Letter, Nude Pics That Got NFL Cheerleader Fired

Last year former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Malori Wampler filed a lawsuit in an Indiana Federal Court against the team contesting her November 15, 2010, termination by the NFL club. Wampler was fired after Colts officials received a letter that included photos of Wampler - covered only in body paint - taken at two Playboy promotional events.

Colts Nude Playboy Cheerleader Photos

(More body paint photos of Wampler

Below is an image of a copy of the unsigned letter and the photos that were included in the anonymous communication to the team. Read more…

Body Paint Photo Of Cheerleader Fired By Colts

Last Thursday former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Malori Wampler filed a lawsuit against the team contesting her November 15, 2010, termination by club.

Malori Wampler Nude Photo

(Click-through photo is not-safe-for-work. Obviously.)

Wampler was fired after a Colts fan forwarded the club photos of her wearing only body paint at a 2010 Playboy Magazine promotional event.

According to the lawsuit, before Wampler took a job with the team she notified the Colts of her previous employment with Playboy - and the nature of that employment. The complaint also states that after Colts officials were informed of that fact, they determined that Wampler’s past employment by Playboy “was not an issue.

But rather than merely contest the veracity of the team’s decision to fire her over the photos because it allegedly violated club policy, in the U.S. District Court filing Wampler’s attorney Kimberly D. Jeselskis also claimed, “The Colts terminated Wampler because of her sex” and “the Colts terminated Wampler because of her race and national origin.

More from Wampler attorney Jeselskis in the U.S. District Court filing:

  • Wampler met the Colts legitimate performance expectations.
  • Wampler was treated differently than other “similarly situated” male and female employees.
  • As a result of the Colts discriminatory acts, Wampler has suffered and will continue to suffer monetary damages and damages for mental anguish and humiliation unless and until the Court grants relief.
  • The Colts acted with malice or reckless indifference to Wampler’s civil rights thereby entitling her to punitive damages. Wampler is entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in this action.

Wampler claimed sexual discrimination in the lawsuit primarily because Colts players were not dismissed from the club despite engaging in off-field behavior that was allegedly much worse than what the Colts cited in firing her.

Wampler claimed racial discrimination after citing in the lawsuit instances where caucasian cheerleaders were not fired despite, again, engaging in off-field behavior that was worse than why she was apparently let go by the team. (Wampler is Indonesian.)

So what exactly does Wampler want from the Colts? From her attorney’s court complaint: Read more…

Tebow Photo Girl Goes Nude In Tebow Bodypaint

Remember this old photo of Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow Girlfriend Nude Photos Body Paint Erin Drewes

It turns out that wasn’t his girlfriend. Instead, it’s some random woman named Erin Drewes. Well Playboy.com now has her ‘nude’, in Tim Tebow-themed body paint. She also clarifies her deal with Tebow:

We are acquaintances through mutual friends and we would see each other here and there. We were standing together talking at a party at U of F and that’s when the now-infamous picture was taken. I was never dating Tim Tebow, nor was I ever his girlfriend!  I’m convinced the picture must have been photoshopped—my breasts certainly are not that big!

She maintains she would consider posing for Playboy Magazine, but “it would have to be the right circumstance.”

Uh, okay. Coincidentally, the photos are so mindblowing that I may have contracted a concussion myself. Read more…

Kidd’s Girlfriend Puts On Body Paint For Playboy

Does the name Hope Dworaczyk ring a bell? (Or give you a headache from trying to spell or pronounce her last name?) She’s the aspiring model Jason Kidd turned to after his nasty divorce from wife Joumana. But after supposedly knocking her up, Jason gave up Hope and started messing around with Danish model May Anderson - until Kidd heard she was lounging around with Lindsay Lohan.

Hope Dworaczyk Playboy

Now Jason is apparently back with Ms. Dworaczyk. And by looking at her latest spread in Playboy, I would never want to give up Hope again, either. She’s featured in this month’s issue decked out in a skimpy Mavericks-eque outfit. How skimpy is it? There’s no clothing at all - just body paint.

More photos brushed up after the jump.

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