Stunning Back-To-Back Deaths At Hockey Rink

The San Jose Sharks have the best record in the NHL right now, and they couldn’t say the same if they didn’t practice hard every day. Of course, they may want to think about taking the next few practices off because their practice rink seems to be cursed, and it’s killing off hockey players left and right.

Sharks Ice in San Jose

Sharks Ice is not only the home of the Sharks practice facilities, but it also hosts the largest adult hockey league in the United States with over 3,000 players. Well, actually it’s not at 3,000 anymore. It’s more like 2,998 after two players shuffled off this mortal coil while playing there on Sunday night.

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NHRA Driver Dies In Crash At New Jersey Race

Some sad news to pass on today in racing. Funny Car driver Scott Kalitta was killed in a crash at the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, according the the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER.

Scott Kalitta

Kalitta was driving at the NHRA Super Nationals when he lost control of his Toyota and it burst into flames. It’s not clear whether he died at the scene or not; a hospital spokesperson is only confirming that he was taken there until more details are given to family members first.

The event was being taped for ESPN, and police will review it to try and determine the cause of the accident.

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Wake Forest Bedevils Duke In Sunday Night Upset

Duke fell from the ranks of the ACC unbeaten Sunday night, as Wake Forest upset the #2 Blue Devils 86-73 in Winston-Salem.

Wake Forest Beats Duke

The Demon Deacons were helped by freshman phenoms Jeff Teague (26 pts) & James Johnson (24 pts), while the Dookies didn’t help themselves by committing 22 turnovers (a season high) and going 7 minutes in the 2nd half without a field goal - missing 11 consecutive shots during the drought. Read more…

Autopsy Details Revealed In Taylor Shooting Death

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reveals autopsy details from the shooting death of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor Washington Redskins

According to the autopsy report, the bullet that killed Taylor “ripped first through his right leg and then the left, and possibly came from a 9mm handgun.”

Besides the bullet wounds and “a small abrasion on Taylor’s right biceps,” no other injuries were found on his body. Toxicology tests also revealed that there were no drugs in Taylor’s system.

Further details are found after the jump.

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Georgia Frontiere, Owner of St. Louis Rams, Dies

Georgia Frontiere has traded the Gateway Arch for the gateway to the afterlife, as KMOV in St. Louis reports that the Rams owner has died.

Georgia Frontiere

The news follows earlier Friday reports from TMZ that the 80-year-owner was in “grave condition” at an L.A. hospital. KMOV states that the death may have been due to complications from breast cancer.

Frontiere, a former dancer & singer, inherited the team in 1979 after her husband Carroll Rosenbloom died under mysterious circumstances, and proceeded to kick his son Steven out of the organization, although he was tough to be taking control of the club.

In 1995, she decided to move the Rams from Anaheim to her hometown of St. Louis, who was willing to build her a new publicly-financed stadium. Though she may be missed by Missourians who got a Super Bowl trophy in 1999, L.A. fans left behind - and probably scorned Steve - say good riddance.

Everest Explorer Edmund Hillary Exhausts at 88

A famous mountaineer has passed away. And much to the chagrin of West Virginia fans, it’s not Rich Rodriguez.

Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the top of Mount Everest, died on Thursday at the age of 88.

The New Zealand explorer and his Sherpa guide Tenzig Norgay are best known for making their historic climb of the world’s tallest mountain in 1953. Since then, Hillary spent decades helping raise funds for schools & health care for the people of Nepal, where Everest is located. It’s sad to see such an adventurous & honorable man go.

SportsByBrooks Girl Hillary

Luckily, we still have our own Hillary to admire.

Evel Knievel Dies at 69

EVEL KNIEVEL MAKES ONE LAST JUMP INTO THE HEAVENS: Evel Knievel has made his last great jump into the afterlife, as the legendary daredevil passed away Friday at his Florida home:

Viva Knievel

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the 69-year-old Knievel had trouble breathing and died before an ambulance could reach him at his Clearwater condominium.Knievel was a staple of ’70s culture - bedecked in his red, white & blue cape & helmet, as he jumped over buses and Snake River Canyon to the amusement of millions.

But his health had deteriorated in recent years, as he suffered from diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis, and underwent a liver transplant in 1999.

Evel Knievel Kanye West

Just a couple days before, Knievel had settled a lawsuit with Kanye West over his image appearing in the rapper’s video for “Touch the Sky“.Evel also had his moments during appearances on the Jim Rome show. In May 2002, Rome asked Knievel why he did the 1974 Snake River Canyon jump, knowing he had a 50-50 chance to survive. Evel responded, “Do you know who the hell I am?

And in 2003, Knievel admitted that he owned a diamond- encrusted cane that doubled as a flask for Wild Turkey.

Wild Turkey Diamond Cane

We’ll drink to that!

Miami Police Pick Up Three Men For Questioning In Sean Taylor Fatal Shooting

SOMEONE BRAGGING ABOUT #21′S WEALTH LED TO CRIME? The MIAMI HERALD reports “Miami-Dade detectives have detained two teenagers and a man in his 20s in Lee County for questioning in the death of Washington Redskins football star Sean Taylor. Investigators believe the young men learned of Taylor’s house through someone who unwittingly set up the burglary by bragging about the football star’s wealth.

Sean Taylor And Daughter Jackie

The suspects include 17- and 19-year-olds and a 26-year-old. All hail from the Fort Myers area. Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents and at least two Miami-Dade homicide squads have been in Fort Myers and they picked up the young men Friday morning.“We wouldn’t want to be that “someone” right about now.

Sean Taylor Surviving Girlfriend Was Andy Garcia Niece

NOW IF ONLY HE COULD’VE SAVED US FROM GODFATHER III The MIAMI HERALD reports that the girlfriend of Sean Taylor, who survived the shooting that resulted in Taylor’s death, is the niece of actor Andy Garcia.

Andy Garcia

Jacqueline Garcia survived the attack on Taylor that left him dead. The couple’s daughter also made it through unscathed, and actor Garcia claims that Taylor was the reason: “His heroic action on that tragic night saved their life and is a testament to his humanity and courage.”We’re not denying that Taylor acted in the proper way to save his wife and daughter, but our question is, if Taylor had moved out of Miami, would any of this had happened?

Inventor Of Gatorade Robert Cade Dies At Age 80

MAN MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR ADD-ON TO MJ’S HOUSE DIES: The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Dr. Robert Cade, the University of Florida scientist who invented Gatorade, died today at the age of 80.


Cade’s $43 of drink supplies in 1965 hath now wrought a multi-billion dollar sports drink industry. We all know what Cade was up to in the beginning - supplying a drink that would effectively replace bodily fluids lost during a football game.But the AP has a few more tidbits:

• Cade on the first batch: “I guzzled it and I vomited.” Researcher Dana Shires: “It sort of tasted like toilet bowl cleaner.

• “It was first tested on freshmen because (Florida) Coach Ray Graves didn’t want to hurt the varsity team.

Florida Gators Fan

Cade didn’t only help the Gator football team with his research. He also studied hypertension and schizophrenia, presumably to aid and assist all those well-balanced UF football fans we adore.