Photo: Arizona College GameDay Duck Hunt Sign

Tremendous effort from Arizona at ESPN’s College GameDay in Tucson today:

GameDay Duck Hunt Sign From Arizona


Yes, there’s still hope for your large-format, ink-dot printer.

Lee Corso Always Keeps Things Light And Lively

From today’s show in Provo:

Lee Corso on GameDay They Shot Their Wad

(Surest sign Lee Corso has made a full recovery)

Video after the jump. Read more…

Herbstreit’s View Inside College GameDay Truck

For those of you who wonder how the ESPN College Gameday crew tracks all those games on the road, here’s a shot inside the ESPN College GameDay truck today.

View Inside ESPN College Gameday Truck

(After the jump, pic of Trojans walk-thru at South Bend hotel this morning)

Gameday observations today: Corso looks good, hanging in there. He’s doing a lot better than I think people give him credit for. Not quite as razor sharp, but I don’t think there’s much of a dropoff. I wonder though if ESPN will ease him out after this season. Read more…

Lee Corso Stroke: Is It Affecting GameDay Show?

Michael David Smith today @ AOL Fanhouse: Lee Corso suffered a stroke in May, and on Saturday’s College GameDay, it was obvious from hearing him speak that he hasn’t completely recovered from it. But I admire him for staying on the air, and I admire ESPN for allowing him to stay on the air.”

Lee Corso on GameDay set picks LSU while Kirk Herbstreit gives Gator chomp

(Corso picks LSU today on GameDay while Herbstreit gives Gator chomp)

I actually think there hasn’t been much dropoff in Corso’s performance to this point. And I never thought I’d say this: I miss him on afternoon and evening drop-ins. He, for me, crossed-over into a living room personality long ago - type of guy you don’t realize you miss until he’s gone. A little like Leno. Read more…

Husker Fan Gives Up Rose Bowl For Meal w/Corso

Which would you rather do - go on an all-expenses paid trip to the Rose Bowl, or host a barbecue with Lee Corso and pals? Well, if you’re Nelva Deeke of Hubbell, Nebraska, you get grilling with the Gameday crew.

Lee Corso eating at Hooters

(Lee had his own suggestions on where to eat)

The SCOTTSBLUFF STAR-HERALD cooks up the story of Deeke’s decision to turn down a free fight to Pasadena just so she could share some corn on the cob with Chris Folwer and some cole slaw with Kirk Herbstreit.

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