Pelini: PSU Game ‘Should Not Have Been Played’

In light of the revelations intertwining the Penn State football program and the repeated sexual abuse of children, the response of the school’s administration the past week has been to do only what was required when at the point of the national news media’s bayonet.

Though Saturday’s game between Penn State and Nebraska at Beaver Stadium proved that valuing football over children will eventually always win out in State College.

So it should come as no surprise that humanity’s only ally inside the macabre Beaver Stadium scene came from the visitors sideline.

Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini can win 10 National Championships for the Cornhuskers but it will never top his emotional defense of children during his postgame remarks. Remarks that included Pelini saying - on three different occasions - that recent events rendered football meaningless and that Saturday’s game should’ve never been played.

Here are excerpts from Pelini’s comments to the media:

I will be honest with you going into the game, I didn’t think the game should have been played, for a lot of different reasons.

I look at my job as a football coach as to educate and to prepare the kids that come into the program for the rest of their life. That’s what we are; we are a university system.

I thought that this game gave us an opportunity to show that the situation going on is bigger than football. It is bigger than the football game that was just played. It is bigger than the young men that played in the game that would have missed it, had they called it off.

It’s about education and putting things into perspective what the situation is all about. Hopefully, the fact that both teams sat up and prayed together put that in perspective a little bit.

It’s about what doing what’s right in society. It’s about doing what’s right and wrong. Trust me, when I tell you, I don’t know the specifics of the situation and I am not judging anybody. But the fact is young kids were hurt and that’s a crime in itself.

It is a lot bigger than football, the NCAA, the Big Ten and anything else. I think that at least, that’s why I think going in the game shouldn’t have been played.

But with it being played, kneeling down and praying with both teams coming together was the right thing to do and hopefully that in of itself made a statement.

I just think it is about the young kids. I got a 12-year old boy. It’s about educating the young kids. I think there were a lot of young kids, all week, with all the things going on and watching ESPN that were really confused for a lot of different reasons.

There is a lot out there that people do not know and a lot of speculation. It’s not about the adults, football or anything else. It’s about education to the youth. I think that gets lost in whole situation. Whatever comes out of it, hopefully a lot of people learned from it and nothing like that ever happens again.

There were times when I felt like here I am telling my team to ignore what’s going on because we have a game to play. But, my main job is to educate and to talk to them about it and put focus on what we know, so these young adults learn from the situation. I think it is a pretty complicated situation for a lot of reasons.

I will be honest with you, earlier in the week, I thought there is no way that we are going to play in this football game.

How did we get to a place where Bo Pelini is desperately needed to remind us that our children are more important than a football game?

The answer lies in State College, Pennsylvania, where a Nebraska football coach’s words should be bronzed and never forgotten.

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Miami Was ‘Turned Off By Dan Mullen’s Big Ego’

Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD has what seems like a frantic and misguided attempt at damage control by Univ. of Miami officials after the school went from the prospect of hiring Jon Gruden to settling for the former coach of Temple, Al Golden.

Dan Mullen Billboard

(New MSU billboard at Louisiana/Mississippi border via I-55)


A high-level trustee fully aware of how the search was done said, “We were not going to get a star, and it wasn’t a money thing. Why would [marquee coaches] leave any of their great programs” to take another college job? “Florida didn’t get one either. We hired the best person that wasn’t in the top 20.”

UM thought Nebraska’s Bo Pelini had some interest, but he changed his mind. And UM was turned off by Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen’s big ego, with one trustee saying he acts like he invented the game.

Exhale Alabama fans, UM won’t be coming after your coach anytime soon.

While I think Golden was a reasonable hire by Miami, to think that UM would be “turned off” by a coach’s ego when its trying to resurrect a program from the dead tells you all you need to know about the people in charge in Coral Gables.

In other words, if I’m Golden, I’m renting.

And to justify the UM hire by claiming that Florida also didn’t land a”marquee” name is, well, embarrassing.

