Brog: Hitting The Canadian Club (And T.O. Too!)

Currently I’m in Canada - soon to be joined by SbB Girl Wendy. We’ll have oft-incoherent commentary coming this weekend, so keep checking back. More details below.

SbB Girl Wendy Huge White Sox Fan

(SbB at Toronto’s Virgin Festival this weekend, thanks to My Boy Barry!)

Yesterday I spent the day flying from Los Angeles to Montreal. Here’s one of the many highlights of my layover at O’Hare Airport in Chicago (nice to see the city’s most famous extinct dinosaur Bill Wirtz getting the proper tribute he deserves):

Bill Wirtz display at Chicago's O'Hare Airport

I also enjoyed the chance to stock up on all things Cubs. This Chicago airport store display featured 21 (I counted) different Cubs’ memorabilia items …

Chicago White Sox Cubs Merch One crappy Chisox shirt

… and one White Sox item, which after the ALDS will most likely be the latest fashion trend on the streets of the Central African Republic.

On the flight from LAX to ORD, I saw something I’ve never seen. Some poor old, oxygen-tanked woman actually swapped her own stuff for that drop-down oxygen mask. She ended up making it through the flight ok. We might have lost her in the changeover, but thankfully Ozzie Guillen wasn’t sitting next to her, ‘else she’d have had to assist him with his mask first.

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Brog: $15 To Check Any Bag Now? Thanks United!

I’ll keep this short. I’m flying from LAX to Montreal today, and will be in Canada through the weekend with a SbB Girl. We’ll cap the trip by hitting the V Festival on Sunday in Toronto - on my birthday. Happy #29 to me!

SbB Girl Crystal playing hockey in Toronto at Hockey Hall of Fame

(It’ll be SbB’s second visit to Canada and Toronto this weekend)

So check back for pics from our adventures this weekend. Read more…