Video: Biggest Ford Field Bust Since Matt Millen?

We may have evidence that Matt Millen’s inexplicably interminable tenure as Lions GM is now a distance memory in Detroit.

Huge Bust at Ford Field

(Welcome To Detroit. The Motorboat City)

How else to explain the reaction from Ford Field fans in the video below during the Vikings-Lions game last season?

Then again, I guess it makes sense.  With Millen gone, seeing huge boobs at Lions games has been confirmed as empirically less common. Read more…

Video: NFLer Plows Over Kids During Game Intro

Suffering from a groin injury throughout camp, Detroit Lions defensive back Louis Delmas was ecstatic to finally get a chance to play in a game last Saturday. If video from his introduction before that game at Ford Field is any indication, Delmas was a little too ecstatic.

Detroit Lion Louis Velmas plows through kids during game intro

(Kids Were Trucked By Michigan Plates: OHAND16)

Before the game Delmas accidently plowed through some kids who the team had stationed on the field to congratulate players as they entered the playing surface during introductions.

After the game, Delmas was asked about what everyone was wondering. (No, not how his groin felt.) Read more…

NFL Player Video: Tampon Shopping In His Helmet

Linebacker Zack Follett of the Detroit Lions recently posted a video clip of himself that takes us inside his preparation for the 2010 season:

Zack Follett Video Shopping For Tampons

As you would expect, Follett is seen shopping at the drugstore for tampons and Barbie bandaids while wearing his Lions helmet.

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KU Football, B-Ball Players Brawl In Campus Clash

• Rock Chalk Jayh…POW! Fights break out between football and basketball players for the University of Kansas - and some claim that a couple of n-bombs were dropped.

Jayhawks Milling About Smartly

• An Iowa inmate gets let out of jail for the day so he can go see the Red Sox play the Royals in person.

• Two Costa Rican paparazzi are suing Tom Brady for being shot at during his wedding to Gisele. Brady’s reaction? “I go no reaction to that one.”

• Flummoxed by your fantasy football failings? ESPN is offering to help the old-fashioned way - with a toll-free phone number.

• When it comes to NCAA sanctions, the BCS schools often get lighter sentences than their non-BCS brethren.

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Speed Read: Lions Fans As Horrid As Their Team

“She gets mad/Starts to cry/She takes a swing but/She can’t hit/She don’t mean no harm/She just don’t know/What else to do about it” - “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction

Most people assume that Jane’s Addiction’s seminal alt-rock ballad “Jane Says” is about their hometown of Los Angeles. It isn’t. It’s actually about Detroit, where lead singer Perry Farrell lived for some time.

Detroit Lions fan arrest

It’s not actually about the Detroit Lions or their female fans, but the lyrics seem incredibly appropriate when watching this video from Sunday of a pair of loaded Lions fans making total asses of themselves after pouring beer on the head of a fan before getting hauled off by police to what was probably the biggest applause of the day:

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Dating Advice With Chris Myers And Fox Sports

It’s always amusing when a buttoned-down sports personality decides for whatever reason to throw caution to the wind and blurt out something inappropriate before millions of television viewers. We won’t exactly call this an Artie Lange moment, but FOX’s Chris Myers amused us all on Sunday by managing to insult the Lions, Whoopi Goldberg and Julian Peterson Larry Foote all in one glorious sentence.

Chris Myers and friends

The video is below so you can hear for yourself, but suffice it to say that there was no real reason for Myers to compare playing for the Lions to dating the star of “Sister Act.” And that’s exactly what he did early in the first quarter of the Lions-Saints game. Here’s the quote:

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Week In Review: Erin A. To Huddle Up With Oprah

Erin Andrews wants to put that whole terrible peephole incident behind her - that’s why she’s going on Oprah.

• What better way to get pumped up for the college football season than with our first look at the USC Song Girls.

Tony Romo’s back with another blonde bombshell, as the Cowboys QB is supposedly smitten with Dallas sports TV reporter Candice Crawford.

• Why should you watch coverage of Kansas vs. Northern Colorado on Saturday? Because Samantha Steele will be working the sidelines.

• Want to tell the Chicago Bears coaching staff that you’d love to make the final roster but don’t know how? Say it with flowers.

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Samantha Steele To Make KU Cakewalk Delicious

• Is there really any reason to watch the Fox College Sports broadcast of Kansas vs. Northern Colorado? Yes - and that reason is Samantha Steele.

Samantha Steele

• It’s bad enough Brett Favre can never decide when to end his career, but does he have to try to end other players’ careers with cheap blocks?

Pacman Jones could be taking off for the Great White North. Winnipeg strip clubs already prepared to “Make it snow!” (It’s too cold for rain.)

• Why did Rich Rodriguez tear up during his recent press conference? Maybe because he’s being sued in a real estate deal gone wrong.

• Golf in England deserves a two-stroke penalty for banning beautiful caddy babes from the courses.

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Vicious Carpet Injuries Leave Lions With One QB

The Detroit Lions are doing their damndest to put last year’s 0-16 abortion of a season behind them, and who can blame them? They fired their coach and GM, redesigned their logo, drafted a franchise QB - in short, they’re trying to leave their culture of losing behind (kinda hard in a city like Detroit, but whatever). So, let’s check in and see how the new-look, facelifted Lions are doing. Unrecognizable from last year? Er…well…

(Daunte Culpepper, seen here being attacked by a mean Berber rug)

We’ll say one thing: QB (and bikini babe magnet) Matt Stafford sure is getting a heck of a lot of snaps in practice. That’s going to help his development down the road. So good on them. But, uh, where are the other QBs? No, really…WHERE DID THEY GO?!

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Rivers Gets New Deal; NFL Rookies Still Overpaid

As we mentioned this morning, Philip Rivers just got a monster new contract to remain the Chargers’ kinda-douchey quarterback. The important particulars: 6 years, $93 million. Well, check that - there’s no way he earns all $93 million.

Philip Rivers Sad Face
(”No sir, I don’t like it.”)

That’s because he’s only guaranteed $38 million, and that figure’s likely a lot closer to the amount Rivers will actually get out of the contract than $93 million. Hey, it’s the nature of the game. Guys get released - or their contracts “restructured” - all the time. And Rivers was paid something approximating a fair market price, considering Eli Manning just got $107 million. But there’s one aspect of this that’s still troubling.

That’s the fact that Rivers, for the boatload of money he did receive, only got as much guaranteed money as if he’d been drafted 4th in 2009 instead of 2004.

Allow us to explain.

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