Think You Had Crappy Weekend? No, You Didn’t

Unless you’re Dan Hawkins or Rick Neuheisel.

Florida State Busted Oklahoma Bet

We might’ve capped Brent Musburger discoveries for now, ‘Noles fan. Read more…

Longest Pro Football HOF Speech? Chris Berman

Your Pro Football Hall of Fame speech lengths last weekend in Canton:

Chris Berman with big boobed woman photo

(Speechless - for once)

Emmitt Smith: 21 minutes
Jerry Rice: 16 minutes
Dick Lebeau: 18 minutes
Russ Grimm: 9 minutes
Floyd Little: 9 minutes
Rickey Jackson: 8 minutes
John Randle: 4 minutes
Chris Berman:

Chris Berman 28 minute Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech

28 minutes.

To be fair, let’s take a look at the length of the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speeches of Brent Musburger and Howard Cosell. Read more…

Musberger-Approved Tree Cutting Starts At Cal

THE WIZ OF ODDS has news that is either amusing or disturbing, depending on your proclivity for games of hacky sack: Cal officials started cutting down a grove of oak trees this week to make room for expanded sports facilities for the Bears athletic teams. Somewhere, Treebeard weeps.

Cal trees

You might recall the a group of protesters condemned the plans, since trees are living creatures too, maaannn. In fact, one tree has yet to be cut down since there are several people squatting in them. You might remember Brent Musberger’s considered opinion on their activities from last year.

No? Good thing video is after the jump!

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Musberger Visits Vegas, Tebow Hangs At Hooters

Jimmy Rollins has a vibrating bed; Now we’re afraid to use his bathroom.

Brent Musberger spotted at a Vegas sportsbook? You can bet on it!

Brent Musberger in sunglasses

Tim Tebow tallies another trophy, as the Gators QB and his teammates hang out at Hooters.

• The debut of Gilbert Arenas’ new Hibachi shoe has been put on the back burner.

• The father of an Oregon fan caught flipping the bird to UCLA’s Kevin Love has taken away his kid’s car.

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Breaking: Brent Might Occasionally Lay A Wager

Probably the worst-kept secret in the sports media biz is that Brent Musberger is a gambling fiend.

Brent Musberger

(This toy borders on child abuse)

Now, WE aren’t accusing him of anything, that’s just what we’ve heard batted around TV trucks and media buffet lines over the years.

So for that reason, we got a fist-pump out of a throwaway note about Mr. Musberger from Norm Clarke’s “Sightings” in Sunday’s LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL. Read more…

Steve Lavin Tips Off Viewers To Erin Andrews Dance Team Footage On YouTube

LAVIN DAZZLES WITH ERIN ANDREWS YOUTUBE TIPOFF: Last night during ESPN’s Michigan-Michigan State college basketball broadcast, announcer Brent Musburger had the good sense during the tight rivalry game to talk about his stock portfolio (which I’m hoping guessing got slaughtered yesterday).

Steve Lavin Erin Andrews

After mentioning Google stock, Musburger’s broadcast partner Steve Lavin said , “How about YouTube? Erin Andrews on YouTube, my goodness!” (scroll to 0:54, via Awful Announcing)

First off, I think it’s safe to say that we all know what Lavin was talking/thinking about …

Steve Lavin Erin Andrews

… and thanks to his YouTube tipoff, I soon unearthed the holy grail of ESPN female sideline reporter footage: Andrews performing as a member of the University of Florida “Dazzlers” dance team:

Erin Andrews Dazzlers

Who said the much-maligned former UCLA coach doesn’t have an eye for developing talent?