Boston Coll’s “Beanpot Trot” Like A Musical Fart

With so many sports going on during this season, we often forget to pay any attention to college hockey. And if more videos like this surface, college hockey is going to wish we wouldn’t.

Beanpot Trot

Before the 1986 Beanpot tournament, some Boston College players got together for a little rap session - and came out with a musical tribute to their own on-ice prowess called the “Beanpot Trot”.

So, how did this Super Bowl Shuffle for skaters turn out? See & hear for yourself after the jump.

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Clausen’s BC Pushee: Notre Dame QB Is ‘Phony’

We finally have some on-the-record reaction from Jimmy Clausen and Rich Gunnell after their confrontation following ND’s 20-16 win over BC last Saturday.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Clausen a “phony”? Mr. Gunnell, get in line)

Clausen said this week that he did his best to avoid what happened: “I was just going up to him to say he’s a heck of a receiver. He was making plays left and right and he’s a real good talent.

Gunnell wasn’t nearly as complimentary. Actually, swap out “nearly as” with “at all”. Read more…

Friday Tonic: Beamer’s Classy Act For BC Player

It’s been quite the week for battling college players, as anyone in the general vicinity of the University of Kansas can attest. But how can we leave you on a Friday with images of Mark Mangino angrily spanking his players with a spatula? It wouldn’t be right. Let’s shift our gaze to the rolling hills of Virginia, where something much more uplifting is going on.

Frank Beamer, Mark Herzlich

Virginia Tech is playing host to Miami in what might be considered a rather important ACC tussle on Saturday. And among the items for purchase at the university bookstore in Blacksburg, besides these, will be wristbands for $1, with the proceeds going to a very special cause. It’s all Frank Beamer’s idea, and it’s a pretty classy move on the part of the Hokies head coach. Read more…

Clutch Hit in 25th Gets Texas Past Boston College

Usually, going 2-for-12 would represent a lousy series for a baseball player, not a rough night. But that was what Travis Tucker of Texas did in the Longhorns’ NCAA regional game against Boston College on Friday night. And Saturday morning. But while Tucker may have had a rough night, he at least came through when it counted - in the 25th inning - as his single gave Texas a 3-2 victory over Boston College in the longest game in NCAA baseball history.

Travis Tucker

And with the win, Texas earned the right to rest until tonight, where they get the winner of this afternoon’s elimination game between Army and Boston College - which started about nine hours after last night’s game ended. I’m sure that the Eagles are full of energy to take on the Cadets, as much as the Longhorns are not looking forward to another night game against Boston College.

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Recap: All-Out Basket Brawl Breaks Out In ‘Bama

• Hot tempers flare at a high school playoff game, as a basketbrawl breaks out in ‘Bama.

Georgia High School Basketball Brawl

Sean Williams learns you can’t go home again - or the Boston College campus police will arrest you for trespassing.

• The rest of Tracy McGrady’s season with the Rockets has been aborted.

• Reason #54,762 the minors are better than the majors: Free food for the kiddies - for all the kids, all year long!

• Another sign of the struggling economy: Tickets for the ACC tournament are going to be sold to the general public for the first time in 42 years.

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NBAer Invited To Game, Is Cuffed For Trespassing

It hasn’t been a fantastic last year or so for New Jersey Nets rookie forward Sean Williams. Sure, he was drafted 17th overall in the NBA this past summer, but, um, it was by the Nets, so that sucks. New Jersey is currently 24-30 on the season and not a serious threat for the postseason this season or in the near future. Not only that, but pundits were a little surprised Williams had gone that early, considering he had been kicked off the BC campus, then the basketball team for sundry offenses, not the least of which was enjoying that hippie lettuce. Plus he’s barely even playing.

No Trespassing
(Had it only been this obvious.)

But all that disciplinary history’s just that, right? Certainly, all is forgiven and forgotten if Williams is invited back to the epic BC-Duke game last weekend as a “VIP Guest,” right? What’s that? Oh, he’s still banned from campus? Under penalty of arrest? Oh, this is going to get awkward. Read more…

Ex-UCLA Star Jordan Farmar Is Afraid Of Women?

• Lakers benchwarmer Jordan Farmar is fearful of over-infatuated females.

Jordan Farmar Laker Girls

If he’s afraid of girls, why is he blogging for PLAYBOY?

• USC says Rey Maualuga is so sorry for shaking it behind Erin Andrews.

• The Celtics continue to crash & burn, while Ball State gets flattened by a Golden Hurricane. (Its much more powerful than a golden shower.)

• The Colorado Buffaloes better bet set to share the blame of their wayward teammates.

