Picture Of Trump’s Note Scolding UM President

The University of Miami confirmed this morning that a note scratched out on a newspaper in which Donald Trump recently scolded UM President Donna Shalala for not hiring Mike Leach as the school’s football coach in 2007 is authentic.

Trump newspaper note to Shalala

(Credit: Bruce Feldman)

The note from Trump reads:

You made a big mistake when you did not take my advice and hire Mike Leach of Texas Tech … and you can now get him for the right price

Before Miami hired now-fired Randy Shannon in 2007, Trump sent a letter of recommendation on Leach’s behalf to Shalala.

The PALM BEACH POST reported on it at the time:

“In a letter sent this week to UM President Donna Shalala, Trump refers to Texas Tech’s upset victory of No. 3 Oklahoma on Saturday and reminds Shalala that he strongly recommended that (Mike) Leach be given the Hurricanes’ job.”

Trump wrote in the letter, “You are my friend, but you should have listened to me. If you did, your team would be fighting for the National Championship.”

Shalala’s response: “I got the letter and I laughed.”

Leach was eventually granted an interview for the job at that time but was passed over. Shalala, along with Miami Athletic Director Paul Dee instead went with Shannon. Current school AD Kirby Hocutt is heading up the search for a coach this time around, with input from Shalala.

The PALM BEACH POST reported today that Leach, who was fired by Texas Tech in 2009, is once again interested in the job.

“It’s a great job and I think it would be a great fit,” Leach said. “We’d have an exciting brand of football. We’ll fill the seats and we’ll win games and we’ll win ACC championships.”

In the past 24 hours, it has been widely reported that Jon Gruden has met with Hocutt about taking the job.

A talent agency source with knowledge of the Miami search and Gruden’s situation told me today that Gruden will likely not take the Miami job, though his next job will be as a college - not NFL - coach. Read more…

Scots: Tyranny Goes From Crown To Wraparound

Like you, I’m delighted the Scots recently made Donald Trump’s acquaintance and entrusted a huge chunk of priceless North Atlantic coastline to his latest golf development.

(We’ll play through. Cheers.)

Actually, “entrusted” might not be entirely accurate. From the BBC:

Efforts are still being made by the Trump Organisation to buy a handful of properties on the site, but the owners have been refusing to sell.

A council committee originally rejected the proposal for the development.

The proposal was later called in by the Scottish government, and approved.

Oh, and the half-acre owned by a local that Trump really needs so he can steamroll “1500 total housing units” onto soon-to-be-formerly pristine land?

Councillors have granted Donald Trump special permission to bid exclusively for a key piece of land to complete his billion pound Aberdeenshire golf resort.

On Tuesday councillors voted to afford the business tycoon “special purchaser” status which means he alone will be allowed to apply to purchase the ground.

Several rival bids had been made for the land - currently owned by Aberdeenshire Council and landlocked by Mr Trump’s Menie Estate.

Don’t forget that Trump will contribute to the local economy even more by providing much-needed employment to Scotland’s devastated age 12-and-under demographic. Read more…

SbB@3: More Denise Austin, Less Balloon Boy!

What You Won't Watch logo

This week on a very special What You Won’t Watch, Fitness dominatrix Denise Austin — who has become a regular here — convinces you to stretch in ways you never thought possible. Also, horribly putrid college football, constructing a Donald Trump combover, and “CBS Early Show” hosts annoy the nine-year-old kid who made that amazing hockey goal. Read more…

Speed Read: Will H1N1 Affect NCAA FB Season?

Yesterday, Adam J mentioned that Vegas is bracing for the effect swine flu could have on college football betting lines this year, with casinos planning to hold out on releasing lines for as long as possible to make sure teams aren’t affected. Adam also rightly points out that a swine flu outbreak in and of itself isn’t any different than a bout with food poisoning or any other bug that might be going around on a team. But those types of ailments are usually few and far between. The difference with the swine flu is that it’s not really a matter of “if” it’s going to happen to your team, but “when.” And that should be unsettling to any fan whose team is a national title contender this year.

Swine flu

(Anyone picking Arkansas in the SEC West this year?)

TCU is the latest team to be struck by the virus, with at least five players reporting symptoms a little more than a week in advance of the new season. And, although it isn’t yet confirmed, it’s suspected that members of Alabama’s team have come down with it as well.

In an odd way, you might say that these two teams are among those with an advantage over their competition this year. Teams that get it out of the way now aren’t going to have to deal with it later in the season, when the stakes are higher and tired, weary bodies may react more negatively to the virus itself.  With the amount of, um, interpersonal contact involved in a college football game, it seems likely that H1N1 will make the rounds throughout the sport this year. And a poorly-timed outbreak could leave a team significantly weakened on a game day.

