Bears ‘Felt’ Chicago Club Ban Rooted In Racism?

Stella Foster of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports today that Monday night a large group of Chicago Bears players were refused entrance to a Chicago nightclub co-owned by Pete Wentz of the musical group Fall Out Boy.

Angels and Kings

Despite being intercepted at the door of “Angels and Kings”, the group of Bears did not include Jay Cutler. Foster reports the following players were in tow that night:

Brian Urlacher (and his brother Casey), Hunter Hillenmeyer, Israel Idonije, Corey Wootton, Garrett Wolfe, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Danieal Manning, Khalil Bell, Henry Melton, Barry Turner, J’Marcus Webb, Craig Steltz, Anthony Adams, Frank Omiyale, Earl Bennett, D.J. Moore, Devin Aromashodu, Rashied Davis, Nick Roach, Lance Briggs, Corey Graham, Desmond Clark, Chris Harris, Tim Jennings, Brandon Manumaleuna and other teammates.

While on the surface the blockage might seen a little amusing, Foster has one detail that is obviously causing Simpson and Wentz much consternation.

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Video: Collins “Chucks” Mouthguard At Bears Fan

As noted earlier today, FOX 6 in Milwaukee has been airing video of a fan at Soldier Field in Chicago last night allegedly directing racial slurs at Green Bay Packers player Nick Collins.

Nick Collins Video Posted

It was inevitable that the video would surface on the web with FOX 6 liberally re-airing it throughout the day to such a large audience. And it has, for now at least.
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TV Station Asks For Collins Slur Video ‘Witnesses’

Last night FOX 6 in Milwaukee reported on one of the station’s official Twitter accounts that it had video of a fan at the Packers-Bears game last night lobbing a racial slur at Packers player Nick Collins as Collins was leaving the field after the game.

Nick Collins slur episode

The FOX 6 Sports Twitter feed reported at the time:

Fox 6 Sports Nick Collins Tweet

Today, the same Twitter feed included this entry:

Fox 6 Sports Nick Collins Tweet

FOX 6 did air the video live this morning on multiple occasions, and Packers reporter Brian Carriveau reported what he saw on Twitter: on Nick Collins slur video

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Beck On Urlacher: ‘I Think This Guy Is a Neo-Nazi’ is a new website launched by the Washington Post company targeting a black audience. The site recently posted a featured titled, “the blackest white people we know.” 33 individuals were listed, with Glenn Beck checking in at #2:

Glenn Beck calls Brian Urlacher a neo-nazi

The emotional right-wing talk show was probably the last person on earth we’d put on this list until he discovered that blacks have been all but removed from the history of America’s founding, and actually gave a black history lesson on his cable TV show. Yet we suspect we’ll have to revoke it after his upcoming rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the “I Have a Dream” speech anniversary.

Shortly after the website posted the feature, Beck responded to it on his Fox News TV show. While looking at photos of the 33 in the piece, Beck pointed at Brian Urlacher, who thanks to his playing career as an NFL linebacker, made the list.

Glenn Beck calls Brian Urlacher a neo-nazi

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Photo: ‘The world’s most dangerous license plate’

Drew Olson of and ESPN 540’s D-List in Milwaukee has this piece of magnificently manipulated metal today:

Green Bay Packers License Plate: Go Bears

Thanks to Wisconsin’s Packers-branded license plates, a Chicago Bears fan was able to use the Green Bay Packers “G” logo to spell out “GOBEARS” on the plate.

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Photo: Jay Cutler Flipping Off Fans At Soldier Field

From last night’s game:

Jay Cutler Flips Off Fans

(Uncensored shot after the jump)

Perhaps he was returning the favor (from 2007 game):

Bears Fans Flip Of Viewers

Video (of screenshot of fans in 2007) after the jump.

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Devin Hester Might Consider a Belt Next Sunday

NBC with this video of Devin Hester of the Bears Sunday night against the Eagles:

Devin Hester Pants Pulled Down Against The Eagles

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Tommie Harris Apologizes To Team, Right Hand

Vaughn McClure of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE has Tommie Harris’ inevitable shaming in the aftermath of his decision to punch Cardinals guard Deuce Lutui helmet head yesterday.

Chicago Bears Tommie Harris Punches Deuce Lutui In The Helmet

(Harris knew just where Lutui’s weakness was: His hard plastic shell)

Harris: “Yes, I felt like I hurt my team. I just want to apologize to my fans, first off (and) the little kids out there that saw that action, that I behaved in that manner. I apologize to my teammates. … I’ll make up for it.”

How? By using 8-ounce gloves next time?

Video of his assault on the prone Lutui after the jump.

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Cutler Seen At Kelly Clarkson Show With a Dude

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has this today:

Jay Cutler went to Kelly Clarkson concert

(You’ll never take the Vandy out of him)

Kelly Clarkson performed a five-song acoustic set at Hub 51 (51 W. Hubbard St.) on Monday in front of 101.9 FM contest winners and invited guests, including Jay Cutler. The Bears quarterback had dinner and watched as Clarkson sang locker room favorites “I Do Not Hook Up” and “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

Should Jay Cutler have his man card permanently revoked?

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Bears backup QB Caleb Hanie joined Cutler at the show, which means Cutler likely used the phrase “If I’m going down, you’re going down with me” a few times Monday.

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The T.O.-To-Chicago-Bears Rumor That Won’t Die

And so Twitter’s takeover of the human race begins like this. It started as a simple comment by Adam Schefter on Tuesday morning, as he casually typed in ESPN’s Rumors Central section that, hey dude, wouldn’t it be cool if Terrell Owens were a Chicago Bear? Schefter was just pretty much thinking out loud, listing a few reasons why such a trade would make sense.

Terrell Owens on Twitter

He may as well have been thinking that scientists could use fossil DNA to bring back dinosaurs to fight for us in Afghanistan. It has just as much basis in reality as the Owens-to-Bears rumor. But Twitter often doesn’t deal in reality.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Twitter can take an idle rumor and jump-start it into the world’s consciousness. Twitter wants Terrell Owens to be a Chicago Bear. Just look at Google trends right now, where “Terrell Owens traded to Bears” is the No. 12-most popular search, and climbing.

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