MLBer: ‘Something Bad Needs To Happen’ To Vick

Animal rescue advocates Mark and wife Jamie Buerhle were profiled today by Scott Merkin in a piece published by

Mark and Jamie Buerhle

(Merkin Tweeted quotes before deleted them from piece)

As part of the story, Chicago White Sox Pitcher Buerhle said of notorious past dog abuser Michael Vick:

“He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you’ve done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys.”

Buerhle’s raw, unfiltered feelings about Vick no doubt offended many who read it.

Check that.

Buerhle’s raw, unfiltered feelings about Vick no doubt offended many who read it before editors deleted the entire quote from the story.

After the censorship, added the following line to the bottom of the story: “This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

I’m a dog lover myself, but would like to think that the majority of the population would agree that wishing harm on someone in that circumstance is wholly inappropriate. Read more…

Reinsdorf Audio: ‘Jay Mariotti was and is a pissant’

Chicago White Sox and Bulls Owner Jerry Reinsdorf was frequently the target of Jay Mariotti’s hyperbolic columns in the Chicago SUN-TIMES the past 15 years.

Jerry Reinsdorf calls Jay Mariotti a pissant (audio)

(Audio credit: WGN-AM in Chicago)

In the aftermath of Mariotti being charged with felony domestic assault of his girlriend in L.A. on Saturday, Reinsdorf was asked today by WGN radio host Dave Kaplan what he thought of the avalanche of criticism heaped on him by Mariotti over ther years. Read more…

AL Rookie of the Year’s Epic Beatdown Of LaRussa

The SPRINGFIELD (IL) STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER today has a baseball yarn for the ages spun by 1983 American League Rookie of the Year Ron Kittle about his former White Sox manager Tony “I know how to f—ing manage” LaRussa.

Tony LaRussa Ron Kittle

Pull up a chair.

“My first dealing with Tony, and I don’t even know if he’ll remember that . . . he was (the White Sox’s) Double-A or Triple-A manager and I was in Class A (in spring training) and the catcher got hurt so I was in my catcher’s gear . . . my team had already left; they were at home . . . and it was Double-A vs. Triple-A. So Tony’s at third base (coaching) and the catcher gets hurt, I fill in for him, man at first and third.

“And he goes, ‘We’re not going to steal on you.’ The first thing he said. So I’m thinking, ‘I know what he’s going to do.’ Read more…

Chisox: Mascot Can Tweet On Team, Ozzie Can’t

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY and SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL recently published an interesting report on social networking protocol of pro sports team employees.

Ozzie Guillen and White Sox mascot

As part of the study, SBD and SBJ quizzed White Sox VP of Communications Scott Reifert on the MLB club’s Twitter policy for employees:

Q: Scott, walk us through what happened with [manager] Ozzie [Guillen, who created some friction within the club earlier this year over his Twitter account].

Reifert: Ozzie’s obviously media savvy. In spring training, he learned through his kids about Twitter, so he started sitting around at night in Glendale [Ariz.] tweeting, unbeknownst to really any of us, including our GM, Ken Williams.

So when Kenny got there the next morning, he had a conversation with Ozzie about, “Hey. What’s going on? Help me out here.” And he can tweet all he wants about away-from-the-field, away-from-the-White-Sox kind of stuff. He does it in English. He does it in Spanish. He does it in sort of a mix of both languages, about restaurants he likes or haircuts he got.

He immediately had tens of thousands of followers given the personality that he has, and he continues to tweet frequently.

So, if Guillen isn’t allowed to Tweet about his own team, who exactly is allowed to officially represent the White Sox on Twitter when it comes to on-field matters? Read more…

Fattie In Chisox Gear Rocked (Not Bobby Jenks)

White Sox *fan* gets KTFO at U.S. Cellular Field last night.

White Sox fan knocked out at U.S. Cellular Field

Snooki’s a Sox fan?

Read more…

Home Video: White Sox Wearing Shorts In 1976

On August 8, 1976, against my Kansas City Royals, the Chicago White Sox became the first and only MLB team to wear shorts during a regular season contest. Sadly, the experiment lasted just three games.

Chicago White Sox With Goose Gossage Played 3 Games In Shorts In 1976

(Yes, that’s Hall of Famer Goose Gossage. Priceless.)

This week some fun home video of one of those games, August 22 of the same year against the Orioles, was posted on Youtube.
Read more…

Joe, Is There Something You Want To Tell Us All?

Jeremy Sandler of Canada’s NATIONAL POST documents the unprofessional and increasingly bizarre behavior of CHICAGO SUN-TIMES White Sox reporter Joe Cowley, who for the last six years has embarrassed himself and his employers with nonsensical swipes at the city of Toronto and the country of Canada.

Joe Cowley Has a Secret

(Jonah, On Behalf Of All Americans, I Second Your Sentiment)

Today was yet another example of Cowley’s crusade, as the reporter published a opinion piece suggesting that MLB should consider moving the Blue Jays to Caracas, Venezuela - replete with (somehow) straight-faced quotes on the prospect by White Sox manager and noted Venezuelan Ozzie Guillen. (The Sun-Times piece.)

Think I’m overreacting? You don’t know the whole story.

Read more…

‘Southside Kid’ Obama Can’t Name a Chisox Player

After throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals-Phillies game today in D.C., Barack Obama visited with the Nats TV broadcast team, which included former White Sox pitcher Rob Dibble.

Obama Can't Name Single Player On White Sox Roster

(Obama’s  first pitch also served as pregame flyover. Handy.)

Obama to Dibble on why he wore a White Sox fan to throw out the first pitch in Washington: “I’m a Southside kid, I gotta make sure (White Sox owner) Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t get to angry with me.

Dibble: “Having played with the White Sox for a short time, I know how the Cubs fans and White Sox fans go back and forth. Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?

Read more…

Guillen’s Latino Lament Over Chicago’s Twit Snit

The Chicago media is buzzing about White Sox GM Kenny Williams being upset that Ozzie Guillen refuses to give up his Twitter account. Guillen recently tweeted about that reaction:

Ozzie Guillen Spanish Tweet

(Ozzie’s sons helping with tweets. Not with grammar.)

Probably not a coincidence that Guillen chose to express his lament in his native Spanish. Read more…

New Twins Ad Features Joe Mauer In Bubble Wrap

The Minnesota Twins are leaving the Metrodome and relocating to the brand-new state-of-the-art Target Field. To remind fans of this fact, the Twins have put together a TV commercial showing movers at the new digs delivering the goods - such as boxes, championship trophies, and Joe Mauer encased in bubble wrap.

Joe Mauer bubble wrap

Video of the full ad after the jump.

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