Highlights From Oregon Football Stars Traffic Stop

Highlights from the Cheech and Chong-inspired Cliff Harris and Darron Thomaswe smoked it all!” traffic stop:


  • Harris saying, “we smoked it all” when asked by Oregon State Patrol officer, “whose got the marijuana in the car?
  • Harris at one point claiming he had no drivers license of any kind. (OSP officer: “Do you have an Oregon drivers license?” Harris: “No sir.” OSP officer: “Do you have a license out of another state?” Harris: “No sir.”)
  • Thomas also being in possession of zero identification of any kind.
  • Harris claiming he didn’t know who owned the car he was driving during a previous traffic stop - which had resulted in his Oregon driving privileges being suspended.
  • The Oregon State Patrol officer asking if he could “take a look at” Harris’ Pac-10 Championship ring. The same officer later let Harris and Thomas drive away after Harris was cited for driving 118 MPH and in possession of zero identification - let alone a drivers license. (Along with obvious signs of recent marijuana use in the vehicle - including Harris’ own admission of drug use.)
  • When asked if Harris’ “we smoked it all” admission was a concern, Chip Kelly saying, “No, because I saw Cliff pass a sobriety test that the officer let him go on.”

What Chip didn’t say: The officer would not allow Harris to drive the vehicle back to Eugene. That honor went to the only licensed passenger in the vehicle - the same person who Harris later claimed to the officer had been the only person in the car smoking marijuana - his cousin.

On the bright side, at least the already-NCAA-targeted Kelly’s sleep patterns are apparently as normal as can be these days.

That’ll happen when you’re allowed to break the same societal rules you and I are held accountable to every single day.

In other words, before you head out on the freeways, first check eBay to see if there’s any Pac-1o championship rings for sale - as it may save you a night in jail.

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