Jeff Garcia Not A Basket Case, Says Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia struggled through a 24-20 loss to New Orleans on Sunday that included a sprained ankle. Today, he went on a somewhat rambling rant to reporters after learning that coach Jon Gruden had decided to bench him for this week’s game against Atlanta. Making matters worse, he’s being replaced by Brian Freaking Griese.

Jeff Garcia

Garcia, who wasn’t available for comment when the move was initially announced, claimed this afternoon that he’s fine and healthy enough to play when he spoke with local reporters at length. Great, great length.

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Carmella DeCesare Birthday Photos, Jeff Garcia Dance Floor Moves

PANTHERS’ D MIGHT HAVE SCUTTLED GARCIA’S MARRIAGE: NAPKIN NIGHTS has photos from the birthday party of Jeff Garcia’s nudie model wife, Carmella DeCesare, at Bellagio’s “Light” (was the Barbary Coast smoking lounge unavailable).

Jeff Garica Carmella DeCesare Birthday Photos

If DeCesare’s Gumby-like elastic reax is any indication, it appears the bi-curious bi-coastal NFL QB might’ve been in need of some Cepacol.

Jeff Garica Carmella DeCesare Birthday Photos

And based on DeCesare’s subsequent blanched look, perhaps Garcia showing off last season’s escapability manuever on Julius Peppers (or is that the two step drop?) wasn’t such a great idea either.

Jeff Garcia Marriage To Playboy Playmate Carmella DeCesare No Bearded Scam

PLAYMATE DECESARE NO BEARDED SCAM FOR JEFF GARCIA: We can continue to ruminate over finally put away those “Jeff Garcia is gay” rumors as WithLeather reports the news that the new Tampa Bay QB is marrying longtime love interest(and Playboy Playmate) Carmella DeCesare.

Carmella DeCesare Jeff Garcia Marriage

It’s the real deal, considering the kids (Garcia is 37, DeCesare 24) are registered on the Williams-Sonoma website (Apple Martini Cocktail Froster anyone?).

Carmella Decesare Beard

To all the NFLers who have claimed over the years that Garcia is a wide receiver: If he is, that’s the best beard I’ve ever seen.


RUST BELT PELTS: The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports new Browns quarterback Jeff Garcia is dating Avon Lake, OH., native Carmella DeCesare, PLAYBOY’s current Playmate of the Year.

The man Garcia replaced as the Browns starting QB, Tim Couch, had previously dated Playboy centerfold Heather Kozar. Kozar is from Akron and was the 1999 Playmate of the Year.