14 Girls? So Is Derek Jeter Sex Addict Like Tiger?

In a few minutes, I easily compiled a list of 14 media-reported Derek Jeter hookups since 2000.

Vida Guerra

(Jeter addicted to sex? No. Crack? Apparently.)

1997-00: Mariah Carey
2000: Miss Universe, Lara Dutta
2001: Joy Enriquez
2002: Jordana Brewster
2003: hostess from the famed strip club Scores
2003: Miss Teen USA, Vanessa Minnillo
2004: Jessica Alba
2005: Scarlett Johansson
2005: Vida Guerra
2006: Adriana Lima
2006: Jessica Biel
2007: Gabrielle Union
2008-09: Minka Kelly
2009: 22-year-old college girl

Tiger Woods has had around the same number of reported mistresses, yet the media reports him as a sex addict while ESPN winks at Jeter’s playboy lifestyle.

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Confirmed: Derek Jeter Not Marrying Minka Kelly

Today a source confirmed to me that Derek Jeter has no immediate plans to marry Minka Kelly, nor is the couple engaged. The NEW YORK POST reported on Jan. 10 that the couple would marry at Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y., in November.

Sharlee Jeter Photos Derek Jeter's Sister Is Marrying Skyzoo

(Jeter’s 30-year-old sister Sharlee is marrying rapper Skyzoo)

I’ve learned that Jeter’s 30-year-old sister Sharlee will be married to 28-year-old Gregory Skyler Taylor on November 5. The reception will be held at Oheka Castle. Taylor is better known to rap fans as “Skyzoo.”

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Uchitel: “F—ing Hooker” Lied About Tiger Affair

Rachel Uchitel (photos) gave a long first-person denial to the NEW YORK POST this morning. Most of her wrath was reserved for the two female sources of the story, though she did not name them. Using “f—ing hooker” and “trainwreck” to describe them, and claiming another did drugs, she said the sources overheard her booking a bachelor party that Tiger Woods would be attending on the phone.

Rachel Uchitel And Ashley Samson Seen Together - Uchitel said they never met

(’Recluse’ Uchitel with Ashley Samson, source she claimed she never met)

From that “four-hour” phone conversation, Uchitel said the sources somehow connected her to a relationship with Woods to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

I got a random phone call from somebody who needed to set up a bachelor party in Vegas. He said, ‘Tiger Woods was going to be with us, can you set us up?’ I said sure.

 … “[One of the sources] is just looking for a payday because she is a f- - -ing hooker and wants money. She just got a little smart for once and put some things together she could use for a story.

She also (superficially) addressed her checking into Woods’ hotel in Melbourne and her past alleged relationship with David Boreanaz of Fox-TV’s Bones.

Do you believe everything Rachel Uchitel said in her denial?

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Mag: Alleged Tiger Mistress ‘Dated’ Jeter, ARod

As Tiger Woods‘ alleged mistress plots her next move with Gloria Allred here in Los Angeles today, US Magazine has a revelation about other men Uchitel has allegedly dated.

Rachel Uchitel Allegedly Dated Derek Jeter And Alex Rodriguez

Her mother has told friends her daughter has dated New York Yankee players Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

More information continues to bleed out about Uchitel from past associates, along with tales of Woods’ alleged sordid lifestyle. Read more…

Pitchman Wants ‘Jeter Wall’ For His Own Mansion

You might recall the story about Tiger Woods‘ garish new digs earlier this week, or this summer’s pictures of Derek Jeter’s 31,000 sq. ft. supermansion going up. Hey, if you’re worth nine digits, you live like it, pal. To nobody’s surprise, both those men are going to have extra security around their homes to keep out the prying eyes of superfans who are unhinged from reality, like Ed Werder or Rachel Nichols. Sorry, but that whole Favre thing was weird, you two.

