know.

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