NCAA Snoop Asked Oregon Recruit About Swag

Yesterday I reported that top Oregon football recruit and former L.A. high school football star De’anthony Thomas Tweeted from his personal account that he had met with NCAA investigators on Wednesday.

De'anthony Thomas Oregon Nike Swag with Cordell Broadus and Chip Kelly

(Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus and De’anthony Thomas)

Thomas, one of the top 2011 high school football prospects in the country, recently signed to play football at Oregon in what reportedly may have been a last second change of heart. (Thomas spurned the hometown USC Trojans.)

After my report, Thomas Tweeted that NCAA investigators did not ask him about Oregon during his meeting with NCAA investigators. Instead, Thomas indicated - also via his Twitter account - that USC was the sole topic of conversation.

De'anthony Thomas caught in lie about Twitter account

Following his Tweets, Thomas denied to Bryan Fischer of that he had met with the NCAA and that the aforementioned Twitter account containing the Tweets in question did not belong to him.

I followed that up with a report proving that Thomas did own the Twitter account from which the NCAA and USC Tweets emanated.

De'anthony Thomas Oregon Nike Swag with Cordell Broadus and Chip Kelly

Today, Thomas changed his story again. Read more…

Porngrapher, Drug Dealer Now Dodger Spokesman

Last Friday here in Los Angeles, I was talking to a local, longtime baseball fan who has attended dozens of Dodger games over the years. I asked him if he planned to attend the Cubs-Dodgers series this weekend and he replied, “I’m never going to that ballpark again. The fan behavior has gotten out of the control, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it and the Dodgers apparently aren’t interested in stopping it.

Snoop Dogg Porn Means He's Already Got A Friend In The Film Room

(Dodgers newest advertising spokesman already has a friend in the film room)

The increased violence at Dodger Stadium in the past few years has been well-chronicled, and loss of life has not been uncommon in the parking lots. I myself attended a game in the left-field bleachers recently and while not encountering any undue conflicts that night, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that there was a potential criminal element in the seating area immediately around us.

Bad Idea Dept.: Snoop Dogg Pimping Dodgers Tickets

(The first 10,000 kids under 12 get an “Opposite Day!” t-shirt)

So how are the Dodgers combating that very real perception of Dodger Stadium amongst those not fortunate enough to be esconed in the press box?

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I’m Hoping Snoop Has No Concealed Carry Permit

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG watches “Around The Horn” so we don’t have to. Turns my favorite rapper turned porn producer, Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg), appeared on the show this week, perched like a parrot on J.A. Adande’s clavicle.

Snoop Dogg attacked by Woody Paige on Around The Horn

To open the show, host Tony Reali “muted” a generally incoherent Broadus (granted, it was after he was done talking). Then we found out that apparently dain-bramaged Woody Paige is off the Lithium, as he unloaded a senseless verbal beatdown on recent fire damage victim.

If you’re in line at the DMV, or getting a head start on your taxes, you might enjoy the video (after the jump). Read more…