The reason UF AD Jeremy Foley hired Will Muschamp isn’t because Florida had no shot at bigger names. Muschamp got the gig because Foley clearly didn’t want a marquee coach.

Foley’s method in his last three hires has been to tab relative unknowns so he has more control over the coach and if things pan out, more personal credit for elevating the program.

That worked with Urban Meyer and failed with Ron Zook.

The only thing we know about Muschamp at this moment is that if he does well, Foley will once again be lauded as a master administrator. (That isn’t to say I agree with Foley’s approach.)

The Florida job is light years better than the Miami job, which you could make a case isn’t much different than where Al Golden just came from - save the rich recruiting territory and now-faded program prestige.

Meanwhile, wondering how Mississippi State feels about Dan Mullen right about now?

Dan Mullen Billboard

I’ve been told the school has plans for seven more billboards like the one above across the state. This one just went up two days ago.

So what about Ole Miss?

Pete Boone Ole Miss Athletic Director Tweets About Yoko Ono

Best I can tell, the extent of its marketing efforts involves athletic director Pete Boone Tweeting about Yoko Ono.

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Pelinis Change Story After New Video Surfaces

Last Sunday I reported on a controversy involving a video shot by a Texas A&M sports website reporter after the Aggies-Nebraska game at Kyle Field on Saturday.

Carl Pelini video shows coach grabbing camera

(Coverup always worse than the crime)

The video, shot by co-Owner Brandon Jones, seemed to show that Nebraska assistant coach Carl Pelini may have instigated an altercation with Jones that included Pelini trying to grab the reporter’s camera.

Despite Jones insisting that was the case, Carl Pelini did not address the matter with the media himself after the game, instead letting brother Bo, the head coach of the Huskers, explain what happen during a press conference in Lincoln on Monday.

Before Bo spoke, this was the only video known of the confrontation:

With the video available of the confrontation still somewhat inconclusive, Bo said yesterday:

“There was a player in a group of people trying to get out of it, and Carl saw it and went over to try and pull the player into the locker room. I guess it happened on the way to the locker room, and as he did so apparently he went through the camera to get it, and if something happened to the camera, I know Carl regrets that it happened.

“That’s what happened and I talked to the player that was involved too.”

After Bo Pelini’s remarks, posted additional screen shots from different, HD video that clearly showed Carl Pelini grabbing Jones’ camera on the field after the game. Read more…

Video: What Did Bo Pelini Say To Taylor Martinez?

If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat!

Bo Pelini screams at Taylor Martinez

(Closeup video below)

Leave your lip-readings in the comments. Read more…

Tuberville Pulls Scholarship Offer To Rogers’ Son

Four months ago Justin Rogers gave a verbal commitment to Tommy Tuberville to play football at Texas Tech. Rogers is originally from Birmingham and as a high school senior in 2007 was reportedly recruited by Alabama and Auburn - while Tuberville was still head coach of the Tigers.

Justin Rogers son of Kenny Rogers

(See update below on the current status of Rogers at Texas Tech)

In an early 2008 recruiting coup for then-rookie Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, Rogers decided to eschew Tuberville’s Auburn, along with Alabama and sign with the Huskers.

Doug Segrest of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS reported the news of Rogers’ signing in Feb. 2008:

Vestavia Hills running back Justin Rogers is Nebraska bound.

“Justin’s going to Nebraska,” said Ken Rogers, the prospect’s father, Tuesday night. “We just told Coach (Bo) Pelini he’s coming.”
Rogers, a 5-foot-11, 180-pound running back, rushed for 5,322 yards and scored 59 touchdowns as a standout for Buddy Anderson with the Rebels.

Rogers visited Nebraska two weeks, taking along prep teammate Mason Wald, a Vestavia teammate. The 6-foot, 190-pound Wald originally committed to Samford but was offered by Nebraska after the official visit.

“Ken Rogers” is the “Kenny Rogers” who was recently accused of soliciting money from Mississippi State on behalf of Cam Newton’s father Cecil. Rogers has subsequently admitted that father Newton asked for up to $180,000 for his son to sign a letter of intent with the school.