Swine flu girl

(Good luck getting girls to make out with you at parties this year, college dudes)

Plus, schools and the NCAA I assume will have to work together to come up with some sort of protocol for using players who are suspected or confirmed to have the virus. If they feel up to it, will they be allowed to play, knowing that they could spread it to their teammates and opponents?

Let’s put it this way: Troy travels to Gainesville to play Florida a week before the Gators host Tennessee. What if half of Troy’s team comes down with the virus (that isn’t so far-fetched: see Duke) in the days before that game. Do the Gators want anything to do with that team, knowing that they have Lane Kiffin coming to town the following week? Would non-infected teams have grounds for refusing to play an infected team? (I understand that’s unlikely, but it’s at least a thought, right?)

Tim Tebow Heisman baby pose

(It’s all fun and games now, Tebow, until those Crocs and that baby give you debilitating diarrhea)

I’m not trying to overstate the effects of H1N1. I understand that in most healthy people, like college athletes, the symptoms are relatively mild. But if 50 or more guys on a football team are going through it at roughly the same time, there will certainly be a difference in how they play on game day. In college football, one bad week can ruin a national title run. You figure that some highly-ranked team is going to get unlucky enough to have this get to them at precisely the wrong time.

Which team would you most like to see get swine flu right before their biggest game of the year?

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Man, has it been a good couple of weeks to be covering college sports in Kentucky. Even the guy who doesn’t even coach there anymore is getting in on the act. Of course, I’m talking about Billy Gillispie’s DUI, which we did mention yesterday.

Billy Gillispie

But I revisit it today because of the hilarity contained in the police report about the incident (of course, other than the fact that DUIs aren’t particularly hilarious). Quoted text courtesy of the LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL and LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER:

The officers asked Gillispie for his proof of insurance, and he said it was in his golf bag in the trunk.

Well, sure. I mean, who doesn’t keep their car insurance card in their golf bag?

“During the exit, he used the door for balance and was confused on how to open the trunk”

He’s driving a Mercedes, so there’s like a 100% chance that opening the trunk involves pushing the button on the car key that looks like a trunk.

“I asked Billy if he had had anything to drink tonight. He stated no he had been golfing all day.”

He was arrested at 2:47 a.m. Now, unless he has some of those special golf balls that light up, he had most certainly been done golfing for, oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of seven hours. Not only is that enough time to get hammered, but he could’ve slept with some random lady at a restaurant and paid for her abortion and still had an hour left over.

The report said Gillispie, who was driving, had red eyes, slurred speech and a “strong fruity smell coming from his person (possibly wine).”

What, Billy couldn’t have been slamming appletinis?

Billy Gillispie

(”I’m more of a Midori sour guy”)

Michael Vick made his preseason debut last night. Here’s a story about it. If you want to know anything more about it, just tune into the 24/7 coverage on ESPN today. Hey, at least they stopped talking about Favre for a day.

• Speaking of Brett Favre, instead of the inevitable “retirement” press conference that’s coming at the end of the season, ESPN should just air this clip of Pat Cashman from the late, great sketch comedy show “Almost Live”:

• Yes, there is a Hall of Fame that believes Chuck Finley and Brian Downing are worthy of induction.

• God is about to fire Donald Trump’s golf course near L.A.

• Red Sox shortstop Nick Green pitched two scoreless innings in last night’s 9-5 loss to the White Sox. Still looking for a closer, Phillies?

• Italian national soccer coach Marcello Lippi says he won’t choose any gay players for his World Cup squad. Aside from this being an asinine thing to say, how would he know? How’s he going decide which of these guys is gay?

Italian soccer players

• Ahhhhh! Let’s get this back on track. Save us, Anna Rawson!

Anna Rawson

• Arizona is going to be devastated if the pro sports team that’s threatening to leave actually goes through with it. We’re talking about the Cubs, of course.

• I don’t normally agree with CBS SPORTS’ Gregg Doyel, but he makes some good points about the whole Caster Semanya story, like this one (in context, the “ugly” comment makes sense):

If there were questions about Semenya’s gender, they should have been asked and answered before she raced. If she was female enough to enter the race, she should be female enough to win it. She didn’t get any less feminine in the 1:55.45 it took her to win. Her gender never would have been questioned had she finished seventh, because she wasn’t too ugly to enter the race. She was just too ugly to win it. 

