Aussie Goes Full Racist On Court, Gets Suspended

What happened to the days when tennis was a gentleman’s sport? It still is, we suppose, for the most part; you don’t see Roger Federer whipping his hog out or anything. But you’d think that no matter what happens on a tennis court, both players would be free from the uglier aspects of human nature.

Bryden Klein yelling
(”I blame your skin color for this and many other problems!”)

You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. To that end, when Australian 19-year-old Bryden Klein lost his composure in a match with South African Raven Klaasan earlier, he melted down in such a horrific fashion that our international readers would probably prefer we put his language below the break.

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Bikini Car Wash Saves FIU Cheerleading Program

• FIU’s cheerleader squad is back in business - thanks to a bikini car wash!

FIU cheerleaders bikini car wash

• Welcome back to New York, Manny Ramirez! Now get out of here.

• Interesting that Keith Norfleet, ex-boyfriend of Sahel Kazemi, would write & perform a rap about shooting someone to death.

• Also interesting is the fact that Steve McNair’s mistress put all her furniture up for sale on the day of her DUI & suspected gun purchase.

• Despite the tragedy, it doesn’t seem like the ex-QB is Hall of Fame-bound.

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Black Kids In The Pool? OH NO EVERYONE HIDE

If baseball’s America’s summer pastime, then swimming’s its younger, more generous cousin. You don’t even need equipment to partake in the sport, just large amounts of standing, hopefully clean water. Maybe a towel and a swimsuit, but we’ve all found ourselves in situations where the latter was unnecessary. But that’s an issue for a different article.

Black People in a Pool
(The new faces of terror in America.)

But even more than a sport, it’s a group activity, one of the most inclusive and fun in the dog days of summer. “Everyone into the pool/lake,” etc. Well, inclusive and fun… until the dreaded Afro-Americans show up!

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