Exclusive: Pearl Endures ESPN Employ Embargo

Terrelle Pryor’s escape from the burning building that is the Ohio State football program straight onto an ESPN set is firmly esconced in the long, illustrious history of unintentionally comedic ESPN programming decisions.

Bruce Pearl

But while Pryor was deified by ESPN mere hours after the extra-beneficiary torched future OSU football fortunes, the same can’t be said for another notorious NCAA arsonist: former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl. Read more…

Video: Bruce Pearl Spells Denial Without An “I”

After his Tennessee Volunteers were destroyed by Michigan in the first round of the NCAA tournament in Charlotte Friday, Vols Coach Bruce Pearl was asked by a reporter if he thought he’d return next season as Tennessee coach considering the NCAA sanctions the school will likely soon face thanks to his egregious NCAA - and ethical - violations.

In response, Pearl said:

I think our program is on very solid footing. We’ve got to go before the committee of infractions in June and it’s going to be difficult.

We made mistakes and we’re going to try to be accountable for those mistakes.

My goal and my desire is to be the basketball coach of Tennessee.

As everyone knows, the first rule of the NCAA is admitting you have a problem. Read more…

Pearl Cheated 4 Days After Teary Apology, Promise

At a Sept. 10, 2010, press conference in which he admitted to lying to NCAA investigators about possible rules violations by the Tennessee basketball program, a teary-eyed Bruce Pearl said:

Bruce Pearl

“I hold the University of Tennessee, its students, faculty, staff and our fans in the highest regard and the highest esteem.

“I’ve made some serious mistakes and for that I’m truly sorry. I’ve learned some invaluable lessons

“I’ve put my heart and soul into this program, and I will not let you down again.”

Today the NCAA released its official notice of allegations to the University of Tennessee and the public.

Buried in the laundry list of alleged violations perpetrated by Pearl and his staff, the NCAA noted the following: Read more…

Urban Meyer: Outlaw Coaches Not Afraid Of NCAA

Last Friday on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, Urban Meyer waylaid the Indy-based NCAA during an interview with host Dan Dakich.

Urban Meyer rips NCAA: Outlaw Coaches Taking Over

(Link to full interview on 1070 The Fan’s Dan Dakich Show)

Meyer ripped the NCAA from every possible angle, intimating that outlaw coaches have taken over the profession while the coaches who run clean programs are forced to be “politically correct” as they suffer a “competitive disadvantage” in silence.

Meyer also noted that he himself assembled recommendations for NCAA rules enforcement last year and sent out his plan to various college athletics administrators. Recommendations that apparently fell on deaf ears - at least from the NCAA rule enforcement perspective.

Along with the audio from 1070 The Fan below, I’ve transcribed the follow excerpted comments from Meyer’s interview with Dakich below:

Urban Meyer: Read more…

UT Coach: Another Disingenuous Pearl Unearthed

Less than a month ago when discussing his future at Tennessee with Seth Davis of CBS Sports, Vols hoops coach Bruce Pearl painted a dire picture of what could ultimately amount to his demise at the school.

Bruce Pearl crying

(Pearl wasn’t concerned about job security in October)

A misty Pearl told Davis:

“I might not survive this. I don’t have a contract. I might be out of work because of this. Ultimately how they rule is going to have a lot to say with that.”

“They” is the NCAA, which is contemplating penalties against the school after Pearl lied to NCAA investigators during an ongoing probe into Tennessee’s recruiting practices.

Pearl is right, he doesn’t have a contract. But the coach left out some not-so-minor details about his situation with the school. Read more…

Vols Coach Bruce Pearl Is a Real Stickler For Detail

Seth Davis of CBS reports today via Twitter that Tennessee hoops coach Bruce Pearl is seriously considering playing “some” of the players who were arrested on drugs, alcohol and weapons charges yesterday as early as the team’s next game on Wednesday:

Bruce Pearl considering playing some of players who were arrested New Year's Day

According to the Knoxville Police Dept. news release/police report on the matter, two of the four players arrested, Tyler Smith and Brian Williams, actually may be charged with felony gun possession. Read more…

Bruce Pearl’s Rapping Career Just Took Major Hit

In case you haven’t yet been privileged to witness Bruce Pearl rapping:

Bruce Pearl rap video

His players actually probably did him a favor.

Read more…

In Which Bruce Pearl Manages To Offend Everyone

No matter what Bruce Pearl does in his coaching career, to me he’s always going to be the guy who, as an administrative assistant to Tom Davis at Boston College, once wore the Eagles mascot costume during a game. That says all you need to know about Brucie — he’ll don any persona, no matter how unusual or degrading, in order to get ahead.

Bruce Pearl

That includes Catskills insult comic, apparently. Appearing at a TVA charity fundraiser on Thursday morning, the Tennessee men’s basketball coach made a comment so inappropriate that it set off the auditorium’s automatic sprinkler system. At least that’s what I heard. Bruce, Bruce, Bruce. When will you learn? (Answer unclear). Read more…

Pistons Rookie Places Twitter Bet With Porn Star

• Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers places a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe: Whoever gets 4,000 followers first wins either dinner & a massage, or a trip to the water park.

Valerie Luxe DaJuan Summers

• Meanwhile, ESPN’s Mark Schlereth gets into a Twitter war with Chad Ochocinco.

• But neither guy would want to mess with J.R. Smith, especially if the Nuggets player is Tweeting like he’s a member of the Bloods.

Roger Mayweather - Floyd Jr.’s uncle & trainer - is accused of attacking & trying to strangle a female boxer.

• Browns WR Braylon Edwards poses with a bunch of alcohol. So all those drops were due to the D.T.’s?

Read more…

Ex-Tennessee Hoops Star Arrested For Robbery

Two years ago, it was pretty good to be Ramar Smith. He was an all-SEC freshman who helped lead Tennessee to the Sweet 16, averaging nearly 11 points per game for the season. But then it all went wrong. Smith’s role diminished as a sophomore, then he was kicked off the team following the season for violating a variety of rules, including the school’s substance-abuse policy.

Ramar Smith

So, did Smith get past whatever problems cost him his college career? Well, it’s looking like the answer is a pretty resounding “no.” Smith was arrested early on Thursday for his participation in a home invasion on Monday. Seems that he and another man went to an apartment to buy some pot, and decided it would be a good idea to steal some guns and cash (and, oh yeah, the drugs too). Apparently, Smith’s attempts to break back into basketball in Poland and Germany weren’t working out too well.

Read more…