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Cleveland Hires Mangini; BC Dumps Jagodzinski

Another piece in the NFL coaching puzzle has apparently fallen into place: ESPN is reporting that Eric Mangini has been hired as the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Hardly shocking news: Mangini was long-rumored to be the front-runner for the job, and he has experience in Cleveland (having worked there under Bill Belichick).

eric mangini hat

Mangini will be replacing Romeo Crennel, which must be a bit of deja vu: Eric also replaced Crennel as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator when Crennel left to take the Browns’ head coaching job back in 2005. And to make Mangini feel even more at home, he’s also the brother-in-law of Cleveland Indians GM Mark Shapiro. Several sources are reporting that Crennel might be part of Mangini’s staff, either as defensive coordinator or special assistant. I’m sure that won’t be awkward at all.

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Speed Read: Cosby Show Gives Texas Title Claim

We all know how this story is supposed to go. Texas blows Ohio State out of the water, Oklahoma scrapes by Florida and the Longhorns join the slew of teams through history that have a huge beef about how they deserved to win a national championship.

quan cosby dive
(Theo! Give this man a sweater vest already!)

Only it didn’t turn out that way. OK, the second half of that equation may still come true, but Texas did anything but blow Ohio State out of the water. Instead, it took a 26-yard touchdown pass from late-game maestro and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy to 26-year-old going on 35-year-old Quan Cosby with 0:16 left, giving the ‘Horns a miraculous come-from-behind, 24-21 win in the Fiesta Bowl.

This year, that still might be enough to earn Texas a small share of the national title, if not in trophy, at least in respect. Both Utah and USC own a claim on the crown, too, so an Oklahoma win on Thursday would officially make the title scenario a quartet-a-mess.

So what now for the BCS? The OU-Florida winner will officially hoist the crystal trophy that allegedly signifies the national champ on Thursday night, but that only guarantees the champion of the Harris and Coaches polls. The Associated Press, meanwhile, can name its own champ, so its plausible — if still extremely unlikely — that Texas, Utah or USC could steal some share of the crown.

And one thing was confirmed after last night’s game: This time Texas will get at least one vote for No. 1 in the Coaches’ poll. From Mack Brown (he confirmed it after the game). Guess he’s learning something from us here at SbB, no?

Of course, the Fiesta Bowl wasn’t the only thing going on; the Big East hosted the latest in what is sure to be a season-long string of all top-15 tussles, with Notre Dame taking control of a matchup with fellow Catholic crew Georgetown. Luke Harangody outdueled super freshman Greg Monroe, and probably took a strong early lead in the race for Big East player of the year in the process. It sent the Hoyas to a second loss against a Top-15 team, which just might have some in the nation’s capital worrying. Oh, wait, they’re preoccupied with some inauguration thing? Never mind.

Who knew that Jack Del Rio and Mike Tice were boys? Well, not only do the two coaches “hang”, they do so with copious amounts of alcohol … in very public places. This video comes via Boston site BARSTOOL SPORTS, documenting the pairs successful run and Tice’s rendition of God Bless America while he’s completely wasted. Weird, funny, quirky and a little disturbing, all rolled into one. Then again, should we really be surprised? After all, Tice is the man who practically invented the Super Bowl ticket scalping scandal. Still, if there was ever any chance for a second head coaching go-round for Tice, it seems hard to assume that’s still in play after that video.

And then there’s the Jeff Jagozinski scenario. Where to begin on that. Boston College — at least officially — is still claiming that “Jagz” is out of a job as soon as he goes for an interview with the Jets. The Jets say they plan to speak to him and Jagodzinski says he’ll go for the interview. So BC is about to look for a new coach, right? Well, maybe not. Eagles athletic director Gene DeFillipio softened his stance some today and seemed to leave the door slightly ajar for a Jagodzinski return, assuming that the two-year head coach with 20 wins at the ACC school doesn’t land the New York job. Still, it seems likely that Jagz will be out of a job if he did interview Monday night … or if he’s talking with Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum as you read this. The one thing that seems certain is that the entire situation has become completely surreal, especially for a mid-pedigree college football school like Boston College.

If Oklahoma beats Florida, which team should be college football’s national champion?

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Frank Beamer Takes A Punch Like Don Flamenco

Admit it - you’ve wanted to punch Frank Beamer in the face before. In this day and age, how high and mighty do you have to be to stay with the same school for 22 years? And just who does he think he is, winning his third ACC championship in his fifth season in the conference?

Frank Beamer

That’s redshirt senior Cory Holt with the strong right hook in an attempt to keep Beamer grounded. And lest you think it didn’t hurt that badly, Holt is the team’s third-string QB, so the arm strength is there. Thank God he didn’t accidentally lance Beamer’s goiter, otherwise the entire sideline would have been showered in something other than Gatorade. (Video after the jump.) Read more…