Villanueva Scoffs At Garnett’s ‘Miscommunication’

Early Wednesday Detroit Piston Charlie Villanueva made the claim in a Tweet from his account that Boston Celtic Kevin Garnett called him “cancer patient” during Tuesday’s Pistons-Celtics game in Detroit.

Kevin Garnet responds to Charlie Villanueva cancer patient claim

After Villanueva’s claim, Garnett responded via this statement to the media:

“I am aware there was a major miscommunication regarding something I said on the court last night.

“My comment to Charlie Villanueva was in fact ‘You are cancerous to your team and our league.’

“I would never be insensitive to the brave struggle that cancer patients endure. I have lost loved ones to this deadly disease and have a family member currently undergoing treatment.

“I would never say anything that distasteful. The game of life is far bigger than the game of basketball.”

One thing Garnett is indisputably correct about: There was a major miscommunication between him and Villanueva last night.

Also interesting to note that Garnett claims that he not only insulted Villanueva in the context of the Pistons, but also to the league.

How on earth is Villanueva “cancerous” to the league?

The fact that Garnett would allegedly say such an absurd thing - and mention it in his response to Villanueva’s allegation - makes it hard for me to completely buy into his version of events.

Not to mention Garnett’s notorious reputation for saying plenty of distasteful things.

Villanueva isn’t backing down from his earlier statement about what Garnett said, either.

Of Garnett’s statement, Villanueva told Vincent Ellis of the DETROIT FREE PRESS:

“I know EXACTLY what I heard.”

From watching, listening and reading fan and media reaction to Garnett’s statement, it’s clear that most folks - at least outside of Boston - are on Villanueva’s side on this issue.

Recognizing that, along with Garnett’s well-known, irascible on-court personality, I’m guessing the NBA will sanction Garnett in some capacity.

At the very least, expect the league to step into the fray to eliminate the back-and-forth in short order.

Villanueva: C’s Garnett Called Me ‘Cancer Patient’

Last night during the Boston Celtics 109-86 rout of the Detroit Pistons in Michigan, Kevin Garnett of the Celtics and Charlie Villanueva of the Pistons were each issued technical fouls at the same time late in the third quarter.

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Source: Allen May ‘Take Less’ To Join Heat Big 3?

Jorge Sedano of the MIAMI HERALD reports today that, according to a source, LeBron James has spoken to Boston Celtics free agent Ray Allen in a bid to land the shooting guard for the Miami Heat in the event James, Raptors forward Chris Bosh and Miami Heat free agent Dwyane Wade agree to join the Heat together.

LeBron James and Ray Allen

Though Sedano, who is also morning drive host for 790 The Ticket in Miami, added that Allen hasn’t ruled out a return to the Celtics - on one condition. Read more…

Mindgame: Game 6 Score Left Up For C’s Workout

For the Celtics practice yesterday, the Staples Center scoreboard was still displaying the final point tally from Game 6 of the NBA Finals the night before:

Phil Jackson Mindgames: Game 6 Score Left Up At Staples Center For Celtics Practice

No coincidence that the Lakers happened to win that game 89-67.
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Exclusive: Michelle Obama At NBA Finals Tonight

Sunday Michelle Obama reportedly spoke to Marines south of Los Angeles at Camp Pendleton to honor five of their recently fallen comrades in Afghanistan. Last night, caught a glimpse of Mrs. Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia leaving Hollywood restaurant Osteria Mozza. (Sasha and Malia reportedly dined with Mom the night before in L.A. too.)

Michelle Obama to attend NBA Finals game in Los Angeles

(Michelle’s Brother Craig Coaches Oregon State)

Today, I’ve learned exclusively that Mrs. Obama will be attending Game 6 of the NBA Finals tonight between the Lakers and Celtics at Staples Center.

Ironic when you consider Dad is a major baller and won’t join them. (He’s quite occupied at the time.)

Though basketball does run in Michelle’s side of the family. Read more…

Boston-Lakers: 5,000 Khloe Masks Given To Fans

A Boston-based website called distributed 5,000 Khloe Kardashian masks to fans before Game 3 of the NBA Finals at TD Garden in Boston on Tuesday night.

Khloe Kardashian Mask Lakers Celtics In Boston NBA Finals

Kardashian purports herself as the wife of Lamar Odom, though the marriage may actually be staged for Kardashian’s reality shows. The couple has reportedly not signed legal documents making the union legally binding.

Khloe Kardashian Mask Lakers Celtics In Boston NBA Finals

Despite the tribute, Kardashian won’t be at the game tonight. Read more…

Paul Pierce Video: “We Ain’t Coming Back To L.A.”

After sweeping the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals at Orlando, Paul Pierce addressed Boston fans during a live postgame interview as part of the Game 2 telecast on May 18. Pierce said, “we’re coming home to close it out.

(Video via ABC/ESPN television)

Moments later Pierce could be heard on the same telecast telling Magic fans as he walked back to the locker room, “see ya’ll next year.

Pierce’s comments were less than prophetic, as the Magic managed to force the series back to Florida with a Game 4 victory in Boston. Orlando then defeated Pierce’s Celtics in Game 5 before the C’s took the series 4-2 with a Game 6 victory in Boston.

Pierce blessed us with similar histrionics Sunday night in the waning moments of the Celtics’ Game 2 win against the Lakers in Los Angeles. Read more…

Assy McGee Ain’t Got Nothing On C’s Scalabrine

Brian Scalabrine always puts it down when the Celtics are in town, and Game 1 was no exception:

Huh, didn’t know Scal’s an Adult Swim guy.

Brian Scalabrine As Assy McGee

Thankfully Scal didn’t allow the game to be a distraction:

Here he invites us to check out his trick towel.
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Rivers Hid $2,600 In Staples Ceiling For 4 Months

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo Sports freshens us up on the motivational techniques of Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers Hid $2,600 Dollars In Ceiling At Staples Center

(Nah ‘Toine, It’s Gone)

Following a win over the Lakers last February, Celtics coach Doc Rivers demanded $100 each from Boston’s players, coaching staff, and even team managers. He stuffed the dough in an envelope, and told his team — his entire traveling organization, really — that they can have the money back the next time they play the Lakers inside the Staples Center.

Of course, that was the only regular season game for the Celtics at Staples Center this season so reaching the NBA Finals was the only way the C’s would see the money. Read more…

Nate Robinson Loves Seattle; Nate’s Skin Doesn’t

The latest Nate Robinson tattoo features Seattle’s skyline:

Nate Robinson Seatttle Skyline Tattoo

Often thought of doing that myself but being from K.C., inking my cervical vertabrae with couple-eight grain elevators probably not the play.