Old People Attempting Hostile NASCAR Takeover

Not to be too much of a sentimentalist here, but the commercialization of sports sucks. We’ve got no problem with the astronomical salaries or ubiquitous advertisements - those are nothing new- but it seems like nothing can be done in sports anymore without first gauging the impact on corporate sponsors and TV networks. Nothing’s done just because it’s the right thing to do; things are done because there’s more money to be made.

Old People Driving

 (The future of NASCAR, unless we speak out)

We’ve uncovered some disturbing details that indicate NASCAR has fundamentally changed the outcome of their races to please a new corporate sponsor - the AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons.  As the group representing the most vocal and annoying group of Americans (old people), the AARP has tremendous clout as a lobbying organization. And NASCAR caved to their demands. Evidence after Matlock the jump.

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EX-NFLer & “Dog” Wannabe Arrested For Assault

I gotta tell you, the only bounty hunters I know anything about are Duane “Dog” Chapman and Boba Fett, but an ex-NFL player who got into the business after retiring from the league has found himself in trouble.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

As any “Dog” viewer can tell you, a bail bondsman is authorized to apprehend a client who skips out on their court obligations. You are not, however, allowed to pistol-whip your client upside his head repeatedly to the point that he needs 15 staples to close the wound, as Vinson Smith is accused of doing.

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Is Barkley’s Cop Gesture Just Damage Control?

Charles Barkley’s stock is back on the rise.

Charles Barkley poker massage

After taking a huge image hit when reports of an unpaid gambling debt surfaced out of Las Vegas, Barkley is now leading a charity effort to help the family of a slain Arizona policeman. No word on when they’ve scheduled Monte Carlo night. Read more…

LeBron/Gisele Cover Reminiscent Of WWI Poster

And you thought the story was dead. Dead, dead, dead. A 47th prod of the stick reveals the story is still moving. And the HUFFINGTON POST via a litany of websites reveals that the LeBron James/Gisele Bundchen cover shot on Vogue might have the most striking resemblance to a World War I recruitment poster.

LeBron. Gisele. And the Kaiser. These stories and Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.

(LeBron. Gisele. And the Kaiser. These stories and Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.)

This actually seems modestly harmless. Vogue was likely taking a hard stance condemning the death of Archduke Ferdinand — a sentiment needed so badly in today’s anti-Ottoman Empire society. Read more…

Did Yao Shut It Down Early Because Of Olympics?

Perhaps the most ironic headline of the year - from last night’s NATIONAL POST:

Yao Ming

Today the HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that Ming is definitely “out for the rest of the season and post-season” because of a “stress fracture” diagnosis. Hmmm. Read more…