‘Postponed’ Game The End For Lingerie Football?

If you followed my coverage of the Lingerie Football League, you know that the entire concept was invented by founder (and Blind Date refugee) Mitch Mortaza to help him meet women. That’s what’s made the main media’s serious coverage of the sport so amusing and somewhat perplexing over the years. But sadly, the chance for reporters to score wardrobe malfunction watch appears to finally be coming to an end.

Lingerie Football League Michelle Sotak From Behind

(Lingerie Football End Near? Yes please.)

Last Tuesday the game between the Chicago Bliss and the New York Majesty was “postponed” for six(!) weeks because of “issues with New York’s facility.”

Lingerie Football League $272 for two tickets?!

(Ticket sales ($272 for two!), or lack thereof to blame for postponement?)

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Shocking Charges Of Bra-Ripping Mar LFL Opener

If you read our post on Tuesday on the Lingerie Football League opener in Chicago, or better yet if you attended, you know that at least one player was tackled by her panties and, at least for a moment, lay pantsless on the playing field. But it turns out that was apparently only the tip of the iceberg.

According to one player on the losing team, the Miami Caliente, members of the Chicago Bliss were routinely using dirty tactics, including elbow gouging and bra ripping. (Gasp) I don’t have any actual photos of the latter (at least none I’ll share), but she swears it’s true. Chicago chicks play dirty.

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Lingerie Football League Opener Is Quite Revealing

At least on the surface of things, Friday’s Lingerie Football League season opener wasn’t a rousing success. They were only able to fill about a quarter of the Sears Centre, according to one eyewitness, for the game between the Miami Caliente and the home Chicago Bliss. This despite the fact that there were several wardrobe malfunctions such as this. Heavens!

People didn’t even show up for all of the gratuitous Mike Ditka. When you can’t get Chicagoans to go out to see Ditka and scantily clad hot football chicks, your league may have a problem. One winner, however, was the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, which for some reason sent a photographer to the game and produced an elaborate photo gallery on their web site. Hey, Sam Zell needs the page views. Read more…