Report: Moss Told Brady “You Look Like a Girl”

Former longtime NFL General Manager Charlie Casserly reported Sunday on CBS that before New England traded Randy Moss to Minnesota, Moss and Tom Brady had a heated dispute in the Patriot locker room over the length of Brady’s hair and Moss’s beard.

Charlie Casserly reports on dispute between Tom Brady and Randy Moss

Casserly reported on The NFL Today:

“The week before Moss was traded, Tom Brady and Randy Moss went toe-to-toe and had to be separated when this happened. One of Brady’s problems with Moss was his behavior as a Patriot. One of the things that was overheard was, Brady telling Moss, ‘you need to cut your beard,’ Moss countered (to Brady), ‘you need to get your haircut, you look like a girl.’ … Obviously Brady had some problems with Moss’ behavior.”

When Casserly alleged the hirsute dispute between the two NFL stars, howls of laughter erupted off-camera on the CBS television set.
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Surprise! Belichick Going For It Was Smart Move

In the wake of last night’s COACHFAIL in the Pats-Colts game, the universe and its mom have been leveling unvarnished invective at Bill Belichick. Rightly so, at first blush; with a few seconds before the 2 minute warning and protecting a dwindling 34-28 lead, Belichick opted to go for it on 4th and 2… from New England’s own 28 yard line. The try failed by a slim margin, the Colts took over, and Peyton Manning calmly guided his team to the winning touchdown with 13 seconds to play. Ballgame.

Bill Belichick needs a hug. Or a married woman.
(Wanna get away?)

So, yeah. Going for it and failing from the hinterlands of Obvious Punt Territory - soon to become the USA’s 51st state -  and watching the game slip away immediately afterwards is an unforgivably bad decision, yes? Well, not so much. Contrary to immediate intuition, it was, in fact, the Patriots’ best chance at winning the game.

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Cream Cheese Causes Coach To Cancel Twittering

• Who would have though cream cheese on bagels would be the downfall of George Mason coach Jim Larranaga’s Twittering career?

Jim Larranaga George Mason cream cheese bagel

(”Go away! You’ve caused me enough trouble!”)

• Broncos fans boo Jay Culter on his return to Denver. And the way Kyle Orton has been playing, expect a lot more booing from Mile High this year.

• But there’s plenty of cheering at NBC, where Sunday’s Broncos-Bears matchup netted the highest ratings for a preseason game in five years.

• Holy subterranean living! Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger is building himself a batcave down in New Mexico.

• A Louisville-area high school football coach is facing homicide charges after one of his players collapsed & died during practice.

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Belichick Discovers Bizarre Salty Eye Discharge

Bill Belichick

Here is head coach Bill Belichick at today’s Patriots press conference, discussing … wait, is that, emotion? Let’s listen in: “I love Brian Piccolo …”

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Update: Miami Herald Backs Off From Vick Report

The Michael Vick-sighted-in-Foxboro saga continues: Jeff Darlington of the MIAMI HERALD has fallen on his sword, retracting an earlier report that Michael Vick had been spotted working out for the Patriots today. The Patriots are also confirming that Vick was not there.

Michael Vick chew toy

After other reliable sources said it wasn’t true, Darlington backed off. During a week when New England is rolling out their new mechanical Tom Brady at the beginning of training camp, and with the region still reeling from the Manny/David Ortiz doping news, this would have come as another shock to the system. And at least one Patriot fan is not happy about it (see above). Read more…

Jeter’s Gigantic 31,000-Sq. Ft. Home Almost Ready

• That is one mighty-sized mansion Derek Jeter is building himself down in Tampa.

Derek Jeter house

• Both Tom Watson & Lance Armstrong fall short over the weekend.

• Cubs skipper Lou Piniella gets personal with Milton Bradley.

• Indonesia asks Manchester United to never mind the bombings.

• $12 million could sure help the Arena Football League stay in business.

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Gross/Iconic Coaching Outfits Through The Years

The BOSTON GLOBE reported yesterday that fully half of the gray hooded sweatshirts sold through the NFL are adorned with the Patriots logo, a fairly obvious by-product of Bill Belichick’s “hobo coach” look.

Bill Belichick
(Doesn’t he look sharp? Or homeless?)

It seems strange that such an image-unconscious look has caught on in spite of itself, but we got to thinking: this isn’t a new phenomenon. Through the decades of NFL history, in fact, successful coaches have shaped popular fashion, usually without even trying. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

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Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Expecting Child

We’re still about two months away from the start of pre-season football in the NFL, and I’m sure there are millions of Patriots fans who can’t wait for the chance to see how Tom Brady has recovered from a knee injury that robbed him of the 2008 season and kept the Patriots out of the playoffs. Then there are people like me who don’t care about the Patriots at all but are wondering about Brady’s health for no reason other than his fantasy football prospects.

Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen

Now how much Brady himself is looking forward to training camp, I don’t know. Yeah, he’s probably anxious to get back on a football field to try and win another Super Bowl, but at the same time the man did just get married to Gisele Bundchen not too long ago. I mean, would you rather spend 8 hours a day in a film room with Bill Belichick or in bed with Gisele? Though if Tom’s history has taught us anything it’s that he’s going to be leaving the house now that Bundchen is reportedly pregnant.

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The NFL Draft Rumor Snack Bag: Who’s Going #2?

Here’s a taste of the NFL draft rumor, innuendo, and other glorious nonsense (including, occasionally, fact-based content) for your consideration just before the NFL Draft starts around 4 pm ET:

John Elway

(What happened with John Elway won’t happen with Matthew Stafford, thanks to his bank-busting deal with the Detroit Lions to go #1 overall)

Who else might be on the move, including a number you usually don’t hear about on draft day? Read on!

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Goalie Uses iPod to Win Final; Belichick, Line One

When Manchester United took the Carling Cup Sunday, no one could claim surprise.  They’ve dominated every table they’ve chosen to sit at all season.  However, no one quite expected the goalkeeper for Man U, Ben Foster, would credit his success in blocking almost all the penalty shots he saw past extra time to secure the win to his coach’s iPod.

Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster

(Okay… this would probably be cheating, but that’s not what we mean)

Ben’s ‘keeper coach had video of all the opposing team’s shot takers in previous attempts at other matches cued up on Steve Jobs’ music industry-killer and rushed over to Foster to give him one last refresher.  Fully visualized and aware of his opponent’s tendencies, Foster blocked penalty kicks with rare precision and locked up the hardware with assistance from his coach’s hardware.
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