Shaw: Cavs Not Entertaining Possible LeBron Loss

Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw recently spent two days interviewing for the head coaching position of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Brian Shaw with Kobe Bryant

Shaw guested on KSPN-AM’s “Mason and Ireland Show” today in Los Angeles and talked about the attitude of Cavs management during those those discussions as it pertained to LeBron James‘ future with the franchise.

KSPN’s Steve Mason to Shaw:

It’s your sense that they’re (Cavaliers) not even entertaining the concept that LeBron won’t be there next year?”


“Exactly. I don’t blame them. As an organization, they (Cavs) made a conscious effort (during Shaw’s interview) to really focus on talking about what the team would be like with him there.

“I’m sure they have a backup plan (if James leaves) but it wasn’t something we discussed in the two days I was there.”

Byron Scott reportedly has since landed the gig over Shaw, with his close relationship to Chris Paul, who is advised by William Wesley (”World Wide Wes”), being cited as a possible reason Scott edged Shaw for the job. Read more…

Cleveland: Photos, Video Of LeBron Meeting Scene

Here’s a photo of the LeBron meeting scene in downtown Cleveland inside the IMG building. The shot came just as James was about to sit down with the owners of the New Jersey Nets, Mikhail Porkhorov and Jay-Z.

Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov at LeBron meeting

Here’s a banner, via Brian Windhorst of the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, that was strategically placed outside the IMG offices where the meetings are taking place:

The AKRON BEACON-JOURNAL also has video of the comings and goings of the various parties involved. Read more…

Did Byron Scott Kill His Career With A Nine-Iron?

When things are going wrong with a basketball program, no matter the level, the fan’s first instinct is to examine the coach’s priorities. Indeed, one of the worst indictments of a coach’s commitment to the program/franchise/rec league is that “he’d rather be working on his golf game than his team’s game.” You can probably already see where this is going.

Byron Scott and Chris Paul
(”Okay, we’re down 3, 16 seconds left, their big man’s in foul trouble… just do whatever. Where’re we playing tomorrow?”)

So then, taking the Mystery Machine down to New Orleans to help figure out the quick demise of the Byron Scott era, we’re only going to need one clue: a bag full of Calloways and Pings. YAHOO!’s Adrian Wojnarowski ably breaks down the breakdown after the break.

Read more…

Floyd’s Catfight Video: Tipoff Scott To Be Fired?

Byron Scott was fired yesterday as coach of the New Orleans Hornets, replaced by someone named Jeff Bower, a guy with no previous head coaching experience at any level.

Tim Floyd Casino Fight

More interesting is Bower’s top assistant hire: Tim Floyd.

You remember Floyd was caught in the middle of a catfight in a crappy SoCal casino out on I-10 two weeks ago, and at the time, we were all wondering what the hell he was doing out there.

Now we know the real reason, perhaps. Read more…

New Orleans Hornets Set Record For Smallest Home Game Attendance

HORNETS BACK IN THE BIG EASY, BUT DO THE FANS CARE?: Someone forgot to tell the good people of New Orleans that the Hornets aren’t in Oklahoma City anymore:

Oklahoma City Hornets Midcourt

The TIMES-PICAYUNE bounces news that pro basketball in the Bayou is having the same troubles with attendance as the NHL squads.Only 9,187 souls showed up for last Friday’s contest vs. the Oden-less Portland Trail Blazers, setting a new record for smallest attendance at a New Orleans Hornets home game.

The tiny crowd at the 18,000-seat New Orleans Arena was the lowest in the Hornets’ six-year stay on the banks of the Mississippi.

New Orleans Hornets cheerleader mascot dunk

But coach Byron Scott isn’t going to let a little thing like empty seats spoil his fun: “The thing I love about this team is they play for each other. They were on the bench standing and cheering for each other. We’re going to create our own enthusiasm as much as we can.”There’s an idea - maybe if fans were offered some roster spots, more people would show up.

SbB Girls Seattle Hendrix statue

In the meantime, what’s Hornets owner George Shinn to do? Well, we hear there’s a space in Seattle opening up. And don’t think Georgie wouldn’t buzz out of town, since he’s done it once before.