Dan Duquette used to run the Red Sox. Now, the military-themed semi-pro baseball team he owns in Nashua, NH, has been locked out of their own stadium because they owe about $45,000 in back rent and other services.

• Former NHL coach Jacques Demers, who was illiterate for most of his adult life, has been appointed to the Canadian Senate. He’ll be traveling the country hosting town hall meetings about tuque reform.

• The WIZ OF ODDS says 51% of the games involving Division 1-A (or FBS, whatever) teams in week 1 of the college football season also involve a 1-AA team, the highest such percentage ever.

QB-Sneaking Back Into Your Heart, It’s The USFL!

Just when you thought that your memories of the Denver Gold and the Pittsburgh Maulers must be resulting from some Tijuana-induced drug flashback, the news hit: The USFL is back! But unlike the UFL, with its fancy “press conferences” and “letting people know they exist,” the USFL just kind of quietly put up a web site, and if you happen to stumble upon it, great. Welcome aboard!

Steve Young

(Steve Young, during his glory days with the L.A. Express)

I didn’t hear of this until Tom Hoffarth of the LA DAILY NEWS reported it in his blog — odd, since Los Angeles doesn’t seem to have a team in this new USFL World Order — and linked to their new web site. According to Hoffarth, Tom Ramsey, the former UCLA and Los Angeles Express quarterback, is among a San Diego-based group running the new league. Read more…

Terrell Owens’ New Reality TV Show Quite Terrible

• The critics all seem to agree: “The T.O. Show” stinks worse than B.O.

Terrell Owens abs

(All right, we get it, Terrell - you’re proud of your abs. Or wardrobe couldn’t afford any shirts)

• The Tahoe tourney attendee who amused Michael Jordan with a giant inflatable penis tells her side of the story - and sends us a new photo!

• Meanwhile, a Tahoe hotel employee accuses Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault - but is she the type to really be believed?

• Does Ozzie Guillen hate white players? That would be ironic, since he manages the White Sox.

• After being acquitted of rape charges, ex-NFL kicker Tony Zendejas sues the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department for $2 million.

Read more…

Dude, Where’s My Cart? Trump P.O.’d Over Theft

Only four hours into the first day of the Trump National Golf Club-Bedminster junior tournament, the unthinkable happened. Someone boosted The Donald’s precious No. 13 golf cart. Gone in 60 seconds. But who was the thief? (My money’s on Herschel Walker).

Donald Trump

(”OK, I’ll just hop in my golf cart and be right th … hey!”)

OK, rest easy, America; Trump’s golf cart has been returned. And aside from three missing rims and the words “honky lips” scrawled on the side, it’s in pretty fine shape. But the same cannot be said for its owner, sadly. Trump is steaming mad over this bald effrontery. Be assured, heads will roll. Read more…

Dennis Rodman Chooses TV Reunion Over Rehab

I haven’t watched a single episode of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice”, and I’m okay with that. I’m fully aware that if I don’t watch the episode I’ll never learn what it takes to be really successful in business or how to have an awesome combover, but it’s a risk I’m just willing to take.

Of course I don’t have to watch the show to know that Dennis Rodman was recently fired by Donald Trump. Personally, it’s a shock to find out that someone as stable as The Worm doesn’t have what it takes to impress Trump, but hey, it’s not the first bad decision the man has made. Still, even though it was probably pretty disappointing for Rodman to get the axe, his wife and other close friends were thrilled. Now that he’s off the show, they could finally stage that intervention to get Dennis to go to rehab. Too bad he’s refused to go because it might interfere with his chance to attend the reunion show taping.

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Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Met Through MySpace

• How did porn star Jenna Jameson & MMA fighter Tito Ortiz first meet? It was through the modern miracle of MySpace!

Tito Ortiz Jenna Jameson

• The Nuggets sting the Hornets with a record-tying playoff blowout.

Bob Knight would appreciate it if the Dutch media wouldn’t f***ing ask him about the f***ing chair-throwing incident.

• Could you stand yet another day of the NFL Draft - in primetime, even?

Al Roker & Donald Trump have thrown some of the most fabulously futile first pitches at Fenway.

Read more…

Baseball’s Best Baby Arms On Display In Boston

Up to this point, I’ve only be made aware of Baby Arms being found in Dallas.

Al Ro

But today I’m excited (and a little overwhelmed) to report that thanks to THE MAX, it appears we have clear, irrefutable evidence that two new baby arms were recently discovered in Boston.

No truth to the rumor that the Yankees have already offered Melky Cabrera and a dozen sample burst packs of Derek Jeter’s signature cologne for the pair of rare talents.