Pics, Video: Wrath Of Gawd Halts KSU-UCF Game

Here’s some photos from today’s Kansas State-Central Florida college football game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas:

Kansas State football game weather delay photos and video

(Bottom shot from inside pressbox by Kellis Robinett of WICHITA EAGLE)

In the first quarter, the then-scoreless game was delayed for ninety minutes because of ominous storm clouds and lightning in close proximity to the stadium.

Kansas State football game weather delay photos and video

As fans sought shelter, heavy rains broke out, soaking the artificial playing surface before the storm system eventually passed by the stadium - allowing the game to resume.

Kansas State football game weather delay photos and video

If ever a Bill Snyder-coached Kansas State team was to receive a sign from the college football gods, you wouldn’t have thought it would perhaps happen when Snyder actually scheduled a credible, non-conference home opponent. Read more…

Governing Body: UCF Lacks Skinstitutional Control

Much has been made the past few days about a recent photo shoot involving a former Playboy magazine model that took place in the Univ. of Central Florida football team’s locker room.

Shanna Marie McLaughlin

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The ORLANDO SENTINEL recently reported that UCF football coach George O’Leary gave a local magazine, called Axis, authorization for the shoot with model Shanna Marie McLaughlin.

The Sentinel reports:

After video of the photo shoot appeared on the Internet Saturday, a school spokesman said that university officials would be reminding employees about the university’s standards.

UCF associate director of athletics Joe Hornstein then released this formal apology:

“An employee without proper authorization allowed access to our football locker room. By the time the video of the shoot was brought to our attention, it had already made its rounds via the internet.

“Let me make this clear, UCF does not condone the photos and the video. We have spoken to the employee in question and we will speak to our entire staff to make sure that this does not happen again. To any fans who were offended by this, we sincerely apologize.”

When reading the Sentinel’s report and in consideration of McLaughlin’s “modeling” career, the mind can’t help but run wild as to the content of the shoot. Read more…

Michael Jordan’s Son Clowns Kobe During Game 7

Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, a freshman basketball player at the Univ. of Central Florida, became rather opinionated last night when the NBA Finals Game 7 telecast featuring the Lakers and Celtics aired a graphic showing a statistical comparison between his dad and Kobe Bryant in NBA Finals series.

Marcus Jordan Clowns Kobe About Comparison To Father Michael

After he saw the graphic and heard the game broadcasters discuss the comparison, Marcus Tweeted from his Twitter account: Read more…

UCF: Nike To Pull The Best Marketing Coup Ever?

I’m in awe this morning. Everyone is going nuts, upset at Marcus Jordan and dad Michael over Adidas dropping UCF in response to MRjr lacing Nikes last night.

Marcus Jordan

(UCF readying for its ‘White’ Knight in Nike?)

But after talking to two prominent sports marketing execs this morning, all indications are that Nike will soon swoop in to save the day, picking up the UCF sponsorship that Adidas has abruptly vacated.

Brilliant. Read more…

Adidas Cancels UCF Deal Over Jordan’s Jordans

Well, that didn’t take long. Hours ago, UCF announced that His Heirness Marcus Jordan would be taking the floor in tonight’s exhibition in his dad’s Air Jordans. According to Darren Rovell at CNBC, adidas has responded… by summarily canceling their $1.9 million sponsorship with the Golden Knights.

Marcus Jordan Exclusive Air Jordans
(But what of the custom-made Air Jordans? All people get those before their freshman year, right?)

The immediate ramifications - financial and otherwise - are as yet unknown, but adidas says all notions of a contract extension with the school are completely off the table. And our question is pretty simple: where the hell was Michael Jordan on this one?

Read more…

Must Marcus Jordan Always Be His Father’s Son?

Odd news from ESPN today, as UCF’s Marcus Jordan - son of His Airness Michael, of course - is refusing to comply with the Golden Knights’ shoe deal. UCF has a $3 million dollar with adidas, while (not suprisingly) Jordan won’t wear anything but his dad’s Air Jordans.

UCF jersey adidas logo
(It’s an adidas logo. It’s not made of poison.)

While it’s fine and normal for Marcus to want to honor his dad (if this is, indeed, Marcus’ decision alone), it seems slightly improper to do so in this way. We’re not going to chastise Marcus much for not understanding the way endorsement and equipment deals work - he’s just a freshman in college - but there are several causes for concern here, and nearly all point right back at Dad.

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The Chizik Conspiracy Is Deeper Than You Know

Folks in Auburn were less than thrilled when the school signed the losingest coach in the Big 12. Folks at Iowa State were less than thrilled with him leaving, since all the co-eds wanted to sex him up good. So it’s no surprise that Gene Chizik might have some enemies.

Gene Chizik Iowa State football coach

But there’s a bit of a mystery surrounding Why was it registered before he coached a single game for the Tigers? Was it done by Auburn fans or ISU fans? And why, for the love of God, does it redirect to the University of Central Florida’s player profile page for Kevin Smith, now in the NFL?

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UCF Loses to Miami, But Totally Flips Off Crowd

ATTENTION READERS: you may want to leave the room or visit another, friendlier site, because the image we’re going to show you is disturbing. We’ve done the best we can to remove the most offensive parts of it so that it’s fit for consumption by the hardiest of souls, but even knowing the hate that went behind these gestures is enough to make most people lose their dinner. Press on, if you dare.

Middle Finger Babies

Oh God, no! The horror, the horror!

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George O’Leary Works His Players A Bit Too Hard

Central Florida head football coach George O’Leary is a pretty good coach. He’s not a great coach, but he’s good enough to keep getting hired places. Unfortunately for O’Leary, it seems the only time we hear about him is when he’s doing something wrong. Like say that time he was hired as the new head coach at Notre Dame, but then had to resign the position once the school found out he was lying on his resume (the folks at Notre Dame became suspicious after he claimed to have painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel). The last time there was anything in the news on O’Leary, it was due to the death of Ereck Plancher, who died when he collapsed after conditioning drills back in March.

O’Leary took some heat then for possibly working his players too hard in practice, and now more players are coming forward saying that George was too rough on them in practice as well. Take former UCF defensive end DaQuwan McNealy, who quit the team after O’Leary damn near killed him.

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Neuheisel Takes Helicopter To HS Football Game

• Need to make it to a high school football game on time? Just do like Rick Neuheisel does - call in the choppers!

Rick Neuheisel Blue Thunder helicopter

• Maybe Vince Young knew what was going to happen when he didn’t want to go back on the field on Sunday.

• Sorry, Chad - no Ocho Cinco game jersey for you this week.

• With Brady bounced for the year, are New England Patriots fans ready to rally ’round the Cassel?

• One Colts fan bucks at the thought of paying $1,280 for brand-new stadium seats that turn out to have obstructed views.

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