WTF: Kiffin Pic With Wife Stokes Off-Field Rumors

UPDATE (2:58p ET): Per another incessant rumor, I recently contacted TMZ to ask if the website has reporters in Knoxville investigating Kiffin’s alleged alt-lifestyle. A TMZ spokesperson told me today, “we are not in Knoxville.”

Message boards and blogs are abuzz with rumors about unsavory off-field conduct by Lane Kiffin during his tenure in Knoxville as Tennessee coach. Much of the speculation has been fueled by this photo:

Lane Kiffin Mike Tomlin Photo

Many around the web are saying that the photo indicates Kiffin partying with UT coeds with his wife Layla nowhere in sight. Along with this “evidence,” many message board posters and bloggers are accusing Kiffin of additional sins, along with the obligatory cries of a coverup by the Knoxville Police.

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Inside The Vols’ Multimillion $ Payroll - Yes, Payroll

Is it possible to buy a championship in college football? Tennessee’s sure trying. They’re spending absurd amount of money in the only place it’s legal: the coaching staff. Besides the $2 million due new head coach Lane Kiffin (more than he made in Oakland), the Volunteers are going to drop millions more on the assistants, including $150,000 for one who doesn’t even have a job yet.

Mike Hamilton and Lane Kiffin

Maybe the players play for school spirit, but no sport is more mercenary when it comes to coaching than college football. AD Mike Hamilton (who makes $315,000 himself) said the budget for coaches would increase “significantly” this year, but some of the numbers are truly ludicrous (and more than a little nepotistic.) Get ready to hate Tennessee even more, after the jump.

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