Secretariat Lookalikes Line Up For Stardom, Hay

Forget that Michael Jackson movie; what I want to know is who is going to play Secretariat in the upcoming Walt Disney film on the horse’s life. They need five lookalikes to play the title role, and they have four; with the fifth lucky leading man to be chosen from a group of unknowns at The Secretariat Festival at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds on Saturday.


Yes, it’s a Hollywood cattle call for horses. A Secretariat lookalike contest between 20 hopeful horses will determine the winner, and it’s my opinion that they could have very easily made this into a reality series where the winner also gets to marry Flavor Flav.

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Lopez Plays In NBA, Sleeps With Stuffed Animals

For more than a year the world has known of the awkward splendor embodied in the two rather large bodies of the Lopez twins, NBA rookies Brook and Robin. While both are still trying to prove they’re not the latest incarnations of Frederic Weis, they’re rapidly ascending the pantheon of goofy professional athletes.

Robin Lopez sleeps with stuffed animal

So far Brook has kept a relatively low profile in New Jersey, averaging 10 points and seven rebounds per game in relative anonymity, but Robin has been showing flashes of his quirky personality on the Suns sideline, where he has to compete with both Shaquille O’Neal and Steve Nash for comedy minutes, even if he lags far behind the starters in time on the court.

Well, maybe Robin should be getting more face time, as new photos from THE SPORTS CULTURE confirm just how odd a duck he is. Not only does he sleep with a stuffed Minnie Mouse on the team bus, as you can see above, but he’d also love to be a ninja. Read more…

Pop Warner Football Champion Ejected From Disneyworld After Fight

BALTO LITTLE LEAGUE TEAM POPPED AFTER WARNER WIN: The BALTIMORE SUN reports that the local kids are properly paying attention to college and pro football. A Baltimore-based Pop Warner team (12 to 15-year-olds) last week won their age-group national championship, defeating a team from Sarasota in the Finals in Florida.

Pop Warner Peewee Player Not Involved In Fight

But later after the game, a fight broke out between the Baltimore squad and a team from Hawaii, and the Baltos were ejected from their Disney resort accomodations.Needless to say, the Bengals have since dispatched a raft of scouts to B’More to open contract negotiations in earnest. Now if only Bobby Petrino’s Razorback charges can beat them to it.