McNabb Benched During 36-7 Loss To Baltimore

It’s hard to say which half of football was more craptastic for Donovan McNabb today. In the first half, McNabb was abused by the Ravens defense, pressured into an 8-18 performance that included two picks and a fumble. But at least, you know, he was playing.

McNabb pouts

Not so in the second half, after head coach Andy Reid benched the longtime Eagles starter in favor of University of Houston product Kevin Kolb. Kolb brilliantly led the Eagles to score after score… oh wait, that didn’t happen at all.

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You Can Party With Terrell Suggs This Weekend

Attention, citizens of Baltimore. Tired of living in Baltimore? Sure you are. The city is a dull, dingy mess, ripe for the portrayal The Wire gave it (the show wouldn’t have made much sense in, say, Topeka). Why, I’ll bet you haven’t been to any good parties lately. And Terrell Suggs wants to change that.

white tigers

(No, he will seriously have white tigers there. No word on if they’ll be mauling Siegfried or Roy.)

Courtesy of the inimitable YOU BEEN BLINDED, we have Terrell Suggs’ video invitation to “the livest party of the year.” Seriously. That one kegger back in October where the guy set off the firecracker in the toilet was nowhere near as live. That invitation and the details are after the break.

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Ravens Safety Reed Has Career-Threatening Injury

The Baltimore Ravens defense has become a shell of its former fearsome self. Rod Woodson has retired, Adalius Thomas has moved onto choking with the rest of the Patriots, and Ray Lewis is rapidly aging. And it only gets worse today as news comes out that their hard-hitting safety Ed Reed might have a career-threatening injury.

Ed Reed

Reed, already expected to miss the first few weeks of the year because of nerve damage to his shoulder, told reporters on Friday that if he has to undergo surgery for the injury, his career might be done. Over. Kaput.

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Sloppy Drunk Dana Jacobson @ M&M ESPN Roast

UPDATE: Amateur Video from Mike & Mike Roast featuring Ditka d*ck joke fun!

UPDATE: Jacobson’s apology to the Catholic League.

UPDATE: Jacobson suspended by ESPN for a week.

UPDATE: Jacobson complains about off-air treatment by network.

Dana Jacobson drinking vodka at Mike & Mike Roast


We seemed to have missed all the fun at the Mike & Mike Celebrity Roast Friday night. Or maybe we didn’t miss that much.

Mike Greenberg Mike Golic with snake

AWFUL ANNOUNCING tips us off to Scott Cronick of the PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY, who chronicled the tribute to the Worldwide Leader’s own radio hams, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.

Cronick sums up the evening’s escapades by concluding, “The problem with this roast, unlike a Comedy Central or Friar’s Club roast, was that there weren’t enough comedians. Instead, the stage was mostly filled with athletes and ESPN personalities. Not comedians. And it showed.”

Some of the “highlights”:

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