ND Irish Hesitant On Offering Hawaiian Hospitality

• Looking to get lei’d? Then don’t go to Saturday’s Notre Dame game.

Notre Dame leprechaun Hawaiian lei girls

• Could Bill Cowher be convinced to coach the Cleveland Browns?

Bud Selig is tweaking postseason play, weather you like it or not.

Eric Musselman may not know if Bill Walsh is still alive, but the ex-NBA coach knows he’s got it good with sideline-reporting Fox Danyelle Sargent.

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Danyelle Sargent’s Ex-NBA Head Coach Boyfriend

Yeah, none of us would probably know who Danyelle Sargent is if she hadn’t been on the receiving end of Mike Francesa’s gleeful cheap shot a few weeks back. I haven’t confirmed that she’s been officially pulled of NFL sideline duty, if you know something, shoot me an email and I’ll update the post.

Danyelle Sargent Kendra Wilkinson

(”Psst, Danyelle, Hef’s not dead yet”)

Anyway, she’s apparently got some very cute friends. And she also happens to be in a relationship with a former NBA head coach. More pics and coach’s identity after the jump. Read more…

Blog Jam: Ex-NBAer McKie Unwelcome in Town?

• DEADSPIN discovers the welcome wagon derailed, as someone doesn’t want ex-NBAer Aaron McKie moving into their posh Pennsylvania town.

Aaron McKie keep out sign

Jorge Sedano of 790 THE TICKET believes Brett Favre’s retirement ruckus has all been just a big scam on the QB’s part.

• 100& INJURY RATE thinks it’s fabulous how newest Dallas Star Sean Avery responds to allegations that he’s gay - by telling a female fashion photographer that he’s “going home to jerk off to you now.”

Baron Davis is glad to be “bizzack” in L.A., but will still miss the Bay.

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