Kenny Rogers was also reportedly in charge of his son’s college football recruiting process. A process that saw his son, a highly-touted running back at Vestavia Hills High School in Birmingham, ignore Alabama and Auburn in order to join a Nebraska program that was in ashes in 2008 thanks to the disastrous tenure of Bill Callahan.

That year Kenny Rogers also reportedly orchestrated Nebraska’s signing of his son’s Vestavia High School teammate Mason Wald. Despite having only an offer from Samford in hand, suddenly Wald was on his way to Lincoln with Justin Rogers.

From Segrest’s report of Wald’s signing:

Vestavia Hills safety Mason Wald’s storybook offseason is officially gold. Wald, who once seemed headed across town to Division I-AA Samford, will instead join high school teammate Justin Rogers as a Nebraska Cornhusker.

“Mason Wald just accepted a full ride with Nebraska,” said Ken Rogers, Justin’s father. “He and Justin are going to sign (letter of intent) together at 2:30 p.m.

Ah, but because of a snafu, Wald won’t actually sign until Thursday.

“I talked to Coach Pelini and he was thrilled. He told me, `We can’t wait to get those Alabama boys to Nebraska,’ ” the elder Rogers said.

Justin Rogers, a 5-foot-11, 180-pound running back, rushed for 5,322 yards and scored 59 touchdowns as a standout for Buddy Anderson with the Rebels. He was recruited as an athlete by Nebraska, and could wind up playing in the defensive secondary.

Wald is 6-foot, 190 pounds and could play safety or outside linebacker for the Cornhuskers.

Curt McKeever of the LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR reported that Wald joining Rogers at Nebraska was somewhat of a surprise:

For a while  Wednesday, it was thought Rogers might be the final addition to NUs class.

But Pelini said Nebraska is not completely finished with recruiting for this class, noting that coaches were still involved with two other players, one of those apparently being Wald.

So why did Kenny Rogers’ son want to attend Nebraska so badly? If you believe Justin Rogers, it wasn’t about the school, it was about the coach. Read more…

Iowa State Confirms Nebraska Football Is Not Back

Nightmare game for Nebraska today, as the Huskers lose at home to sad sack Iowa State 9-7.

Iowa State Shoots Down Lincoln, Cornhuskers

The big comeback against Mizzou two weeks ago hinted that Nebraska football may be back on the rise, but two ugly losses in a row at home has thrown the program back down the stairs.

Andy Roddick Omaha native in disbelief over Huskers loss to Iowa State

(Dude is from Omaha)

I’ll keep saying it Coach O.: Turner Gill?

Nebraska Fan After Iowa State Loss

Huskers Coach a Fine Combo of Intensity, Delusion

Judging by how Bo Pelini handled his first loss as Nebraska head coach this past Saturday, Husker fans should be legitimately concerned for the guy’s life heading into this weekend’s tilt with Missouri.

Bo Pelini

Pelini went nuts on an official late in the Huskers’ loss to Virginia Tech, earning a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that led to a Hokie touchdown. It was 28-23 at the time of the penalty, and a field goal would’ve kept Nebraska within one score. Now, Pelini is going around telling people that his plan is to shut out the Tigers, who are averaging 54 points per game.

Read more…

It’s Only $95 To Watch Zero-Sum Huskers Football

So, let’s just get one thing out of the way. College football scrimmages are a waste of time. There it is. I’m sure there’s some degree of comfort fans might get by seeing their favorite collegiate athletes wear colored helmets and block and tackle some … well, other players on the same team, since there is about a seven-month buffer zone between the end of one season and the start of the next one. (Eight if your team is bad.)

Nebraska Cornhusker spring game is $95

But is the same amount of solace taken by the fact that, if you’re a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, and you want to see Bo Pelini “coach” his first NU game since being named head dog this weekend, is it comforting to know you might be paying upwards of 95 bucks? Read more…