Sloppy Drunk Dana Jacobson @ M&M ESPN Roast

UPDATE: Amateur Video from Mike & Mike Roast featuring Ditka d*ck joke fun!

UPDATE: Jacobson’s apology to the Catholic League.

UPDATE: Jacobson suspended by ESPN for a week.

UPDATE: Jacobson complains about off-air treatment by network.

Dana Jacobson drinking vodka at Mike & Mike Roast


We seemed to have missed all the fun at the Mike & Mike Celebrity Roast Friday night. Or maybe we didn’t miss that much.

Mike Greenberg Mike Golic with snake

AWFUL ANNOUNCING tips us off to Scott Cronick of the PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY, who chronicled the tribute to the Worldwide Leader’s own radio hams, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.

Cronick sums up the evening’s escapades by concluding, “The problem with this roast, unlike a Comedy Central or Friar’s Club roast, was that there weren’t enough comedians. Instead, the stage was mostly filled with athletes and ESPN personalities. Not comedians. And it showed.”

Some of the “highlights”:

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