Video: KC Chiefs Lineman Smith Is Genital Giant

49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis accused Chiefs defensive lineman Shaun Smith of grabbing him in the groin region last Sunday in Kansas City.

Video: Shaun Smith grabs Anthony Davis

(Hed Slap: Dan Patrick Show)

The video below confirms the claim by Davis.
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Brady Quinn Is Dating Gymnast Alicia Sacramone

Brady Quinn’s finally moving up in the world. After throwing for only 3 total touchdowns in his NFL career entering last weekend’s games, the Browns QB burned the Lions’ defense for 4 TD tosses last Sunday. Sure, Cleveland still lost on the final play of the game, but you gotta start somewhere.

Brady Quinn Alicia Sacramone

And now Brady has some new toned, taut shoulders to cry on after each deflating defeat, as Quinn is currently dating Olympic gymnastics sensation Alicia Sacramone.

Wait, how do we know “Bradlicia” is the real deal and not just some sports celebrity gossip mongering? Because Alicia admitted as much.

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Brady Quinn Hit On Terrell Suggs: Clean Or Dirty?

The Ravens and Terrell Suggs’ agent are raising hell about a hit Brady Quinn put on Suggs last night after an interception, so I went back to the video and broke it down frame by frame:

Brady Quinn Hit On Terrell Suggs video

Ray Lewis and Suggs’ agent Gary Wichard are both saying the hit was a blatant cheap shot, but in the context of the play, where the ball carrier was, I don’t know how you can fault Quinn. His hit on Suggs clearly caused the ball carrier to change direction and be tackled an instant later.

Quinn’s explanation of the play to the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER:

¬†Quinn spoke to Suggs on the field and was visibly upset when Suggs limped off. “I was trying to go for the ball carrier,” he said. “Suggs came across at the last second in my vision. I would never wish that upon anyone. I was upset about it on the field. We worked out in Arizona together. I couldn’t be any more sorry about that. That was never the intent. I’m sorry to Terrell and the rest of their team.”

From the video, I can’t dispute what he’s saying there.

Meanwhile, Ray Lewis told the BALTIMORE SUN it was a blatant dirty play.

Should Quinn be fined or suspended if Suggs has a serious knee injury?

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Edwards’ Pimp Hand Can’t Keep Cribbs in Hospital

Alex Marvez of reports this morning that Josh Cribbs is out of the hospital after suffering a concussion on the last play of the game between the Browns and Ravens last night.

Ray Lewis Knocks Out Josh Cribbs

Cribbs was forearmed in the face by Ravens DE Dwan Edwards on the Browns’ ill-fated last-second pass play to end the game.

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You’d Never Know It By Looking At Eric Mangini

I don’t know how many times I’ve set out for Chick-fil-A on Sunday …

ChickFila sign Like The Browns We Take Sundays Off

… and then remembered half-way there, or when I’m pulling up.

My New Favorite Web Site:

I’m sure Paul Brown would approve of this Cleveland Browns fan website,

Cleveland Frowns Website

Lest you think the site is great in name only, check out the epic piece of cinematography posted on the front page - which includes a Brownies fan putting his foot through the roof of a porta-potty as one of Cleveland’s finest enjoys the view.

Browns Fan Puts Foot Through Roof Of Porta-Potty

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Braylon To Cleveland Fans: ‘No More Messages!’

New on ABC: “Everybody Hates Braylon.” In this week’s episode, disgruntled Cleveland Browns fans are bombarding Braylon Edwards with Twitter and text messages, reminding him that he isn’t exactly their favorite receiver. Braylon is not exactly amused by the abuse, as you can see in one of his replies, below. Where’s that YouTube crying guy when you actually need him?

Braylon Edwards

Browns fans have been piling on since last week, when Edwards was traded to the Jets for, as one Twitter hooligan phrased it, “a flobee and 7 pounds of air.” Read more…

A Braylon Edwards-LeBron James Feud? Awesome

It’s a scenario that would be totally rejected as an “Entourage” spec script, but since this is real life, and Cleveland, it’s totally believable. The Browns’ Braylon Edwards supposedly slugged a friend of LeBron James outside of a nightclub late Sunday night, and now James is sniping back at Edwards via Twitter.

LeBron James, Braylon Edwards

Edward Givens has told police that Edwards assaulted him outside of View nightclub in Cleveland at about 2:30 a.m. this morning. Givens, who said that he went to Lutheran Hospital this morning for a black eye, a cut and a headache, is friends with LeBron. This is what LeBron has to say about it via a sportswriter’s Twitter account: Read more…

Browns Saying No Mas To Generalisimo Mangini?

In the glory days of the 49ers, owner Eddie DeBartolo was infamous for packing up the entire team and trundling them off to Hawaii for a couple of days of R&R, on his own dime. Just a gesture to show you how much we care, you adorable lugs. And coach Bill Walsh was noted for his light practices and tendency to dress as a bellhop at the team hotel. Current Browns coach Eric Mangini has a different approach.

Eric Mangini

Five of his players are pursuing grievances with the NFLPA for his prolific use of the ticket book. The Browns coach as fined players for such things as illegal parking, having their cell phones go off in meetings, and my favorite: Not paying a hotel bill for a $3 bottle of water. And judging by Sunday’s 34-3 loss to Baltimore, the players may have had enough. Have the Browns quit on Mangini?

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NFL Morality Police Wage War Against Bare Skin

Anyone who went to a conservative religious school growing up probably remembers the gusto with which teachers and administrators enforced school dress codes. Not paying attention in class? Who cares. Bullying freshmen in the hallway? No problem.  But heaven forbid a student show up to class with an uncollared shirt or too-short skirt - those were the real dangers facing the youth of America! Instant demerits!

Eric Wright short shorts

It’s kinda like the NFL. If you’re an NFL player, your job is to put your body in as much peril as possible to emerge victorious from one of the most brutal and vicious sports in this country. Players are accused of domestic violence with alarming regularity. Some players have killed other people, others have been implicated in murders. And yet they play on. But wear your shorts too far above the knee? That’ll be $5,000, you immoral hell-bound heathen.

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