NJ Coach Loves Soccer, Showing Kids Naked Pics

You know, most of the whole “naked cell phone pictures” phenomenon has centered mostly around high school girls (namely, cheerleaders) sending photos around to local boys for attention. But then this guy came around:

Keith Ammerman perv soccer coach

He’s a youth soccer coach in New Jersey who decided that it was a good idea to show some 13-year-old boys nude photos on his phone. Only, it appears they were of him. Oof.

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Cheerleaders Suspended For Naked Cell Photos

A couple of high school cheerleaders up in the Seattle area have decided to take school spirit to a whole new level. Pictures of the pair are circulating through the Bothell High School student body via cell phones, which doesn’t sound so bad.

Bothell cheerleaders

Oh, did I mention the girls were naked in the pictures? Yeah, this kind of thing definitely didn’t happen when I was in high school. Now, there’s lawsuits flying around because the girls have been suspended from the team. The parents say the real punishment should go to those distributing the photos. This is all very sophisticated.

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