‘Friday Night Lights’ Coach is Back in The Saddle

Because Buzz Bissinger and I are Twitter pals,* I have learned that Gary Gaines, who was made famous through Bissinger’s novel “Friday Night Lights,” is returning to be the head football coach at Odessa-Permian High in Texas after 19 seasons.

Gary Gaines

Gaines, the coach at the center of Bissinger’s book who is also depicted in the NBC TV series, left Odessa for college coaching following Odessa’s state title victory in 1989. With Odessa looking for a new coach for the upcoming season, the school board voted to rehire Gaines as a consultant to help in the search. Then, Dick Cheney-like, he decided to take the job himself.

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Cowboys-Eagles Highest-Rated Cable Program Eva

• How great was Monday night’s NFL showdown between the Cowboys & Eagles? Great enough to be the most-watched cable TV program ever!

Jessica Simpson

Only gratuitous in-game shots of Jessica Simpson could have raised higher ratings - among other things.

• Let’s see if we can figure out this whole MLB postseason mess.

• Meanwhile, how can Major League Baseball keep children from using steroids? By reviving that old standby - “Just Say No!”

• It seems the Mets & Brewers are more concerned about making tee times than making the playoffs.

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Buzz Bissinger’s Next Project: Book On Lebron?

ESQUIRE this month has a mammoth puff piece on Lebron James, which also documents the man steering his marketing career: James’ childhood friend Maverick Carter.

Lebron James Buzz Bissinger On Cover Of Vogue Book Collaboration

(Lebron & Buzz to collaborate, embrace?)

After firing venerable NBA agent Aaron Goodwin, who landed James a $90M deal with Nike, the Cavaliers star handed all of his biz interests to Carter. The most underrated hoops blogger on the web, Jorge Sierra spots this gem in the piece:

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Blog Jam: Alicia Sacramone Gets Hero’s Welcome

• The WALTHAM DAILY NEWS TRIBUNE vaults up news of Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone receiving a hero’s welcome from the proud citizens of her Massachusetts hometown.

Alicia Sacramone

• WITH LEATHER wants Redskins TE Chris Cooley to explain what he was doing at a Backstreet Boys concert.

• CAT CRAVE claws up a nice chat with Panthers RB Stephen Davis.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED knows not many tennis players have their own theme song, but Venus Williams now does, thanks to Wyclef Jean.

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Brog: Timberlake’s Racist Joke Cut From ESPYs?

Arash Markazi of SI.com and FAN NATION has the easily the only most interesting thing to come out of the ESPYs, which was taped I think sometime in February - and aired on ESPN for the first time last night. (And subsequently re-broadcast an upchuck-inducing 10,000 times today.).

Justin Timberlake hosting the ESPYs at David Beckham's feet

Markazi notes that host Justin Timberlakewas teasing Paul Pierce about his “injured” knee in Game 1 of the NBA Finals during his opening monologue. In describing how quickly Pierce came back after being taken off on a wheelchair, Timberlake joked that Pierce was quickly back on the court, ’shucking and jiving.’ The comment, which was cut out of the broadcast that aired Sunday night, was met with silence from the crowd when the show taped on Wednesday before Timberlake transitioned into his next joke.

Apparently some of the suits at ESPN thought the joke was too racial in nature to air. If the joke was racist, how did it get by dozens of ESPYs writers? And we also know that if a black, or even latino host had said the same thing, everyone probably would’ve laughed and it would’ve been part of the promo highlight package for the show. I’m not saying it wasn’t racist, just food for thought.

Ozzie Guillen, who played for the White Sox from ‘85-97, on wearing throwback jerseys from ‘83 during yesterday’s Chisox affair with the Royals: “This is the first time I’ve worn this uniform that I wasn’t hung over.”

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Bengals QB Bashes Buckeyes; Buzz Brawls Again

Carson Palmer admits that Ohio State Buckeye fans really drive him nuts.

Carson Palmer Brutus Buckeye

• Not satisfied with cussing out Will Leitch, Buzz Bissinger gets into a scuffle with NCAA security over camera issues at the College World Series.

• Sooner State NBA fans, get ready to roll with the Oklahoma City Thunder!

• U.S. Olympians are trying to mask their concerns over Beijing’s pollution.

• An Iowa football recruit takes it all off for a flight on foot from police.

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Buzz Bissinger Now In ‘Bloody’ Brawl Over Camera

Buzz Bissinger has gotten the business end from bloggers and many others after his lashing out at former DEADSPIN editor Will Leitch on “Costas NOW” a while back. But, in a guest op-ed written for the NEW YORK TIMES, we can actually sympathize a bit with the “Friday Night Lights” author, for the one thing that can unite us all is dislike of the NCAA.

Buzz Bissinger

Bissinger was looking for the “Pure Sports Experience” while at the College World Series in Omaha recently, and at the end of a lament about the impending demolition and replacement of Rosenblatt Stadium, he recounts a little confrontation with NCAA officials over his camera.

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Bloggas: Leitch vs. Bissinger, The Final Showdown

• DEADSPIN finds Will Leitch taking care of some last-minute business by having a chat with sports blog nemesis Buzz Bissinger.

Buzz Bissinger Costas Now

Michael David Smith of FANHOUSE has an interview with freshly-minted DEADSPIN Editor A.J. Daulerio. (that was fast!)

• Neil Best of NEW YORK NEWSDAY presents a classic clip of the late George Carlin talking baseball on “Kiner’s Korner“.

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s CAMPUS CLICKS stays in step with O.J. Mayo’s new “Juice Monsta” footwear.

• YARDBARKER punches up some videos of the fun goings-on from Fight Night at the Playboy Mansion.

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Bloggers vs. MSM: Quiz Bowl Is The Only Solution

• Inspired by very special “Saved By The Bell” episode, Clay Travis of CBS SPORTS suggest sports bloggers & the mainstream media end their feud once & for all with a quiz bowl showdown.

Buzz Bissinger Will Leitch Saved By The Bell

(Buzz Bissinger & Will Leitch butt heads in a Battle of Brawny Brains! With special guest referee - Mr. Belding! [OK, maybe not.])

• THE 700 LEVEL proudly presents pics of “The People’s Champ” Freddie Mitchell living it up royally among some female subjects.

Tom Ziller of AOL FANHOUSE is happy to share all the things Doc Rivers did wrong in Game 3.

• HOME RUN DERBY is so bored with the San Francisco Giants, they’d rather spend their time at AT&T Park watching the wind try to tip over a full beer.

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Blog-A-Da-Da-Da, Da-Da-Da: ESPN Likes SbB’s Wit

• ESPN anchors Josh Elliott & Stan Verrett really enjoyed the amusing moniker we bestowed upon new free agent Gilbert Arenas:

Mucho gracias to AWFUL ANNOUNCING for the video.

Darren Rovell of CNBC reads up on mortal enemies Buzz Bissinger & Will Leitch giving back-cover kudos on the same book.

• WITH LEATHER punches up video of the groin hit to end all groin hits.

• DEADSPIN trades word that Jonathan Papelbon & the Red Sox will give you autographed baseballs in return for nude pics of your ex-wife.

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