Derek Jeter Anthony Sullivan

One of Jeter’s neighbors on the Davis Islands is Anthony Sullivan, who you might remember if you watch way, way too much bad television. He’s basically taking over Billy Mays‘ job. He wants the same exact six-foot-high fence around his property that Jeter has, and neighbors aren’t terribly impressed; Anthony Sullivan’s famous, but he’s no Jeter (better defensive range, for one).

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Yankees, Blue Jays Trade Punches In Basebrawl

• The Bronx Bombers blow up in a Tuesday night fight with the Blue Jays.

Yankees Blue Jays brawl

• And if Derek Jeter’s gonna brawl, he’s gonna need a mighty moustache.

• Seems that Wisconsin civic leaders have a problem with 12-year-old albino boys playing football with a tinted helmet visor.

• A Walter Payton statue in front of Soldier Field: A tribute to a Chicago Bears legend, or an insult to America’s veterans?

• ESPN will truly offer a college basketball marathon, as Monmouth & St. Peter’s agree to tip off at 6 a.m. Eastern.

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Derek Jeter Officially Needs To Grow A Moustache

Being that some callers on New York sports radio are wondering why Derek Jeter wasn’t more involved in last night’s fight with the Blue Jays - he being the captain and all - we think the answer’s obvious. He’s not a fighting type; just look at him. Want to know how you could tell if Derek Jeter were a bench-clearing brawler?

Derek Jeter moustache

(Awww, yeah.)

As you can probably guess, that’s Mattingly’s ’stache. But Jeet, for real - make this happen.

It’s A Kate Hudson-Minka Kelly Yankees Catfight!

Are you serious, Minka Kelly? You’re going to get into a tussle with the crazy chick who starred in “Bride Wars”? Apparently there’s some sort of rift brewing between Alex Rodriguez’s celebrity starlet girlfriend, Kate Hudson, and Derek Jeter’s celebrity starlet girlfriend, the aforementioned Miss Kelly. Yankee wives are choosing sides, Page Six is snooping around … New York will be out of first place within the month!

Minka Kelly Kate Hudson

It’s hard to know who to root against here. Hudson starred in “You, Me and Dupree” (minus 12 points), “Almost Famous” (plus 15 points) and “Fool’s Gold” (minus 1,000 points). Kelly has been in “Devil’s Highway,” (minus 10 points), “Friday Night Lights” (plus 15 points) and an episode of the Nickelodeon TV series “Drake & Josh” (minus 45,000 points). Knowing these facts makes me too ashamed to even do the math.

(More photos of the feuding females after the jump.)

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Brooks Inside Derek Jeter’s Suite At Yankee Game

Last time I was in New York, I scored seats to the last All-Star game played at the old Yankee Stadium. Can’t really top that, can ya?

Brooks W/Bill O'Reilly, Minka Kelly, Kirk Herbstreit, Roger Goodell In Derek Jeter's Yankee Stadium Stuite

(Lineup last night in Derek Jeter’s suite at Yankee Stadium)

Actually, I think I did on Thursday, watching the Yankees-Red Sox game in the new Yankee Stadium from Derek Jeter’s personal suite. (Yes, the one he dropped $850,000 on for a single season.)

Derek Jeter's Yankee Stadium Suite

(I want to thank the Good Lord for no hot-air hand dryer)

Early this week a friend invited me to the game, which gave a good excuse to get out of L.A. for a long weekend. That weekend has barely started, but I’ve already got the only thing I’ll remember from the trip.

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Sports Cereal: A Spoonful Of Weird In Every Bite

I’m on west coast time, so it’s only now time to sit down for breakfast. Let’s see, which will it be this morning? “Houston’s Triple Play” (fortified with eight different kinds of Fail), or “Derek Jeter’s” (real bits of Derek Jeter in every spoonful!)? Hey Dara, where’s the milk?

With the unsettling news that Terrell Owens has released his own brand of cereal recently (You’ll OD on Deliciousness!), we decided to look back at some other dubious breakfast choices for your kids. And hey, adults like them too! The big surprise is that all of these have been approved by the FDA. Read more…